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Kangaroo Emergency Thermal Blankets (Pack of 10)Review

Kangaroo is an excellent brand, and the substance of those blankets aren’t as thin and flimsy as other mylar blankets on the market. However, they’re also among the cheapest! The blankets are under a buck each, so they’re affordable and effortless protection. Use them as a sling in a crisis, a tourniquet, floor cover, shelter, shelter cover, solar oven, or an emergency sign.

The reflective material is quite versatile. For only $10 you can save a life if you have these available in a time of need. They are worth the cost to help stop something life-threatening from occurring. What’s Included Pros Best Features Some said that the blankets create a whole lot of noise, which might be harmful when there are other critters around. You’ll receive ten blankets which are individually encased in convenient and secure accommodation in tight spaces. There are a whole lot of scenarios that require you to get warm fast, and at times a regular blanket just will not do. When you’re outside or your car has broken down, heat is not readily available. Being in the cold weather may provide you hypothermia, and it may cost you your life.

There’s a package of 10 for just $9.95, and they’re compact and straightforward enough to keep in your vehicle, your backpack, or your pocket. Everyone should carry these around since they represent up to 90% of your body heat back to you. They are under a buck a piece, but the mylar material may keep you from the wet and chilly. These are mainly important to have if there’s a storm happening outside since they’re waterproof. Conventional blankets or sleeping bags aren’t waterproof. Even your tent might not be entirely watertight. Throwing these over the top can help keep you warm and from the cold water. They are extra big at seven feet by four and a half feet, so it’s not hard to wrap yourself up in it to help keep you warm. There are ten per sequence, and they can retain 90% of your body heat in the blanket. They are waterproof, so it’s the best way to remain out of this weather if a storm is coming. There are a lot of applications for these blankets, and they’re affordable to purchase and keep in your car or your backpack.

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