Amazing Products 10 Uses for Paper Clips You Should Know

Awesome Tips 10 Uses for Paper Clips You Should Know

Paperclips have been in the office and our homes for more than a century, but these little metal binders of joy can do much more than just hold paper together. Today, we’ll show you some awesome ways to solve common problems using paper clips.

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  1. Rip Dylan

  2. How do people not have a safety pin but have needle nose pliers especially in a pinch ?

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  6. plus-sized necklace extension!

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    • December 29, 2022

    0:46 Read the page…

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  10. You can make a set of lockpicks with paperclips.

  11. Voice break at 1:25. plIErs

  12. 0:46 lol

  13. 0:45 where can I get this book

  14. I've actually used paper clips to replace the screws in my glasses before

  15. I have those same glasses.

  16. What if the zippy part came of not just the tab?

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  20. Is their any games I can play with them (insert lenny face here)

    • ghost
    • December 29, 2022

    Your wife left you? Throw a paperclip at her!

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