Amazing Products AXE TO THE XBOX 360!!

Awesome Tips AXE TO THE XBOX 360!!

Will the Xbox 360 survive the brutal swing of an axe? Find out here! .
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  1. Rip

  2. why did you do that when you couldve just sell it for 80 or something else, you just waisted like 700$ dollars right there

  3. yeah xbox sucks playstation cool

  4. Xbox won Xbox had a stronger weapon to stand against

    • FaZe
    • January 1, 2023

    Yeaaaaa PS3 FTW

  5. you axed the Xbox a question 😉

  6. Xbox is da best why would dey do dat

  7. what kind of crap is this o.O? no edge aligning no pose, no step-ins, he is pretty much just sledge hammering with and axe

  8. xbox wins

  9. I needed one :'(

  10. The XBox has a metal casing underneath the plastic, unlike the PS3 which got totally owned, so this proves which console is better quality.

  11. YEAH THE XBOX IS BUILT TO LAST, unlike some consoles…

  12. No consoles were killed during this video.

  13. that's how you repair the rrod 🙂

  14. he has a terrible swing!!!

  15. Good.

  16. xbox!

  17. Q-Q Such bad swings. . . . .

  18. That was the single most beautiful thing i have ever seen 😀

  19. X box sucks

  20. you missed the wifi NIC…..nevermind.

  21. Kid, learn some fucking grammar. Then we will tell you why.

  22. Why you was doing it??

  23. And the point of that was….

  24. Yeah xbox 360 deserves that ps3 rules!!!!!!

  25. he looks so badass 0:04

  26. I think it will still work….

  27. ps3

  28. huhuuhuhu you can make a laser burner out of this

  29. What the heck was that for!!!!!! 400 bucks down the drain

  30. Why would he break his x box

  31. He must be very rich if he does that with an Xbox

  32. you hit like a girl

  33. Office Space, death metal gamers edition.

  34. I'd use little working parts for other things…hard drive, RAM, power box, etc…

  35. thats what i did when i got red ring of death

  36. thats not cool man xbox is awesome

  37. Well, I guess you can open it like that…

  38. come on you could have sold that on kijiji as slightly used

  39. 1 minuite fucking ad with NO FUCKING SKIP BUTTON???!?! THE FUCK YOUTUBE

  40. yes indeed the title should be called PSY axing the Xbox 360

  41. And the new PS4 shits on them all. Check it out. Release date of November 2013 bitch. And Playstation has God of War, instead of that gay ass game Halo.

  42. also early releases more excusive games and less credit card theft

  43. did you try turning it off and on?

  44. i did this 3 weeks ago, except i didnt need the axe

  45. The main compition to this day is PS3 has free internet and less over heats. As for Xbox, you get live partys and well thats it kinda.

  46. dude you hit like a bitch..

  47. I just died inside…

  48. Ahh… now I can sleep at night knowing Microsoft can't hurt me anymore.

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