Amazing Products How to Hide a House Key and Never Get Locked Out Again!

Awesome Tips How to Hide a House Key and Never Get Locked Out Again!

How to easily and efficiently stow-away a house key on your property where no one will ever find it or even bother looking. You can put this project together quickly at the local hardware store and never again worry about being locked out! Keep in mind, you should use this as a base and build out your own version since we have it online and anyone can see it!

Shopping List (for our specific version):
1. 2′ / 2″ PVC pipe
2. 2″ L Pipe
3. Rubber Rain Collar
4. 2″ PVC Screw Cap
5. Adhesive

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  1. Mind blown. The captions properly spelled his pronunciation of voila as wa-la. 🀯

  2. R.I.P 1982-2020

  3. Ugh you bastard that pun snee-key pipe

  4. not so sneeke any more

  5. Mario would have an easy time finding the key

  6. In reply to Kaitlyn without having to be hidden among all those many many comments,
    for your specific situation, I would make a hidden spot within one of your shoes that you wear everyday to class.
    But I wouldn't recommend that for anyone who wears different shoes sometimes . . . instead, I would recommend you wear it on a necklace, concealed or out fashionable either way, and useful. Personally, I used to keep mine on a lanyard and had my lanyard attached to my purse . . . which worked well until one day when I forgot my purse in one of my classes . . .

  7. I’m gonna pass I’m no diy type of guy.

  8. no way im going to leave any key around my house lol

  9. You can get every piece of information you need from the thumbnail.

  10. Now, if I am trying to get in, I should look for such a feature. There have been dozens of similar hidden key setups

  11. or just use a lockbox!

  12. If I ever travel to US I now know how to break in people's house. πŸ˜€ xD hahaha

  13. Regarding sector fewer niwpte tube primarily nothing midnight.

  14. You could also buy a key lock box and just enter digits to access the key but ok..

  15. The key is minute key I have that

  16. Wow now a robber knows where to find a hidden house key dude stop making these!!

  17. Or to help you find the key later, you can disguise it inside of a giant key in your yard that you're pretending it's not a keyholder. Double bluff!

  18. I carry my house key everywhere
    Its my thumbprint

    • B H
    • January 2, 2023

    An alternative to the sticky substance on the cap of the first hack is a tube or small cup that sits flush on top of the pipe. Just unscrew the cap and pick up your key.

  19. "we laid the groundwork, you lay the pipe"
    ok, let's do this then

  20. All this just to hide a key?

  21. But what if someone sees you doing it?

  22. Sub to me and comment doneΒ  and I will subscribe your channel

  23. Sub to me and comment doneΒ  and I will subscribe your channel

  24. KEYp

  25. I used the decoy to hide a decoy key that opens a decoy box that i buried in my yard which contains the house key
    so even if someone finds that decoy key from the PVC pipe, they won't be able to open the house with it
    because the actual house key is buried in a key box
    that's the smarter way to make sure you are safe and secure

  26. Bro let me find out where this dude lives πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  27. My God what a work…why not just bury the key in a plastic box under the ground….

  28. Can't wait 😊 for a good day

  29. This is all good but guess we'll have to come up with something different. If it's on the Internet people will be looking for this on the side of a house. Unlikely it would happen but??????(

  30. Or you can get a cheep house mat I found one on sale fore 10 dollars .

    • echo
    • January 2, 2023

    I don't really need this hack, cuz I have a door with an electric lock.

  31. itΒ΄s more cheaper and easier to hide the key under a random stone πŸ˜€ just sayin

  32. lay the pipe…..πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  33. "Key on a cap" XD

  34. ho

  35. I really hope you didn't use your actual house key! You may as well have given everyone on the internet access to your home! All people need is a picture of a key to make a copy at home!

  36. holy shit it works I tried it when I got home from the office.

  37. I can think of much better places to hide a key

  38. 2:05 oh ill lay the pipe alright

  39. stickey tack? imma hot glue that shit

  40. a mouse/rat stole the key, I shocked it and I'm too afraid to take the key from its carcuss

  41. Oooooh I'm going to build a septic tank that I can walk into to retrieve my hidden key! Or, or, or an out house with a toilet and a f 5 ft hole in the ground, throw some real shit in it so people won't suspect that it's my key hiding placeπŸ˜‚

  42. Great. Now you let the theives know about this

  43. Great you just showed all robbers !!!

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