Amazing Products I can't believe how much this mouse costs…

Awesome Tips I can't believe how much this mouse costs…

From the makers of some of the best and worst mice available comes the Coolermaster MM311! A wireless gaming mouse that aims to be one of the lightest AND cheapest on the market. But has there be a compromise on quality to achieve such feats? Well watch this incredible Coolermaster MM311 review by our professional gamer!!!

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  1. bro this guys humor is so dumb but i love it soooo much 🤣🤣

  2. face tat or no balls

  3. ive actually grown to resent wireless mice and headsets and iems
    itll all be ewaste someday, but putting regular batteries in there is a smart eco friendly move
    standardizing batteries would also be great

  4. Can u suggest me any budget mouse

  5. Very shocking, Diamond.

  6. I still think darmoshark M3 will destroy those products… darmoshark N3 is cheap (-40$) and is really good, but the M3 version could bring details that people didn't like on the previous version

  7. Best mouse reload animation prove me wrong

    • NISK
    • January 22, 2023

    amazing content my guy

  8. it has a decent shape. but i wouldnt recommend for small hands, its a pretty huge mouse. Its a competition for g305/orochi v2, though, much bigger for large hands.

  9. Love ur channel m8

  10. Oh hey, congrats on 10k subs! I'd noticed your videos were consistently getting 1-2k views too 🙂

  11. I bought this thing 2 weeks ago and after a day or two I got used to it and loved it!

  12. blind people who don't need Mouse use computer.
    signature look of superiority

  13. The Darmoshark N3 is better in every way, 3395 sensor and even cheaper ($ 40)

  14. That tactical reload can be improved.

  15. very clean video nice review

  16. Underrated creator… With humour involved too, loved this video watched it even tho I wont ever touch this mouse LMAO Keep it up man

  17. I swear that Coolermaster's mission statement is to pinch as many fingers as possible with their switch designs.

  18. in…diamond lobbies 😎👈

  19. Why's the turtle mouse just hanging there? And did you stick a piece of gum on it? lol

  20. Love the vids man.
    I'm finding a mouse to gift my nephew. I bought a fantech aria for 50 dollars last xmas sale. I'm regretting not buying 2 now.

  21. Shocking 😱😱

  22. Are you considering to review Lenovo Legion M7?

  23. Sponsored video by Band-Aid * detected *

    • Xero
    • January 22, 2023

    Stfu abt these stupid comments '' 1st 1st'' get a life

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