Amazing Products Martial Arts + Gaming = BIG FRAGS

Awesome Tips Martial Arts + Gaming = BIG FRAGS

Overcome your opponents in game by channeling the teachings of the Pulsar X2 Bruce Lee! The X2 had a rocky start, but after multiple colour schemes, exclusive releases with your favourite internet personality. The X2 has now been given another makeover!

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  1. meow

  2. The REAL friends and family received the yellow with black stripe edition AKA "The Real One".

  3. Love the content as usual king!!

  4. i enjoy how snack storage is a standard feature you consistently review

  5. my man is flexing with that mouse.
    they are not your family LOL

  6. Weird collaboration. Also, and this may be a dumb question, but are you suppose to use that usb dongle thingy with the cable so that the usb receiver is near your mouse? Is there any difference in performance if you just plug it in directly to your pc?

  7. what's the point of doing reviews on mice you cant buy anyway bcause they limited sold out xde, also what a great change to make a great build quality now in a limited sold out mouse

  8. "But with a 70h battery life that's unlikely". Is that like the 70h battery life of the xlite v2 mini that lasts less than 34h?

  9. Logitech Jackie G Chan Pro review when?

  10. you're a funny guy, take my like 😀

  11. Clean thumbnail 🤌

  12. Found your channel semi randomly from a reddit post I think and I'm here to stay, good and honest insights with a sprinkling of much funny(how'd the mouse actually taste?)

  13. Still waiting on mine………………………

  14. 2:32 you mean the Kill Bill edition?

  15. Hiya! 🤣😂

    • Wind
    • January 20, 2023

    Man i wish the regular one was this color way, its so much better.

  16. Finally a tech/mouse channel with actually good humour. Getting tired of the same same formula most creators feel forced to adopt. I wish you all the success. Yes, all of it.

  17. I loved the review! It was funny

  18. woah no comments. great content btw

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