Amazing Products MSI x EVANGELION e:PROJECT Collaboration: Get In That Machine | MSI

Awesome Tips MSI x EVANGELION e:PROJECT Collaboration: Get In That Machine | MSI

MSI joins forces EVANGELION e:PROJECT, to bring an extraordinary collection of Gaming and big mechas together. The design of the collection is inspired by the original “EVA 01 TEST TYPE” of EVANGELION. Moreover, incorporate the “EVA 01 TEST TYPE” famed classic purple and green colors into four products a motherboard, Liquid AIO cooler, power supply, and a Gaming PC case allowing gamers and Evangelion fans to build an ultimate EVA 01 TEST TYPE themed Gaming PC!

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  1. You know could've made it the case in Mesh, especially gugnir 110r already have a bad airflow. but i guess it works fine with a water cooler….

  2. That AIO cooling looks so good

  3. limeted edition?

    • Yuki
    • December 29, 2022

    Will the case be available for sale in France?

  4. Will you guys restock any time soon

  5. oh this should have an attached warning "going berserk from time to time"

  6. still waiting for this to be available outside of US


  8. MSI is still active in Russia. Despite the
    deaths, grief and deprivation that the Russian army brought to Ukrainian
    children and civilians! Despite the rape of 1-16-year-old boys and girls, the
    killing of bound peaceful women and old people, burying them in pits with
    excavators!! This is the new fascism! It cannot be supported, this is a blood
    business!!! All self-respecting companies should leave Russia!!!

  9. Hope they do more anime theme projects. This is so cool!

  10. hm..sorry,ROG WIN😅😂

  11. I’m in the US and I can’t find the power supply anywhere?? And also is this board only limited to Intel? I can’t use AMD?

  12. like this Transformers X MSI collaboration, so cool, I want one.

  13. Lol msi vs asus??🤣

  14. ROG: and i took that personally

  15. Unpopular opinion: Neon Genesis: Evangelion is better than Gundam

  16. How much?

  17. It will be even better if the machine can run 5 minutes after unplugged the power cable

  18. So the water cooling is filled with LCL?
    BTW the one who wrote the script is a EVA fan I guess?

  19. The AT Field got a chuckle outta me

  20. Is the PSU available to purchase in the US or another country? I see the other 3 parts, but not the PSU

  21. Will this be sold in Germany?

  22. WHAAAAT?! No AMD version?): that purple scheme is so clean on that motherboard

  23. pretty good 😀

  24. Do you think the Pc operator has an existential crisis everytime they boot up their PC?

  25. The funny things is that the EVA GPU is made by ASUS! hahahaha

  26. cant seem to buy case in Canada. oof

  27. This is cool MSI!!!

  28. A cruel angel's PC

  29. awesome to know its sold almost nowhere 🙂

  30. I’m not a weeb but I do like the purple motherboard a lot, too bad it’s only for intel

  31. EVANGELION 初号機 配色 最帥~!!!

  32. Yo Loque quiero es una pc

  33. OMG they did it!!!! Any chance we will see an Asuka version?

  34. Well done, very impressive. Seems to fit very well for both brands. Kudos to the person who pushed the initiative.

  35. 650W Power Supplier . Are you serious ?

  36. 好經典!(o'v`b)b

  37. Very cool

  38. これはくそ欲しい

  39. Amazing is too sad that we can’t get this kind of hardware in Ecuador…!!!

  40. Omg i want it 😱😱😱😱😎😎😎👍👍👍

  41. thats pretty epic

  42. Hi

  43. WooooaaH

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