Amazing Products TV I Got COVID… – WAN Show April 22, 2022

Awesome Tips I Got COVID… – WAN Show April 22, 2022

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Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119)
0:00 Chapters
1:46 Intro
2:30 Topic #1 – Special guest introduction
3:08 Guest collabing with LMG, Hot Wheels case build
4:02 Hosts in the video, staff issues
7:03 James helping with the build video, size of footage
9:14 NAS upgrade videos idea, discussing speedrun community
11:58 Hot Wheels case modding, ended with the wrong GPU
14:24 Catnip gift for Linus, LTTStore sticker invoices
17:28 Guest’s GF, Kickstarter Edition Pebble Time gift
20:16 Health tracking via smartwatches V.S. Oura
26:10 Thanking guest for coming over, finishing the review
29:32 Topic #2 – Linus has COVID
31:13 Linus trying different medication
32:49 Experience with YT experimental & statistics
36:12 Social Blade & YouTube’s censoring issues
39:17 Issues with bells, notification engagement & chapters
44:23 Linus’s frustration, Elon Musk “the Founder” conundrum
53:06 Elon’s familial record, lack of a PR team in Tesla
56:46 Tesla has a press team, dissolved PR department
58:58 Tesla’s arrogance & “transparency”
1:01:36 Suing independent media, Elon & Dogecoin, Starlink in Ukraine
1:06:26 Stock purchase disclosure
1:09:22 Merch Message about stopping watching due to “politics”
1:12:18 LTTStore new bottle colors
1:15:36 Topic #3 – Dell’s proprietary DDR5 connectors
1:15:52 Embargo ft. calling Clark, summarizing CAMM
1:19:03 Thoughts on CAMM & upgradable laptops
1:21:56 Alex’s notes on his interview with CAMM designer
1:28:21 Sponsor – MSI
1:29:53 Sponsor – JumpCloud
1:31:28 Sponsor – Pulseway
1:32:02 Topic #4 – Google banning third-party call recording apps
1:34:26 Topic #5 – Front license plates privacy advocate arguments
1:36:24 Privacy & utility discussion
1:38:08 Linus on Google’s decisions, recording call option
1:43:43 Topic #6 – Netflix shares, rates going up
1:46:36 Netflix’s rug pulling habit
1:49:26 Netflix beating a dead horse, The Simpsons & other shows
1:52:45 Middle ground for shows, audience V.S. shareholders
1:54:33 CNN+’s streaming service closed, comparing with FP
1:57:22 CNN+’s subs count versus costs
2:00:05 Linus promises to show labs hire, different FP tiers
2:03:42 Topic #7 – Tesla uses engineering chips in sold cars
2:06:24 Devil’s advocate on trying to salvage chips
2:08:12 Topic #8 – Tesla stops shipping mobile connector chargers
2:11:23 Linus’s take on the charger, cars prices increasing
2:14:22 Linus on Elon advocating removal of dealerships
2:15:03 Topic #9 – GPU scalpocalypse over, prices falling
2:16:14 Linus’s tin-foil level hot-take, Arc coincidental timing
2:17:46 Luke’s warm-take, struggles wafer production & pricing
2:19:26 Linus’s tin-foil on material pricing & inflation
2:22:45 Merch Messages
2:23:02 Luke’s “Slick” origin
2:24:26 Biggest failure while making a video
2:25:34 How to MM, 420 waterbottles sold
2:26:18 Cereals & milk of choice
2:29:08 Places Linus & Luke wants to go
2:30:18 Gaming-focused videos idea for Channel Super Fun
2:31:13 Advices for young tech professionals & education
2:34:36 Thoughts on Star Citizen
2:35:43 Thoughts on autonomous ride-along companies
2:36:30 What podcasts do Linus & Luke listen to
2:39:58 Star Citizen bartender beer animation then softlocked
2:40:57 Autonomous driving discussion, Openpilot
2:42:33 Linus Greenscreen Tips
2:45:16 Outro

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  1. 2:32:54 What you are really saying is that there is too many men. Why don't you stand down and let some women replace you. Or do other men have to have the burden placed on them?

  2. I loved this show and LTT but now as a Millionaire, you're complaining about other wealthy people. typical rich guy thing. BYE

  3. Typical liberal linus "im not saying anything poltical just things everyone should agree with"

  4. You do realize there's a "Watch later" button right next to your notification, right?

  5. Regarding the call recording discussion, I think we've as a species / society have just gotten used to the fickle memory of individuals and assuming that conversations or actions can't adequately be reproduced.

    Once we started becoming able to record voices and visuals, people started getting weirded out by the thought that even though you are clearly being recorded by other people internally with their own memories, they couldn't just upload those conversations or visuals for other people to see. People not liking a recording of themselves being used against them is silly, because the person they were talking to could easily do the same exact thing .. but we make a lot of loopholes for it because they could technically lie, or misconstrue / misremember information, etc.. A recording, on the other hand, cannot do these things by itself. It's pure history stored.

    So for the longest time in human history, we've just become used to being able to have "private" moments because there was no way to make it public outside of the person who observed it putting themselves out there to state it. And thus being able to hide behind the faulty nature of human memory and integrity for whether it's admissible or not. And most people are not going to spend the time to make record of everything they've observed, understandably as it's a daunting task to do 24/7. With technology being so absurdly efficient at doing that job for you, it's made people have to take pause / question of their behaviors, as they can now be shown easily and accurately to others.

    So it's not so much a question of morality around privacy, but as to whether the other person can more easily use that information maliciously against you, or righteously to expose you. It's way more about people being concerned not that people will know, but that they may be judged by it, something they used to be able to almost entirely avoid. The people who don't do anything wrong and who don't care about other people's opinions / judgements don't care about this, especially if as a society we don't attempt to be malicious with it. The ones that are deathly concerned are the ones that could hide away from being exposed and legally accountable. That's been the eons long concern that has only gotten more and more easier in the same timeframe. Modern Tech is the epitome of being caught red handed.

  6. Linus: luke are you screen sharing?

    Luke: yes

    Us: definitely not

    • Kri
    • January 22, 2023

    Stop humanizing him by calling him Elon, he's not your friend. It's part of his tech bro strategy. Call him Musk.

  7. A couple more vaccines will do it guys

  8. Linus: Can I interrupt you for a second?

    Me: Wow he actually bothered to ask for once.

  9. These guys are never gonna stop mentioning fucking USB-C on iPhones.
    ITS FUCKING STUPID. WHO THE HELL CARES?! THE LIGHTNING CABLE DOES ONE THING REALLY WELL, AND YOU ONLY NEED ONE. Meanwhile there are thousands of damn USB-C cables that aren’t guaranteed to say what they do, and then you’ll have a bunch of them that you’ll NEVER USE. While I have just two lightning cables for the two old devices I have.

  10. Linus, what you're talking about with the issue of YT doing nothing to actually improve their service and just worry about profit, has been happening to pretty much every tech related company for AT LEAST the last 5-8 years and im surprised it's not talked about more.

    I've noticed over the years a lot of tech companies really don't seem to care anymore about actually making a good product, it's more about using their product to manipulate you to get their profit. My theory is that, there is so much information about us floating around, that they don't necessarily need to make the consumer happy anymore to earn a profit or be a successful business. They just need to manipulate you enough with all the data they gather about you, to get what they need. Back then, they HAD to make a good product because that was the only way people would buy into the business and product, they didn't have all this data to understand everything about you.

    So things have definitely made a massive turn in the tech industry and it is not going to get better, i don't see how. All of these things we use are almost a necessity now, i guess the only solution is competition, but most other new companies will fall into the same trap in time. It's actually pretty sad what's happening in my view. What's happening is basically, "You're gonna use or buy what we want you to use/buy and there's nothing you can do to stop it AND you're only allowed to use it the way we want you to."

    • Mark
    • January 22, 2023

    Darknet diaries is a great podcast

  11. Linus is so 80 IQ here. You can dislike Elon Musk, but trying to pretend he wasn't the founder of tesla because he didn't own the shell company incorporation– a technicality– is ridiculous.

  12. Man use to love watching LTT but it's a dumpster fire. Looks like they are just going to keep adding gas to the flames also. Soon I'm going to have to unsubscribe cause of all the politics and click bait is getting out of hand. It's A tech channel, Not Linus personnel agenda channel. All well another channel that will bite the dust.

  13. Buy a real watch. Watches are jewelry, not consumer electronics garbage.

  14. POV u realised Linus isn’t actually there

  15. Recording: If my eyes and ears can see/hear it, so should my camera. Any exception to this, means someone is counting on you forgetting, ergo shady!

  16. Netflix not worth my money anymore. Don't wanna watch 2 seasons for only to end

  17. Why couldn't ya have brought those last merch messages in manually?

  18. LOL, "passed gas"!

  19. "I don't get long format; I don't have time!"

    … says a guy who's sitting there creating one for 2.5 and sometimes 3+ hours as he speaks!
    OK, how does that work?

  20. "How do you know any of this is real?"
    They're obviously real products. They don't have to be physical in that room just to actually be real.

  21. "I'm not a milk drinker…."
    Both of you: So then when you do have your cereal in it, what do you do when the cereal runs out before the milk does? You just foolishly waste it rather than finishing up what's in the bowl without pouring more cereal, or…?

  22. "Rather… rather"? Oops!

    * "So we'd rather people do this than Super Chats…."

  23. Luke's like, "Back when I was making videos…."
    Oh? What do you do instead now?

  24. Ouch, Linus, that loss of expensive CPU and having to replace it sucks! But why personal money instead of company money (which, I guess since just you and the mrs. own it, is about the same anyway, but is just booked differently)?

  25. Psch, "oil-cooled computer"? Geesh, as if the water version wasn't already way overkill, what's the point?

  26. "Don't get us copyright-striked!" Dang, Linus, I surely hope you were joking, because if you weren't then I'd have to say: 1. *Struck. 2. the system's not gonna recognize a connection from just talking. 3. Even when there is a match, the first result from that isn't usually even a strike anyway; just a claim that knocks out monetization on your end. Then a strike can happen if you lose your appeal of the claim.

  27. "Whaell, shewt!" LOL!

  28. "Tin foil hat"? Nah. I know it's just a figure of speech, but the figure of speech should just be "foil hat," since tin foil hasn't been around for decades, while aluminum foil is in great abundance.

  29. "Quit or resigned"? Ha, what might the "difference" supposedly be?

  30. Whoa, Linus, illegal stuff is illegal? How did you figure that one out? :-p

  31. "Musk was not the original 'founder' "? As opposed to… a "founder" that you can still have later?

  32. Ha, he goes, "also… as well." Oops!

  33. As usual, you have been more ill because you're boostered, than those with zero jabs.
    I am so so sad you have put all that into your body, and I sincerely hope you will be ok, there's a lot of health issues arising from those clot shots.

  34. Im not sure i heard the part where linus admitted that he gave false information yet rather we got to sit here and listen to him defend himself and explain how he really wasn't in the wrong for what he said.

  35. Damn blue berry pie almost matches the rgb in my pc

  36. Hey peeps. Just had to check (cause I have no interest in most programming and don't 'do' paid TV or streaming at all outside of a few YouTube creators or buying films individually).. But Netflix price has only gone up £1 here in the UK. How much is the price rise in USA and Canada???? Is it really high?

  37. I just realized to many of LTT viewers Linus feels like Elon, they might get a few hundred a year in allowance/gifts/etc. Where linus is allegedly a millionaire. (Please don't sue me Linus or Simon)

    Whereas those of us into our careers realize how much closer Linus is to us financially then Linus is to Elon. The scale from millions to billions/tens of billions is just astronomical.

  38. I don't know if Dream cheated, but I heard he confessed, so that's pretty damning evidence imo

  39. Linus some constructive criticism. Your mic sucks big time.

  40. Linus. If you also have ADHD as you have said you have. Your ADHD gets worse when your stressed and not in a good head space. I had undignosed ADHD and im on meds now. And oh man. How my life is different.

  41. Of course you're separate companies from the owner(s) of Nebula! Isn't that why that guy would be asking about considering a MERGER. You don't do that with a company you already own, do you? What would be his or her point of asking if you were already joined to Nebula! And then how would you expect us to ask Nebula if you're considering a merger with them? Pscchhh!

  42. at this point it really isnt YOU Tube. Just change it to A-Tube or TheTube

  43. COVID is weird. I got it and had super bad pain on the eye muscles and a little sore throat and coughing and like 37C/38C temp. I was not feeling that bad i've had worse colds. In fact EVERY SINGLE TIME I GET A COLD i lose my smell and taste but i didnt lose it during COVID. At the same time i know people that still havent fully recovered after months. So its up to the person, i was 100% sure even with me being overweight and with asthma that I'd be alright with COVID.

  44. I don’t know what the true intentions of Elon are but as long as he delivers it will be great. All these platforms are limiting freedom of speech. I hope he pulls through.

  45. They took away the dislike button count oh wait you said good thing didn't you 😅🤦

  46. About the accuracy of smartwatches. There have been studies coming out showing they vary in accuracy depending on skin tone, with less accuracy on darker skin tones, due to the way they measure health data. There has been some concern about this because this data has been being used on review studies and so may be inaccurately influencing medical information. It can be highly accurate in some cases and is improving, but they do need to look at other ways to measure and take into account that the information collected may be skewed for some ethnicities.

  47. Is YouTube actions falling along the same lines as a toxic employment office? (Purposefully making the employees job more difficult).

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