Amazing Products TV Meta's Next VR Headset: What You Need to Know

Awesome Tips Meta's Next VR Headset: What You Need to Know

Project Cambria will mix realities, but it will also be expensive. Here’s why it won’t be a true Quest 2 replacement.

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0:00 New Meta VR Headset
0:25 Project Cambria Price
1:39 Mixed Reality
2:51 Other Mixed Reality Headsets
3:24 Eye Tracking
4:45 Presence Platform
5:33 Quest 2 in 2022
6:44 The Future of Headsets

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  1. Yeah this aged well 1500 dollars for the headset just because they can

  2. a bit depressing to think there will probably be people using the pass through to have virtual partners, I know cause i'm one of them. what a lonely existence coming our way!

  3. Don’t tell mark I work for meta and I can guarantee, you will get this for free and and early.

  4. Wouldn't it be better if u go through t mobile for this technology

  5. Vr nice, why not make it pop at you why not make incredible 2d around the vr lenses.

  6. "Probably not for me"??? Pffff hold my beer

  7. dont let us down zuck!

  8. There're actually AR glasses already out there – NReal, Spectacle 4..

  9. “An over 800 dollar headset is probably not for you” – ha, ha, just a tad patronizing: who appointed you as our financial advisor (or mommy) ? Otherwise a nice video, thanks for the interesting infos.

  10. I'm really looking forward to headsets with better weight distribution. my quest 1 feels very heavy on the face, and it's super offputting, I don't play it much just cause it's uncomfortable to wear

  11. Why is every video an ad. A long boring fluffy ad. For years. Not a review, opinion, or facts. Just speculation and ads. Can you critique anything critically please! It’s just a paycheque. I get it, no one gives a dry fluff 🤑

  12. Will the cambria be any better for games and big screen movies ?

  13. imagine going into starbucks and seeing someone doing their work on this instead of a laptop

  14. cant wait to see the million quest 2's pop up on facebook marketplace

  15. I rather wait for the PSVR2 because they have full games. I like the quest 2 but it doesn’t have anything fun

  16. Quest 2 sucks. It is highly uncomfortable, lack of power, lack of storage, lack of ports, lack of everything, lack of connectivity (no printer, no fax, no nothing). You can only play a bunch of outdated OLD pc VR games on it. You can't use it as your stand alone home office. AR is pretty useless for layman and gamers. VR gives you an infinite amount of space for doing anything that you want.

  17. Biggest question is, will it keep bringing the quality of VR games into the toilet like the Quest series has done?

  18. I just want a headset without Facebook account login

  19. @CNET — you say there are no AR glasses yet, but don't underestimate the TILT 5 headset. It's gaming-specific AR glasses, and looks to do the best job of offering something valuable and fun in the AR space out of anything I've seen. I'd suggest they're the AR version of the original Oculus Quest.

  20. I don't need to know nothing because I'm not buying smack from them.

  21. In my opinion, Meta are making a mistake by selling it so expensive, according to what we know, apart from a better resolution and the passthru, I don't see much advantage. I don't understand the professional purpose of the headset, apart from virtual conferences between companies, I don't see much use for it.
    I think people will be disappointed if they don't have access to it at a reasonable price. People have been waiting for almost 2 years now. Meta may lose users because there will be competitors like Lynx R1 at a better price and surely others. I bought a lot of content on Quest 2, I regret now, I should have bought via Steam VR. Lynx R1 will supposedly support games with Steam.
    Facebook's tactic to create a headset with a really competitive price to attract people to VR was a good idea but they may lose the market as well. In my opinion it will be a very bad year for Mark and Meta.

  22. 800$ is a bit much but if it can replace a laptop it would definitely be worth it. Love my quest 2 for now tho and can't wait to see the quest 3

  23. All of this is recycled content for ppl who follow VR

  24. Meta? facebook? You mean Oculus?

  25. Still waiting to upgrade to Google cardboard 2.0

  26. Why do people keep complaining about the price when the HTC and Valve are also around $1k lol. Helloooo

  27. Doesn't matter. Apple's going to own this product category just like they did with the iPod and the iPhone. Nobody trusts Facebook.

  28. My guess is it comes in less than what is being reported for the shock factor.. I could see it being $699.

  29. I want one

  30. $800 is nothing comparing to me spending $2k on PCVR and $1k on PSVR six years ago.

  31. Yea-NO.

  32. If that's the case, why not go for an AR headset or glasses instead? It will make more sense that the device does not have to purposely display the reality, won't it?

  33. In the video, you showed something like multiple interactive desktop monitors. Is it currently possible or do you think we are headed in the direction that professional multitasking would be possible without using multiple displays?

  34. Haven’t watched this video yet but this new VR better stay charged while being plugged into a computer because the current one doesn’t therefore it’s useless for me.

  35. Wow very well done my sweet friend. Outstanding performance and excellent presentation…God bless you always. Stay blessed always dear.

  36. $800 USD is more than double for the Quest 2 but $200 USD below the Valve Index, making it potentially a better option than the Index.

    VR with base stations is superior than in-camera tracking for controllers; hoping the cost comes down over time.

  37. Important to mention the form factor will be more balanced in terms of weight displacement, and the HMD could be lighter.

    It could be geared for professional use, but I bet it will at least be able to play every Quest 2 game that’s available. Most people use VR for gaming and social experiences now, and I don’t expect that to change anytime soon, even with Cambria.

    What will make Cambria more practical, is if everyone had a Cambria HMD.

  38. unsubbed now, zuck you zucks

  39. I prey to god meta crashes and faces anti trust lawsuits and metaverse will fail

  40. actually not a bad idea to make the VR glass more ARish🤓

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