Amazing Products TV People MUST be buying these?! – ORIGIN PC EON-17X Showcase

Awesome Tips People MUST be buying these?! – ORIGIN PC EON-17X Showcase

Thanks to ORIGIN PC for sponsoring today’s video! Check out ORIGIN PC’s EON17-X powered by Intel 11th Gen processors:

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Title: Laszlo – Supernova
Video Link:
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Artist Link:

Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High

Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 TechLonger flashbacks
0:05 Intro – Linus is confused
1:13 Desktop CPU, Cinebench
2:35 IO + Cooling
4:32 Customization, taking it apart
8:19 GPU + CPU Stress test
10:12 Buckle up gamers
11:17 lol Alex P top-tier editor
11:33 moar gaems
12:50 Conclusion

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  1. They are having a mega sale on these right now, scored one for $1,347.

  2. I've been asking myself this exact same question, until I saw an developer from Ideaworks fiddling with his AI controlled forklift robot. So yeah my guess is devs that need cheap yet powerful hardware buy they gamer stuff.

  3. Some people, like myself, just prefer the laptop form factor. It's not about sticking it in a backpack and taking it on the go. My gaming laptop rarely leaves my desk.

  4. The current 13thgen and 40 series mobile laptops use even more power than this with one brick and actual portability 🤯🤯🤯

  5. Me buying v2 and instantly regretting it when i saw this video.

  6. I still don't get it, why two 12V powerbricks? Why not simply a single 500W barrel-plug-type brick?

  7. 1. Why do they have to make it so ugly?
    2. Who really produces (most of the elements of) this laptop? Tongfang?
    3. I've had a Tongfang-based laptop (sold by another company, whose name I won't mention here because I'm not trying to hurt their sales) and… I personally was not happy. The build quality is so-so, it's quite ugly, the keyboard had a bad layout and the letters on the keys I use the most were completely erased after a while (luckily, I am typing blindly) and I got my laptop repeatedly checked at the airport, probably because it looks like something one can use to smuggle drugs or something. I have a Lenovo IdeaPad now, which cost a little less and which I find more satisfying.
    4. It is, however, a matter of personal opinion and preferences.

  8. Why wouldn't you go for it instead, IF you transport it in a car and stuff. The size plays little role then. And having a very deep Lenovo Legion AND almost all IO coming out of the back, having a bit(!) more height instead of going that far back, doesn't seem a stupid idea. On short (Hotel…) desks especially with power plug in, it is as deep as wide. While in height only the Room ceiling is the limit.
    Would not have to be THAT level of Desktop power and size and weight and power supplies.

  9. I got one i love it

  10. It's funny how I am watching this now because just a few weeks ago, I started a project where the client specifically asked for one of these with a 3080ti, 64GB of RAM, 8TB of SSD and man…after learning what the project was about, it was totally justified. Not all these are for gaming; some are for VR and machine learning and will require massive amounts of data depending on what the scope of the work is. All I can say is that I wish it was for me (but it isn't).

  11. Would this be the same for the EON-17S?

  12. It's been a year. I joined the army. Got my bonus and used it to buy one…thanks linus for influencing my life choices.

  13. Why not just buy a desktop? Or better, build one?

  14. I find it strange that Linus answered his opening question yet still posited it as a question. Every single criticism I've heard about Origin ever basically boils down to "I can build a pc for myself for the same price if I sorse the parts myself, therefore anyone else can."

    Not everyone has the time, knowlege, or skill to buy all the necessary pc parts, make sure that they are all compatible, and put them all together safely and properly. People do seem to understand this, because no other pc builder gets these criticisms, and yet Origin isn't any more expensive or niche than any other company. I dont get it.

  15. It's more like a desktop that is transportable than a real laptop. For many of my friends, who love to move to big centers for LAN contests, this thing would be the Holy Grail. I had one of these kind of computers when I served in French Navy. It was comfortable to use that many of my friends bought one too. For small cramped spaces it's a really nice option.

  16. they should call it a portable desktop

    • 1 2
    • May 25, 2023

    This is probably more than I need but I do like the fact that it's big enough to actually include many ports. Laptops these days are so thin that you can't have very many onboard ports.

  17. Origin PC sucks!

  18. it can’t run crysis ¯_(ツ)_/¯ oh well

  19. gamers never use default laptop speakers c’mon linus really ?? turtle beach b1tch

  20. Why can't more pc manufacturers Build big laptops like this for the gaming lineup Rather than going with a thin and light My laptop is meant to be a gaming laptop But while it is gaming it's running at a 110゚C Which is not good I think. My laptop is running a 9th Gen I 7 With A gtx1660 tie I wish it was a bigger Laptop So they could fit a better cooling system in it And my laptop Runs at 80゚C just sitting doing nothing This is why I think it should have been much thicker so they can fit a better Cooler. For those who are curious on what laptop I have it is A MSI GL75 9SD And I have upgraded the ram from the stock 8 gig that it came with To 64GB Ballistics 3200 MHz CL15

  21. Lol case

  22. I have been buying these beasts from OriginPC since the execs from Alienware after its sale to Dell started OriginPC and made available its first release, which was actually an 18.1" laptop monster – amazingly enough, the computer still runs 12 years later, without issue. These newer chassis, which they have been using since 2014, are great, albeit large, but disperse heat extremely well and have adapted to higher heat concerns as the technology has progressed. However, these gaming monsters were solutions for a market that heavily lacked in production of gaming laptops for the masses, which then filled a more niche consumer. Today, gaming laptops are prolific, produced by practically every laptop manufacturer with significantly greater financial resources than OriginPC to throw towards their products, i.e. MSI Raider, Asus ROG Strix, etc. Notwithstanding, OriginPC attempts to "keep up with the Jones''s" with its most recent release of small form, more compact, light, gaming laptop, the EVO series. They recently released a 12th gen small form factor, very light and mobile, gaming laptop in different flavors, 14, 15 and 17 inches, which include i7 12700 and i9 12900 (I believe up to 110w), @1080p and 2k respectively, a 3080ti video card (125w and 150w turbo mode), DDR5 Ram up to 64gig, and either 8 or 16tb NvMe. I have been waiting to see the review of these new laptops on your channel since their release a month or so ago, but since it has been well over a month since release I figured I would "poke the bear" so to speak. Hoping you get one so I can see how they perform by your more knowledgeable and informed review.: https://www.originpc.com/gaming/laptops/

  23. coolest graduation present ever imo

  24. Speakers are not good enough imo for that much coin. Pass

  25. What kit did you get to remove laptop screws

  26. So since tariff GPU and mobo are now 25% cheaper, and is essentially WHAT a laptop is…. IS A MOBO+GPU…. That’s like what, $1500-2,000 USD overpriced, and we’re in may? Wow…. Start ratting retailers out NOW, everyone…. Their prices aren’t adjusted and that goes for car dealers too who’s only lie they have left to hide their deliberate starving of the demand for cars for illegal pricing reason like Nvidia, calling it shortages which anyone who knows computer parts knows that’s bullshit aF – sooooo what, you all like paying these fucked ass prices or something?

  27. I'm the kind of person that uses my laptop like a desktop. weird, I know right lol. I have my laptop propped up on a laptop stand, l have power plugged in always (I have battery management that stops charging at 80%), I have RGB gaming keyboard and mouse plugged in and a second monitor via HDMI. this would definitely be my choice. I don't know why I didn't choose a desktop at first, but perhaps it's because I don't have the desk or floor space for a pc.

  28. My 5950x can get over 30k in r23 on an air cooler without passing 80C in a mATX case. However, for work while traveling, there’s no way I’m bringing my pc with me. Laptop hardware is good, but not great, so I guess these would make good portable workstations. It could good step up from using Remote Desktop in areas with poor internet.

  29. There are laptops like this that can have upto 128GB of RAM and upto 32TB of storage

  30. …and along came 12900h, blowing this "full fat" boat anchor out of the water despite having a measly 45 watt TDP.

  31. You can absolutely thermal throttle, or at least have longevity issues, from hot m2 drives. For example, I have an Adata XPG S70 Blade and before a firmware update it was supposedly reporting temps 20° lower than actual temps, and was hitting 70°C+, which Adata said would hurt longevity and possibly throttle. Mine has cooled down significantly, especially in a new case and cooling config, but it still averages 51°C in a very, very, well cooled case, while other m2 drives, in worse slots for airflow, max out in the low 40°’s, usually average 20-30°.

  32. Back, just going to say something like this and a steam deck would be the portability dream.

  33. if i were able to afford it, me, i would be the person you're asking about

  34. Hi Linus, Can you upgrade CPU on OriginPC eon15-x to 32/64 C/T from current 16/32 C/T? I own the 15x but want to know if it is upgradable to 32/64? Strongly need your support on this. Thanks in advance.

  35. My origin laptop from 2015 may have just died from overheating….. anyone got suggestions for a new laptop. (My rig was i7-4790k, 16gb ddr4, Nivida gtx 980m, 2 1tb SSDs with possible m.2 expansion)

  36. Yes, finally someone who agrees flight sim is NOT a game. 🙃👍🏼

  37. I see a distinct lack of optical drive.

  38. A lot of people play Flight Sim including me….

  39. Isnt it that same thang like the xmg ultra 17?

  40. i got an origin eon 15 x cause i wanted a desktop experience

  41. 10:21 to 10:28 HOW DARE YOU

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