Amazing Products TV Turning the WORST car seat into the BEST…

Awesome Tips Turning the WORST car seat into the BEST…

The middle back seat will forever be the worst car seat, but what if we tune it to become a surround sound audio experience?

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  1. I have a mercedes-benz e 350 2010 avantgarde and i can do that in 3 clicks

  2. On the other hand, my car has speakers. That's it. That's the comment.

  3. My car has speakers. That's it. That's the comment.

  4. Well, my OEM radio gives me the option to pick a place (not a seat) where the sound should be focused 🤷🏻‍♂️

  5. Imagine pretending it doesn’t sound the same from every seat pre tune

  6. So if you tune it to the center onsole/hand rest… would it be good sound all round???

  7. How do you guys not hate that stupid crab song

  8. Best setup ever. Put pressure sensor on each seat. Do the room correction procedure with 1 2 3 4 5 people in the car. Program the dsp so it use the correct profile for all the possible scenario.

  9. Is that the same calibration mic that Jake got for his [Redacted] Tech upgrade?

  10. Useless

  11. I just did this today I'm my scion xb I have a pair of c-dsp dl one for low-mid high-mid super tweeters and compression horn tweeters in my 4 way doors it feeds the bass out and into a 2nd dsp that drive 10in subs in the doors and 4x 15in subs in the back wall in each door has a JP234+JP8 for a total of 9,848w for the doors. The 4x SVL-1547 subs are on 4x JP33's pulling 24,899w for a total system power around 35,000w this get its power from a 1200Ah 12.8v lifepo4 batteries.
    I have a few profiles on my dsp's one for driving the others are for competitions and based on test mic location. I use a UMIK2 and a UMIK-X.
    I can get a near dead flat response at both front headrests. And hold that response all the way to 156db. I can hit 157.2db as my record at 47hz sealed or 158.1 outlaw

  12. Fun fact : i have no idea what he's talking about nor what this video is about

  13. Fuck ya for the VW. I hope it's not dsg

  14. There are specific radio head units that time time alignment or time correction in inches or cm. I have an alpine head unit set to 24 inches that way the sound is delayed by to feet to feel much more center rather than to your left or right. 😀

  15. cable management, need better cable management

  16. I run a helix dsp6 amp in my car. I need to go through the tuning process still, but I run full active tweeters. Going to put a 12" sub for lows this spring. I need to setup two profiles, one for when I'm driving and one for when I'm the passenger.

  17. I hate my IT nerds thing they are audio nerds

  18. When u go for oil change

  19. Oh shit

  20. Or you could have just gotten a Audi instead of the vw and have that built in. My decade old shit box a4 can adjust where the focus of the speakers is.

  21. Sucks what? 😅

  22. Never thought Id see car audio content here. Cool idea.
    But measuring only one point with a sweep doesnt work well in a car. Rather with pink noise and a space

  23. Room correction is so fun

  24. Awesome! Do you guys post full videos of your smaller projects on floatplane?

  25. 🦀🦀🦀

  26. I didn’t even calibrate my studio where I mix Music. But it’s a interesting idea to do that on shitty speakers in a car – anyways, it would be cool to see that with an acoustically treated car with really nice speakers!

  27. So you explain how everyone should be in the car for the calibration…. And proceed to do it while sitting on the back bench alone

  28. I'm probably who would like to listen to classical musid in my car. No not "classycal", not "Klassical" either.

  29. measurement mics aren't holded vertically! you ate pointing towards the ceiling, which is not the direction where the waves came from

  30. Why would you tune it for the back middle seat? You tune it for the drivers seat. And even then you’re not really tuning it for the seat. If you’re going for SQ you tune in general and then time delays will move it to whatever position you want.

  31. It would be cool to have multiple tunes so if it’s just you driving it’s on the driver if there’s 2 then it’s inbetween you if there’s 4 then it’s just a normal equal tune.

  32. whats up with people that like loud music?
    R ur ears incapable of feeling pain?

  33. Где пирдешь

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