Amazing Products TV We just leveled up HARDCORE – Fibre Adventure

Awesome Tips We just leveled up HARDCORE – Fibre Adventure

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  1. this is an osha nightmare

  2. Lol fiber is basic shit now

  3. It looks exactly like the network cable in my house

  4. 3:55 I encounter this all the time as well. For any professionals who have to write documentation, a good rule of thumb is that good documentation should feel painfully detailed when you or your peers read it. If you read it and ask yourself "do I really need to put all this in there?" it's usually a sign you're on the right track.

  5. The real ones know where jakes shirt came from

  6. Oh yeah. I heard that North America was still on copper cables…. sorry for you guys πŸ™

  7. Yes.

    • Ndm
    • January 18, 2023

    β€œThis looks like nothing like network cable in your house” Linus you underestimate my ability to waste money on network gear

  8. 11:49 Cos you're the little one.

  9. Jake looks hilarious in that mask

  10. Linus: "And you can even put it up your butt. I mean, tecnically that's a feature of pretty much anything, if you try hard enough"

    Talking about a $20.000 probe.

    AND then Jake, instead of pointing out how dumb that remark is, sais that "you wouldn't really see anything, since it's so much zoomed in"

    Thank was so funny

  11. Where is the continuation of this story?

  12. can you check and review fiber command Hybrid Cables

  13. Has Linus always had braces?

  14. No safety violations at all in this video

  15. Linus probably got CompTia Network+ certified after all this research

  16. does linus have braces on his bottom teeth?

  17. What does the graffiti on the wall say?

  18. Don't you actually mean to say "we are going to tell you all ABOOT it"?

  19. huh, linus in top shelf land, not usually somewhere he can reach

  20. let's say optical computer including optical cpu/gpu will takeover everything.. light speed.. wow

  21. Being a live content creator…upgrading from a cable internet to a fiber internet connection has been a godsend.

  22. Ltt in 2750: installing 100 exabit internet for our editors

  23. 13:05 wtf are those cable trays called and where do i buy them

  24. What's great is that even in HFC systems, thanks to both DOCSIS 3.1 (soon DOCSIS 4.0) as well as OFDM (orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing) telecommunication providers are now able to compete with purely copper systems due to OFDM using multiple stacked carriers, providing the ability to reach higher orders of QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation), and a super important factor being the modulation/phase symbol and Forward Error Correction software to greatly reduce the impact of signal issues such as low SNR (signal to noise ratio),MER (modulation error ratio), noise, etc.

    The easiest way to explain that is the FEC software exists to predict, anticipate, then correct errors associated with the cable modems locked on DOCSIS RX carriers (downstream/forward/receive/RX) of which for most DOCSIS 3.1 e-MTA there are 32 down and 4 up (which can potentially differ depending on placement of OFDM RX and any OFDMA TX carriers).

    Imagine having a bucket with 1 billion pennies and a friend standing 10 feet away with their own bucket.

    Let's say you launch all 1 billion pennies into the air from your bucket towards your friends bucket.

    Your friend will undoubtedly catch a large number of pennies, but many will not make it into their bucket.

    Now imagine those pennies are each 1 packet of data. This is where the FEC (forward error correction) modulation software comes into practice.

    It uses an algorithm to predict what those pennies/data packets that didn't make it into your friends bucket were; was it a 1 or a 0?

    So when there are signal impairments that software tries really hard to correct, cover it up, and mask any service issue to hopefully avoid any disruption or drop in connectivity quality.

    OFDM is REALLY good at this. Pairing that with DOCSIS 3.1 and DOCSIS 4.0 standards (Google "Cable Labs DOCSIS explained") and HFC coax topologies have massively extended their shelf life and ability to stay competitive with purely fiber applications (head end CMTS to modem.

    Copper hasn't reached it's full potential yet and with the right software, hardware, and radio frquency modulation I believe you could achieve comparable results to what fiber would net you for THIS SPECIFIC application.

    The amount of signal loss due to attenuation over coax in your setup here is not sufficient enough to alone warrant the need for a full-duplex fiber star topology, although your symmetrical RX and TX transfer rates probably make it worth it.

    In Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC) markets it is light and fiber to each node and from each node to each home or business it is copper (coax/hardline.)

    I wanted to shout out the Viavi ONX signal level meter for having a fiber USB dongle for measuring light levels in addition to RF signal levels AND another USB dongle that turns your meter screen into a stethoscope screen.

    The dongle has a microscope and camera, so it shows you if your fiber connector is dirty. If so, one click tool and pray πŸ™ lol.

    Just a bit about me:

    I'm a commercial and small/medium business field tech for the second largest ISP in the United States and SCTE/NCTI certified "Master Technician".

    In my duties I install and repair fiber to the premise, POTS, CAT5E and CAT6, and coax. Everything from simple internet repairs to punching down dozens of phone numbers on 66 blocks, repairing PBX and complex coax, generating IP blocks from the CMTS pool, writing scripts and dropping scripts using KiTTY/PuTTy for Gateways + 2 box e-MTa/Router solutions for static IP blocks, configuring GUI, port forwarding, etc., fiber epon and gpon, terminating and troubleshooting fiber/light in keystone patch panels, diagnosing and interpreting RF telemetry using soft tools and Viavi ONX SLM's….the list goes on and on lol you get the idea.

    Linus, if you ever want any inside scoop from an in-house ISP tech, have any questions or projects I could useful to you for then please, don't hesitate to give a shout.

    Great video, as usual!!!

  25. I learn't that sandles are good for climbing shelvs, thank you ltt

  26. Continuously press the left arrow at the beginning of the video. You're welcome. Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha.

  27. 13:58 the camera man is SWEATING PROFUSELY

    • Leon
    • January 18, 2023

    Just wondering, would mounting an SFP converter on the wall been an option? So you run fiber to the wall, and then convert fiber to DAC so the fibre doesn't get damaged.

  28. Does Linus have braces?


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