Amazing Products TV Ultimate Smart Home Hub Comparison for 2021

Awesome Tips Ultimate Smart Home Hub Comparison for 2021

What’s the best smart home hub for 2021? And what’s going on lately with SmartThings anyways?! I’ve tested many of the best smart home hubs, and will compare their pros and cons to give you all the details you need for your smart home.

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0:00 Intro
0:45 SmartThings
3:11 Hubitat
5:37 Home Assistant
7:59 HomeKit
9:14 HomeSeer
9:54 Other Hubs
10:34 What I’m Using + Why
11:53 Side Fling

Article with more info:
Amazon Echo 4 review + hub info:
Homepod mini review:
5 Best Smart Home Hubs (previous comparison):
When and How to Use a Hub:
Hubitat review:

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Doctor Momentum by Slynk

The End by EVA

Disclaimer: Smart Home Solver was sent some of the products in this video for previous unbiased reviews. As always, our opinions are 100% our own and not influenced.

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  1. Here’s a link to the comparison table: https://bit.ly/3ba9o0p
    I wish there was a perfect hub but each has pros and cons. What’s running your smart home right now?

  2. Next iteration of this, I'd recommend you include the ISY &/or Polisy hubs/controllers from Universal Devices. My ISY has been performing flawlessly 24/7 for 8 years now. It never requires rebooting just to get it going again, comes back to life after sudden power outages (which are common in my area), and has awesome support. It can handle Z-Wave & Insteon (to name a couple), and a host of other more proprietary devices if you add the Polisy box. For example, I have 7 smart thermostats made by NuHeat that run my under-floor electric heat. (Shameless and uncompensated plug – these guys are awesome!) You could control those devices using their native app through the cloud, but my Polisy controls them directly without needing internet access, and integrates them into any other logic that I might fancy.
    Yep, these boys are a little more expensive than some of the others – but they are rock-solid pieces of machinery. I don't know where their motherboards are made, but the QC is top-notch.

  3. Does the new ODROID H3/H3+ have also home assistant installed ready to go. Thanks love you're page !

    • ASH
    • December 23, 2022

    Awesome video always. I wonder, why didn’t you consider HomeBridge as a hub in your comparison?

  4. right! I managers about 10 raspberry for several use, 3d Printing, monitoring, micro stations etc. I've spent hours on home assistant without find a way to use it easily…

  5. Will a hub help my porch smart light turn on and off? The porch light is on the otherside of old thick concrete drywall

    • J N
    • December 23, 2022

    Can you do a 2022 review, smartthings is changing and dropping a lot of support so I am looking at Hubitat

  6. You forgot homey pro hub ?

  7. How does Phillips hue bridge fits into this comparison?

  8. I use Fibaro Z-Wave Home Center 3 and it shits on all the hubs you reviewed. I guess you don't know much about this topic, so I am surprised you made this video.

  9. I like the old style Echo Dot because it's small also Newest.Technology, gives out decent sound and doesn't take up a lot of shelf space if you want to put it on beam in the workshop or shed.

  10. So for a new person who wants to setup some home automation, probably nothing advanced, would you recomend smart things? I like the thought of home assistant, but smart things sounds like it's more plug and play. I'm not a developer, and I've never even dabbled in any sort of coding before. Also, can you run smart things on a raspberry pi? I like the idea of everything being local, and open sources, versus having to check in with the cloud everytime.

  11. Thank you for this video.
    I'm searching for how to automate my smart devices where I can add a lot of conditions.
    I think Home Assistant is the answer.

  12. the worst part about this is I could identify each hub from the side view lmao.

    I have no life, only home automation lol.

  13. you are implying these are all the same thing which is ridiculous.

  14. Thanks!

  15. Do you have any videos on Google nest hubs? I just purchased two one for my wife and one for me. To have on our night stand, but I cant figure out how to only get my hub to only acknowledge my voice, instead of both answering at the same time.
    Is there a way to do it?

  16. We are building a smart home mobile display and we are pretty basic on the tech savvy level. We are trying to solve the potential problem of no internet available and only cellular data. Is there a hub that will work best to run locally off of cellular data to run smart devices (lock, thermostat, blinds, lights, sensor, assistant, etc)?

  17. Now, not easy to buy Smartthings Hub to create the automation so can you recommend any solution? thanks

  18. The Universal Devices Polisy (formerly ISY-994i) is the way to go. Most powerful automations and no cloud required.

  19. I don't know what you're saying! I am so out of touch with techy stuff. But if i did know, you did a great job on comparisons.

    • Mos
    • December 23, 2022

    What about HOOBS?!!

  20. But how do you connect Zigbee or Z-wave accessories to a raspberry with Home Assistaint instance running on it?

  21. I don't get why you put ease of use for Home Assistant and Hubitat at the same score and then say at the end that Hubitat is much easier to setup.

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