Amazing Products Build a Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

Awesome Tips Build a Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

Summer is here! Make an awesome decoration that will set you apart from the rest! Just raid that recycling bin and get started! Note: Any lamp fuel will work!
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  1. With this concept does the rope get shorter as it burns?


  3. Poop

  4. HouseholdHacker:Build a Wine Bottle Tiki Torch…HouseTerroristHacker:Build a Molotov

  5. He made a motov

  6. superb bro

    • BDB
    • December 23, 2022

    what a great idea! my girlfriend loves projects with wine bottles (she gets to drink them first).

  7. wait i can use those as molotovs

  8. How long does it take for the wine cork to burn ?

  9. Hey, sunflower oil will work as good as torch fuel

  10. Or full it up all the way with clear paraffin lamp oil, and with the wick poking out a quarter inch or do, you have a 1,000 hour emergency/camping lamp.

  11. We do this in Trinidad and Tobago for funerals… we call it Flambeau and instead of sand we use newspaper and cloth and fuel… yea. We line the streets with them at night and they stay for the whole night of the wake.

  12. Olive oil will work too. Minus the bug repellent. I do this with mason jars, salt and pepper shakers, any glass container with a lid. I set them around my home when entertaining or at holidays. Makes for great conversation pieces.

  13. pleas sub to my channle

  14. Instead just make just make a Molotov

  15. I think you just showed us how to make a Molotov

  16. You should use rocks instead because sand absorbs the fuel

    • YeYe
    • December 23, 2022

    Was anyone else just thinking, MOLOTOV COCKTAILS!!!!

  17. ahmm that's called molotov

  18. Will I ever have to worry about the glass shattering because it gets too hot?

  19. Have to say I love this idea! Awesome!!!!

  20. can you tell me the music's name in this video ? thx

  21. I made this and I saw a bottle of gas and I made a flamethrower

  22. You just made a molotov……

  23. bug repellent eh?, its funny how a bug flies straight past with ease and doesn't care. 

  24. In europe we call that a molotov cocktail

  25. Perfect DIY cocktail Molotov 

  26. "All the time" is a bit of a stretch.

  27. happy summer ;_;

  28. Instead of using a wick use cotton cloth and shove it in the bottle. Remeber it looks best to walk around the street with your new torch.

  29. I like it!

    • Mau
    • December 23, 2022

    Reminds me of a molotov

  30. Why didn't you use a funnel for the pouring

  31. Cocktails anyone?

  32. I like fire

  33. Fake Molotov 🙂

  34. The bug repellent part of this does not seem to be working XD

  35. all I see is a molotov bomb…

  36. Come on people! Let's all be adults and drop the "molotov cocktail" bologna. This is a fantastic idea for RESPONSIBLE ADULTS and a great center point for conversation. I would only make one suggestion, if it applies to your state/region; use the Tiki Fuel with (I prefer scented, I can't stand the regular smell or add a few drops of your favorite scented oil) Citronella, one awesome creation that serves two useful purposes!

  37. Im going to do this!

  38. Game of thrones referanse xD

  39. guys, you tired of having kernels in youre tangarine. hold your tangarine slices in the light, you will ammidiately see if there are kernels around

  40. Can u do cheap back to school lifehacks

  41. Pffft.. a real man would use a jack danielz bottle and petrol as fuel

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