Amazing Products 10 Microwave Life Hacks

Awesome Tips 10 Microwave Life Hacks

Here are 10 AWESOME microwave tricks to utilize that crazy machine to it’s fullest potential. We’ve got cake, popcorn and even potato chips involved. Be sure to visit Rob Dyke’s channel for more fun and “strange” goodness.

Want to see a more detailed version of the popcorn trick? Check out Grant Thompson’s video here:

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  1. lmao

  2. You can also microwave a damp facecloth. 30 seconds at a time tho!

    • M2
    • August 14, 2023

    Closeups of your mouth sloppily chewing food isn't funny unless you're 12. It's nauseating.

  3. rape is worse than stale potato chips, IMO

  4. number ELEVEN: throw the microwave OUT THE DOOR!!!

  5. Do we really need to have a close up of the fools mouth while he chews?

  6. Why does that guy have a black hand? I hope he's alright

  7. Too much

  8. So all I need for stale chips is a microwave, two bras and a dead body.

  9. Why your one hand black and the other white?

    Edit: dont get me wrong tho. This is the reason im subscribing😂

  10. I liked this strangely entertaining

    • Jim
    • August 14, 2023

    1:09 Microwave popcorn in a paper sack. I wouldn't try this one, that is unless you want to burn the house down. The paper used in microwavable popcorn bags are specifically designed for the microwave. Regular store-purchased bags are not suitable for microwaving and WILL catch fire. Good luck with this one!

  11. I microwave left over cake……….is that weird?

  12. There is no deadspot in a microwave

  13. Too many mouth close-ups.

    • A A
    • August 14, 2023


  14. Pasta Barilla in microwave?!?! Ah ah… Ma vaffanculo va 😂

  15. Ask Gordon Ramsay to eat microwave foods featured in this video.

    If he likes it, I will rate this video too.

  16. Boring

  17. How come one hand is white but the other is black?

  18. you’re the better version of troom troom

    • K
    • August 14, 2023

    Seeing him eat grossed me out; and, I was out before video finished.👎

  19. HEY! I searched Tater Tots Microwave and this came up. Where are the tater Tots!!! AHHHHHH!!!!

  20. I usually like the tips in the video but this was dumb. That rob guy wasn't funny. Dont show him anymore

  21. Okay, what is it with all your videos and the HUGE mouth eating things? I'm beginning to worry……..

  22. This video made me want to put my phone in the microwave.

  23. Guiness Book of World Records: holder of the most mouth extreme close-up shots in 4 minutes

  24. 0:07
    How you know you're still in college, in debt, or just broke

  25. Ok r o b

  26. You I

  27. is the CLOSE UP of the dude munching food over and over again really necessary? I mean he's like going to town on that food! save that one for the AMSR of people smacking their food. gross. thanks.

    • C Me
    • August 14, 2023

    I think I'm in LOVE

  28. “Here’s 10 microwave tricks for your daily ___” I have no idea what he said.

  29. Bro if i see a close up of this dude eating one more time

  30. I just wanted to know how to reheat a churro!

  31. what the fuck ?

  32. Sltation !
    Bla, bla, bla… talk to say nothing or say nothing to make people talk

  33. Wow…just wow

  34. Please stop showing closeups of a chewing mouth

  35. when i did the popcorn trick, my microwave caught on fire.

  36. If you put a fork in it you'll get a diamond

  37. Why his face white and his hands black???

  38. Y is there a white hand and then a black hand

    • john
    • August 14, 2023

    I used the freshening one right as I saw it

  39. Exactly how much water do you put in the pasta to microwave it?

  40. you want to get cancer quickly, use the microwave for everything

  41. Did any one notice his hand

  42. watching you eat was uncomfortable af

  43. stop the close up! it disgusting! you remind me of my disgusting neighbor!

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