Amazing Products TV Touring a Subscriber’s AMAZING Smart Home in Georgia! 😮

Awesome Tips Touring a Subscriber’s AMAZING Smart Home in Georgia! 😮

You HAVE to see this amazing smart home!

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Eve aqara:
Hunter fan:
Sensibo Air Pro:
Wemo smart switches:
Hue light strips:
Towel heater:
Eve humidity sensor:
Sense energy meter:
Theater screen:
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0:00 Intro
0:21 Dog’s water bowl
1:29 Keeping it cool
1:55 Lighting automations
3:55 Towel heater
4:52 Sense energy meter
5:09 Converted theater
5:44 Cameras
6:55 Next tour…


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Ending song is The End by EVA.

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  1. Shout out to Riley and his family for opening up their home to us!
    Want me to tour YOUR smart home? Fill this out: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1YguzPKbs6m8LppW5mEPKzjLkk4-q0lgzqv1CEN5P2lU/edit

  2. Very cool. Some good stuff there.

  3. I can't believe I never thought of automating lights to the door lock/unlock! I just set that up immediately. If someone unlocks the back door at night, the back lights will now turn on, and then turn off when the door gets locked again. Genius!

  4. GREAT VIDEO!!! Excellent idea showing other people's homes, I didn't think it would work. But you're really brave to travel to Georgia on the river, that's where Deliverance occurred. 😅😅

  5. Nice entry level home automation. Hopefully he will be bit by the automation bug and do real automation.

  6. Though it’s not as fun as the smart watering bowl there are several types of self filling water bowls for dogs, cats, chickens and other sizes for larger livestock. They just work using pressure to know when to stop filling.

  7. lovely home and great solutions. Tie between the automated water for dog and the towel heater – you are costing me money Reed. But love seeing how others have setup their home. Thank you

    • navs
    • October 15, 2023

    2:23 "Riley and his wife just had a baby…"
    Riley comes into camera with a 'Eat local' tshirt… I see what you did there 😅

  8. Awesome videos sorry I’m soo late

  9. This man's electricity bill must be horrible

  10. Thanks to you and Riley for bringing more smart home content.

  11. I really like this “smart home tours” concept. Like @Youthman’s Home Theater Tours.

  12. Need to add a Furbo warning now my dog is mad because she doesn't have any treats, otherwise great video like always.

  13. I love this style of video, great tour, awesome that you were able to make it out to Georgia to film

  14. Like for filthy frank!!

  15. How do you control the hunter fan to start an stop?

  16. I have an electric towel heater/dryer. It doesn't get super hot, but nice and warm. Anyway, I turned it on by accident in like June, and noticed it in September. That sucker uses a lot of wattage… I need to put a monitor on that and maybe automation to kill it if it's been on a few hours!

  17. It's funny to me that a towel heater is a big thing lol, every single house in Finland have one, it's mandatory, just like a bidet

  18. Dog bowl might need a weight sensor, to prevent water flow if it (for some reason) is already full. But nice automation. Now if the bowl could also clean itself… 😂

    • Dom
    • October 15, 2023

    I've always been of the opinion that a lot of automations are solutions looking for problems, but I have to admit this video is great. I really love the format of visiting other people to see what they're doing – it's not something I see on YT very often. So please do more!

  19. Thanks Riley and family. Thanks to you too Reed. 😊😊

  20. Awesome video, great idea Reed!

  21. Should definitely consider a weight sensor so you know when the water bowl is already full!

    Also, I'd be real careful about having an automation control the gas! It should definitely have some kind of a failsafe as the kiddo gets older to ensure only an adult can trigger it, and NEVER let it turn on without an explicit command.

  22. Wow beautiful home

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