Amazing Products TV We're Making a SOLID GOLD Xbox Controller

Awesome Tips We're Making a SOLID GOLD Xbox Controller

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We’re making the most expensive Xbox controller in existence, made out of solid gold.

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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High

Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

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  1. Hope you guys enjoy the journey. This was one of those "can it be done" concepts for us and the goal would be to find a buyer for the finished product or melt it down to re-use.

    We're crazy enough to make it, not crazy enough to waste that kinda money on something so ridiculous lol

  2. I thought that this was a april fools video

  3. Guys, I know how you could recoup some of the cost! You can smelt the gold back… and make a cpu radiator! Gold is said to be a great heat conductor. Since you have the material, why not try it? that's like 2 more videos (making the radiator and then benchmarking it), which will surely help!

  4. You got screwed on that price considering you can buy a kilo of pure 24 karat gold for lil less than $60000

  5. What's with the masks?

    • Shap
    • December 23, 2022

    title is still wrong it’s not solid gold solid gold isn’t mixed it’s just a gold controller

  6. Button on team Treasure


    • Alfa
    • December 23, 2022

    Linus would be so annoying to work around lol. Those poor workers

  8. And here is me not able to afford a normal controller 😂

  9. it got melted

  10. But why… Why would you do that

  11. So $80k USD on a solid gold Xbox controller is fine but not $75k USD on a Boston Dynamics Spot. I see how it is.

  12. Pov you like heavy controlers x)

  13. @linus tech tips essager mag cables are better than volter

  14. at 9:35 a tiiiny little flak falls off…it adds up indeed

  15. When I worked as a Goldsmith; we never exactly calculated the needed amount of gold normally if we simple used a normal "mix" tbh.

    What you've to much, you can simple reuse.

  16. this is the DUMBEST buying from linus

  17. A solid gold controller is nice. It isn't platinum tho.😂
    Credit where it's due. This is one of those ultimate flexes.

  18. Lmao the dude doing the casting is like "will someone get this annoying rich white guy out of my shop"

  19. I'm here because of the short, he said he'd sell this controller but not for the gold content he needs more… Just came to call him dweeb we all thought it said it….

  20. I dont see why they would not have used an xbox elite series 2 as a base instead of a normal one.

  21. I want a full metal say a titanium controller with maby lead in the grips to make it thick as I want a very strong sturdy controller including the sticks,buttons, bumpers, and triggers so it dont break. I like heavy controllers so it doesn't feel like its military grade ie weak as hell and I also want it metal so its cold and in theory would keep my hands from freezing

  22. Shoulda made it with gold harvested from electronics

  23. 1.5kg of 18 karat gold (May 12th 2022) costs $64k now. How is that possible with current economic and inflation situation?

  24. Holy shit it's already been a year since I saw this video? Wtf if it wasn't for the time stamps, I would have thought I saw this yesterday.

  25. Should have gone balls deep with an Elite controller. 😛

  26. Do a GameCube controller next!!! Idc what material you use, I just want something metallic

  27. not including the gold cost i wonder how much this cost to do, id love to do a dualsense controller in mostly aluminum sans some of the plastic covers

  28. LTT Starts to remind me more and more of the interesting tv shows i'd watch with my dad on discovery channel, but with a twist that it's about my interests a lot of the time

  29. Linus flexing…

  30. Im sure you could EASILY sell it to any rapper for 80k 😂😂 Or even better, I feel like SnoopDogg needs to buy this!!

  31. This is the moment I determined that linus had too much money.

    • Ari
    • December 23, 2022

    i feel like im watching bill nye but hes a scrawny white guy

  32. The sad thing is that there is probably a substantial market for this in the Middle East. It's tasteless, unpractical and over-the-top.

  33. Should change the title and thumbnail of this one to get it to go viral. Maybe put the $$ value or the kt value. It can get more views !!

  34. Why need to buy “gold” Controller when you can make one

  35. NCIX: "Let's make a spin-off channel called Linus Tech Tips to save on production costs."

    Linus: "Hey! Let's make an 18 carot gold XBox Controller!"

  36. And he made 3 video to at least cover the cost 😂

  37. It's gonna be $80,000…this video is brought to you by

  38. 🤦

  39. "And you might be wondering how we made it!"
    No, I'm wondering WHY you made it.
    But seriously though, your Linus's wive's reaction was the best

  40. discrimination against play station 🤬

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