Amazing Products Are PCIe 5.0 SSDs Worth It For GAMING? 😲 – Every Speed Tested!

Awesome Tips Are PCIe 5.0 SSDs Worth It For GAMING? 😲 – Every Speed Tested!

PCIE 5 SSD vs Gen 4 Vs Gen 3 VS Sata! Join PC Centric for the load speed and gaming tests for all NVMe SSDs and Hard drives! Are they worth buying, with directX storage? ⭐ Get Your PC Centric Mousemat! ⭐ Corsair ICUE Link: (AD)

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Tested Drives:

Lexar NM620 Gen 3 SSD:

Patriot P400 Gen 4 SSD:

Adata Legend 970 Gen 5 SSD:

Other Great Drives!

Samsung 990 Pro Gen 4 SSD:

Firecuda 530 SSD:

Kingston KC3000 SSD:

Lexar NM790 SSD:

The PC:
Lian Li o11 Evo PC Case: (Amazon)
ROG X670E Strix Motherboard: (Amazon)
AMD Ryzen 9 7900X on Amazon:
Corsair H150I elite Cooler: (Amazon)
Corsair Dominator Platinum ddr5 RAM: (Amazon)
Firecuda 530 SSD: (Amazon)
Corsair HX1000i Power Supply: (Amazon)
AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX Graphics Card on Amazon:

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  1. I upgraded my 11-year-old laptop with Sata ssd and 8 GB RAM and that thing runs so smoothly and works wonders for browsering the web and using Word on it. I didn't even want to try it with the old hard drive when I found it 😅.

  2. 15 seconds to load a game of Civilization 6 and you call that slow. I remember playing the original game on my Amiga 500; it took 15 minutes to load a game.

  3. So i did a good choise getting a samsung 970 evo plus 1tb
    So far i didnt play anything that i have transfered on it, but so far most kf my games have been on a samsung 870 evo sata….and everything was ok at speeds. Like no problem loading even cyberpunk or red dead 2 in a few seconds.
    So i don't expect big changes.
    Anyway, that probably is the diminishing returns in ssd's.

  4. Hi I am from sri lanka, I love gaming I just can't effort a gaming pc if you can donate me a PC 😢 I will never ever forget that I don't know what to say its like feel lonely 😔 without a gaming pc I love that much but unfortunately I am not rich enough 😢

  5. Moving from HDD to any of the other ones is the huge upgrade. You'll wonder how you ever lived with a HDD😂

  6. I guess its time to change my HDD to Gen 4 and there's no point going for Gen 3 and Gen 5 😂

  7. My buddy upgraded his system 2 months ago, told him Gen4 was the sweet spot and 32gb DDR5 ram (gaming and watching vids is all he does), he buys 64gb and Gen5…..

  8. The problem with this testing is that you never empty the cache. Especially on a single storage, put them in a Raid 60 system, and we talk other numbers, mostly in datacenters where drives have to provide for multiple tenants.

  9. Nobody wants to deal with the heat pcie5 nvme m2 generates. Anyway good video

  10. If I use my Gen 5 NVME slot, it turns my GPU slot to Gen 4×8 from 4×16. Add that to all the negatives….

  11. I'm stuck on PCIE 3.0 currently, but looks like I don't have anything to worry about for a while.

  12. Subscribe you scrubs! ❤

  13. It's fast but how long can a drive like that last?

  14. tbh ssds are so good anything above pcie gen 3 isnt worth it unless prices come down

  15. That is too loud…

  16. You need to test more than the drive you tested. You need other Gen 5,Gen 4,& Gen 3 drives. One sample is not enough to validate the tests

    • flopp
    • November 10, 2023

    You could be a friggin character in Sex education. Same accent and aura. Mad lad

  17. my friends keep recommending the sk hynix plat

  18. Im still using an 870 EVO for my games…. i dont know if i should use m.2..

  19. i'm on 2x1tb Samsung 970 M.2 had plans for a 4tb soon, prefer corsair, but it will be w/e is cheapest since m.2 storage is soo affordable these days 🙂 gg good vid J2C channel had a gen5 vid recently and it had 12k/mbs speeds and actually hit it, but did not do any game testing….I think the biggest game on the horizon that will take advantage of this tech is GTA VI….

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