Amazing Products The Best BUDGET Gaming PC Build 2023! 🤩 RX 7600, Ryzen 7600 w/ Gameplay Benchmarks | AD

Awesome Tips The Best BUDGET Gaming PC Build 2023! 🤩 RX 7600, Ryzen 7600 w/ Gameplay Benchmarks | AD

Budget Gaming PC build time! This budget build packs a RX 7600 graphics card, a Ryzen 5 7600 CPU, and is built in the Cooler Master Qube 500 Case! Join PC Centric for the pc build guide, with gameplay benchmarks!⭐ Get Your PC Centric Mousemat! ⭐ Sponsored By Gigabyte (AD) – Current pricing is below (click “more” )

Gigabyte RX 7600 Gaming OC:

Gigabyte Aorus B650 Elite AX:

Cooler Master Qube 500 Flatpack Case:

AMD Ryzen 5 7600 CPU:

Crucial P3 Plus SSD:

16GB Kingston Beast RAM:

EVGA Power Supply (updated for your region)

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  1. TOTAL PRICE: $970.77 / £946.28 (16/11/2023) – Personally, I would go for a cheaper case though, and save another 30/40 bucks. Sorry the original case mucked this up😑

  2. why did you install kingston fury beast ram Intel xmp certified? shouldn't you be using AMD expo?

    • T Y
    • November 18, 2023

    a used 5700xt cost about $150 those day

  3. Hey there! I know you probably won’t see this, but I have a dilemma. I have everything but my gpu, and I don’t know what to get. I got a AMD Ryzen 9 7900x in a microcenter bundle (big overkill, for what I’m going to be doing with it) with 64GB of ddr5 ram and a ROG strix B65OE motherboard. (All from the same bundle.) I have a 1080p monitor rn, but I might upgrade in the future, and use it as a peripheral. I don’t want to spend too much money on the gpu, but I kind of sort of want AMD and enough ram to possibly upgrade my monitor. I know, long comment. Any help from anyone?

  4. Hi, is it worth it to get a AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D? It seems really good, but I'm unsure if RX 7600 is better? There is so many different builds that it's hard to find a solid and affordable build that makes sense.

  5. brother can you gift me one pc 😋😋😋

  6. How is a $1000 pc is budget friendly?

  7. That qube case is not really a budget case, and it’s not very aesthetically pleasing or easy to build in for a beginner.

  8. Personal pc- personal personal computer

  9. This is definitely NOT a budget gaming pc. And it most certainly isn't the best 🙃

  10. Ypu use some crappy cases lol
    Cosair 5000d . That's what you need or a Lan Li case

  11. Omg , him and his 16 gig of ram
    2009 called
    It wants its ram back .
    Buy 32 gigs kids

    These noobs never overclock or they know ever little about how to get the most out of their machines .

  12. Although this is a great build, this is a midrange PC imo.

    You can get a budget PC for like $650

  13. Is the Stock Thermal paste on that wraith cooler still like cement? that could damage your cpu when changing to a different cooler..

  14. Quick question, when I'm playing cyberpunk and other games at 1080p on my 3070 (1920mhz) and ryzen 7 5800x (4.7ghz) paired with 16gb 3600mhz cl16 ram my gpu will always have low usage and when I get high usage is will never stay at a consistent 99% and in some areas it will drop to 64% specifically the roundabout in the city for cyberpunk. Do you know what the cause can be my drivers and chipset are fully updated but my bios isn't can this be the problem or is is something else?

  15. Please do a bench mark on Ark Survival Ascendant, I’ve got a 3070 and struggling to run Ark at anything past 35-40fps

  16. Man once i discovered this channel ive binge watch damn near every video, i just like the vibe and charisma u exude while providing informative content

  17. 4:38 i think ur instaling coller in wrong direction what if u decide to upgrade ur memory and u cant put in slot nr.1 🙁

  18. Near $1k is "budget build"?

  19. Aorus elite is not budget. For 7600, get the cheapest am5 board you can find…

    • Bones
    • November 18, 2023

    Should have went with a 7800

    • Adel
    • November 18, 2023

    I gues u put the ram in the wrong slot

  20. 8gb gpu in 2023??? 😂😂😂

  21. Love my 5800X/6650XT I built about 15 months ago. Great build as always. AMD is the way to go value wise.

  22. Almost exactly the system I built for my son. Same mobo with a 7600x and 2 fan rx 7600. Got great deals on everything. saved hundreds buying in combos.

  23. Why do you always get such a high end motherboard, you could put that into a better gpu

  24. This dude looks like he should be in a Harry Potter movie

  25. That poor CPU!

  26. Currently have a prebuild Lenovo desktop i7 6700 paired with a RTX2060s (upgraded the 970gtx) , got 900euro to spend in 2 weeks on a pc build (*my first one :D) but my question is… Should i go with a better motherboard and cpu (will go intel) and hold out on the gpu for about 6 months?

    I want the system to be futureproof and running ddr5 but living in The Netherlands, the prices seems to be a bit higher here (10/25%) thats why im wondering what to do in this situation.
    Build a complete pc for that 900,- or just keep the 2060s and upgrade that a later date to a Arc770/rx6700xt/rx7800xt for example?

    Currently playing a couple of games where the gpu is my bottleneck atm, but wonder if the prices come down within 6months to get one of those gpu's for a decent price.

    Or am i just crazy to think this way and both solutions cancel each other out in the long run? (ow yeah, saving the 900 untill next year not gonna happen btw :P)

  27. This budget build may be short lived once the 5500X3D CPU is released, as I can only assume it'll be similar price to the R5 7600 but will allow DDR4 to be utilised with cheaper RAM and motherboards.

    Edit: Side note, that flat packing is a very nice feature! I think a lot of enthusiasts would enjoy putting their rig together in more ways than just plugging in a few components. Very FormD T1 vibe

  28. haha this is the build i am going to make as a 2nd pc i like having and intel and amd build actual same mb gpu cpu ram crazy

  29. But for this kind of budget I will increase the GPU to a 4060 (if you're a nvidia fan boy/girl ) or rx 6800 (if available) or rx 6750/6700 xt and reduce the cpu budget to about 130 dollars and take a ryzen 5600/5600x with a cheap b550 mobo or better i5 12400f .

  30. How do we know if the components are compatible with each other?

    • Harry
    • November 18, 2023

    As you mention the CPU temp is def a problem. In some of the games it was running in the mid 90's!! I guess a better CPU fan would help but I think the case airflow (or lack of) is the main problem. Because as you said the stock CPU fan should cope.

    Edit: I also notices these CPU temps of 90deg were at fairly modest CPU utilisation (50% or below) . So unless the fan/CPU are incorrectly fitted, the CPU fan and case cooling are a real problem with this build.

  31. A cheap tower cooler and you’d have a solid PC. Probably get a few more fps too with being able to boost more.

  32. So you cheaped out RAM, but overspent on the case and arguably the motherboard too?

  33. That's actually good advice. I picked all the parts first and now can't decide which GPU I want. I did a blunder.

  34. Radeon almost always is the best choice in value builds

  35. Has the definition of "budget" changed since the last time i opened a dictionary..? 🤔

  36. my 1070 in 2017 had 8gb of vram. surprised to see theryre still making cards with the same amount….

    • ANRY
    • November 18, 2023

    Hello which air coolers are best for ryzen 5 7600x ? and is DeepCool AK620 good enough ?

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