Amazing Products TV I’m Not The Only CEO That Lost My Job – WAN Show November 17, 2023

Awesome Tips I’m Not The Only CEO That Lost My Job – WAN Show November 17, 2023

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  1. Can we agree on one thing. Dan deserves some clout. From now on, messages to WAN show should be referred to DLL only. This is a tech channel. Its perfection.

  2. gotta wait for timestamps to watch this…

  3. I only watch WAN at 2x speed now, way to long

  4. LTT, when is the BeyondVR video coming if at all?

  5. Luuk looks like AI lol

  6. eu putting us to shame

  7. It took me two minutes to realise that Luke wasn't actually there 🤡

  8. I wonder how much higher prices "services" like Kudos are causing, in reality. Because no, you sure aren't "saving" money using things like that.

  9. A former boss of mine put a first round reservation on a CT, he said "I don't know if I'll keep it, I'll probably sell it.". He's a bit of a car collector.

  10. Shoutout to WannabeCatboi 😀

  11. Sam Bankman Jailed
    Sam Altman Fired
    what's next?

  12. With the amount of copium that Apple has, they could solve world hungry one day.

  13. I don't care too much that Luke sounds like crap, but he is so much louder than Linus. Are levels not checked live?

  14. it's all elon's work, mark my words.

  15. Sony should've included Wifi Direct. like the Wii U had – boom, lag in your normal sized home avoided.

  16. On the skins discussion, it's clear that digital content needs some equivalent to the first sale doctrine.

  17. Mid roll ads on WAN show?? I don’t ever remember being served ads before? Had two so far an I’m 38 minutes in. Watching on Samsung Smart TV.

  18. Typical FPS climax

  19. Wouldn't virtual Luke work better if you took a picture of his empty seat and then had him use that as his background when he's remote?

  20. yo where timestamp guy at? 👀

  21. bro you fr have a green screen but a dogshit mic, you run the biggest tech show in the world ffs.

  22. Bro what's wrong with his Arms?

  23. Can we stop caring about sms rcs or iMessage
    Nobody fucking uses it outside the US
    The US is not the world!

    • Petar
    • November 18, 2023

    again no timestamps, waste of time watching

  24. It looks like Luke Laffernose

  25. for the love of god guys, can you supply Luke with decent microphone for his office at home? having to surf volume button is insufferable, might skip this week's show

  26. Why would you want to consolidate all your messages to one app? Smh

  27. here before the timestamps

  28. Fortnite bit–My kids play and sometimes want me to play, so if I cant use my skins when I play why have them?

  29. The problem I have with the portal is that they could have just made a dualsense backbone for a phone. Then it could be even cheaper than the portal, it would still just be selling people on the software, etc.

  30. Linus is such an insufferable little man-child.

  31. If Tech monopolies aren't going to pay tax in the EU we might aswell force them to improve their products.

    Edit: Also IBM abandoning X-sponsorship after Musks anti-semitic tweet is pretty ironic given the vital role they played in facilitating the Holocaust and the still active cover-up they're engaged in to avoid any legal responsibility for being a key infrastructure provider for one of the worlds largest genocides.

  32. I think other car manufacturers have similar "don't resell" clauses in their agreements

  33. Midrole ads in wan show wwwwhhhhhyyyyy

  34. Weekly reminder that Linus is a zionist shill and supports the genocide of innocent civilians

  35. I'm not familiar with US law that much, but I don't think a nonprofit organisation can simply be bought by a for-profit organisation. Nonprofits have a special tax status, so if that was possible this would basically be a vehicle for tax evasion. I do think it's possible to convert a nonprofit to a for-profit organisation, but again because they have a special tax status to avoid abuse I assume the process wouldn't be as simply as ringing up the IRS and saying you're OK with paying taxes again because Microsoft is about to write you a big cheque.

  36. where's the timestamps guy?

  37. Why would anyone care what color a chat bubble is?

  38. Linus has definitely not play any of the great community maps for Portal 2. Portal 2 is the superior game.

  39. When the world needed the timestamp guy the most, he vanished

  40. Lol no, if you spend $10000 on digital tat, you're an idiot and need to learn a lesson. "Intrinsic value" means that an item has value independent of market trends. What you mean is that they have "speculative value", which changes with the tides. But what it actually is, as with crypto and NFTs – is an exercise in bag-holding.

  41. I get that Linus, Luke and Dan and most likely most of LTT staff don't give a flying duck about fortnite but c'mon man, you didn't even do bare minimum covering the issue that made the skin issue news. You guys didn't even mention the true reason why the community is so pissed about this situation and it even shouldn't take 5 minutes to find this out. At that point why even mention it as a subject, they should have covered something else in its entirety
    For people that are mildly interested, this is what is truly happening with the fortnite issue:
    1: With the changes and the rating system being implemented Epic also updated the EULA where they add an "arbitration" clause to the T&C of the game, basically making the players to waive their right of suing them (like what McDonalds is trying to do with their app) due to changes made of policies such as this new one where it restricts the use of purchased or earned skins in any of the E rated creative islands at the moment.
    – People are mad cause even if you only have purchased their battle pass even some of those skins (which are not available to unlock ever again) are getting locked, an example is the Carnage skin
    – Epic mentioned that next year they will modify the locked skins to be usable in E rated creative islands, which should have been included from the get go with this update instead of adding it later down the line
    – Skins are not locked in the Battle Royale since it is considered T
    – Epic also changed the starting screenshot that Luke showed with the knight with a pump shotgun to a more generic screen of the 4 battle pass skins just standing and posing which looks bland in comparison, funny enough they changed it some hours later after this patch, which has ppl speculate that they didn't even noticed the inconsistency of the rating system and have the loading screen have guns (like Luke pointed out) and changed it hastily cause I promise I've seen that loading screen before but with other skins

    2: People are mad also that Fortnite is having its identity changed or diluted to become more of a metaverse just like Tim Sweeney wants it to be, most players saying that this is the "Robloxification" of Fortnite which most people don't want that to happen since it just screams of desperation from Epic to have Fornite be a Roblox competitor instead of doing it's own thing like it has always done
    This point has more implications but it is something the community has been pretty upset about the game for a while but I guess this was a tipping point for most of us
    – Donald Mustard, Chief Creative Officer of Epic and Fortnite left the company more than a month ago, he was the one responsible for all of the lore (yes it has lore) and all of the live events the game has had since it started, but we have not had any live events for over a year or real important lore besides what it feels like side story lines and people feel it is because of Mustard's departure. Furthermore the community feels that we have been getting less and less in regards of the BR because of this metaverse bs.

    For context:
    The game has been divided in chapters which are divided in seasons, each chapter means a completely new map and all of the loot pool changed with season having minor map and loot changes, right now we are in chapter 4 season 5 with this being heavily implied that is the last season of the chapter which will only last for a month, the shortest season we've ever have
    Previously chapters meant a huge deal, if you remember when chapter 1 ended and the black hole situation happened it was all over the internet, that chapter lasted for 10 seasons which was 2 years with a lot of live events but now Epic has said that they want to do a new chapter yearly which takes from the hype of it happening
    So a lot of what made fornite special early on is now being diluted with the metaverse being more of a focus

    – The community has been begging for a comeback of the original BR map for ages and when we finally get that with FortniteOG after some lackluster seasons they pull this crap on us where even the game had it's own concurrent player numbers record broken with FortniteOG
    – Some more "Robloxification" is that they just randomly changed the font of the game just because and hey idc about that stuff in the game but it does look fuglier with this new font

  42. "4 billion y/o meteorite" marketing is kinda stupid. the earth is 4.5b y/o. so there's a 95 % chance that any random rock would be older than the "meteorite". and gold is formed when stars die. that's way cooler imho

  43. The Limited Edition Steam Deck is only purchasable by accounts that have made a purchase on Steam before November of 2023, too, so if someone without a Steam account wants to buy one they'll need to buy from Ebay

  44. There's a chance that OpenAI is virtually insolvent and they're a step before restructuring entirely.

  45. #Noki, #Noki, dude, where are you?
    We got some work to do now.
    #Noki, #Noki, dude, where are you?
    We need some help from you now.

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