Amazing Products TV Amazon Announces Partnership With Hyundai to Sell Cars on Its Site #shorts

Awesome Tips Amazon Announces Partnership With Hyundai to Sell Cars on Its Site #shorts

Amazon has announced that autodealers will be able to start selling cars through Amazon.com. Sales will start next year, with Hyundai being the first carmaker available for people to buy. Would buy a car through Amazon?

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  1. Can we get same day delivery?

  2. Big win for people who don't want to deal with salesmen and haggling

  3. Cool. Can't wait for Black Friday! Goodbye dealerships.

  4. Hyundai and Kia are junk!

  5. This is a great idea, as long as Amazon ensures that the prices are dictated by Hyundai's MSRP instead of what the dealership wants, otherwise this is no better than a Costco partnership. Hyundai needs to control pricing otherwise dealers will ruin sales and the Hyundai name with all their mark-ups.

  6. That sounds good as a buyer.

  7. 😂 I wish they would deliver it in a giant Amazon box.

  8. Oh geez…

  9. Two wheelers are Sold in India online via Paytm since last 10 years.

  10. Soon it be a Buy n Large version. Amazon taking over everything

  11. When can I buy a house on Amazon?

    • J Y
    • November 21, 2023

    This is not necessary at all

  12. such a great video

  13. This is so great. No more hassle when buying a car. Thanks!

  14. Amazon is rich enough. In fact they are far too rich. They don’t follow governmental rules. They put so many local businesses out of business. They really hurt local economy. They don’t get my vote or my business.

  15. Amazon is amazing 👍👍👍👍

  16. Your new car shows up with 2,000 miles and an empty gas tank

  17. Free returns?

  18. 🤣 it will be dropped off in your neighbour’s hedge and the warranty will only last 30 days, oh and don’t bother us deal with Hyundai we only sold you the car….

    • keon
    • November 21, 2023

    Can i buy a plane? A boat? Motorcycle? Human slave? What next?

    Just joking about the human slave. But not joking about a robot slave lol

  19. Honda is one of the worst car on the market. Make sense they would go with a desperate manufacturer over a good one.

  20. Making money is an action. Keeping money is behavior, but “growing money is wisdom”. I found this out a week ago after getting a $10,000 return on my $3,000 investment in 7 days.

  21. CEO of Hyundai: if they only knew we only have $6,800 invested in a vehicle then we go and sell them for $38,000 knowing that the things 98% plastic and there's over 8,000 failure points with designed obsolescence. Shhhhhhhh

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