Amazing Products The ULTIMATE 1440p Gaming PC Build 2023! 🥳 (RX 7700 XT, Ryzen 7700) | AD

Awesome Tips The ULTIMATE 1440p Gaming PC Build 2023! 🥳 (RX 7700 XT, Ryzen 7700) | AD

RX 7700 XT Gaming PC Build time! This 1440p gaming pc is perfect for qhd 144hz 165hz, with a ryzen 7 7770 cpu in the Deepcool ch560 digital build! Join pc centric for the full build guide!
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Deepcool CH560 Digital Case:

Powercolor 7700 XT Graphics Card:

OR – 7800 XT Graphics Card:

DeepCool PX850G Power Supply (new version):

Deepcool LT520 Cooler:

OR – Deepcool AK400 Cooler:

Asrock B650 Pro RS Motherboard:

Ryzen 7 7700 Processor:

32GB Kingston Fury Beast EXPO RAM:

Lexar NM790 Gen 4 SSD:

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00:00 1440p Gaming PC Time!
00:35 DeepCool CH560 Overview
02:09 Motherboard Overview
02:58 CPU Installation
03:31 RAM Installation
04:06 SSD Installation
05:03 AiO Installation Pt 1
06:20 Motherboard Installation
07:32 AiO Installation Pt 2
10:16 PSU Installation
11:48 GPU Installation
13:49 Final Specs and Cost
14:44 Gameplay Benchmarks
15:20 Forspoken
18:13 Apex Legends
19:25 Halo Infinite
20:44 Diablo IV

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    • vesi
    • November 21, 2023

    need to see ark ascended test on these rigs

  1. Is it fine if I replace the GPU with a 4070ti

  2. Gimme the pc 😂❤

  3. Is this case mid tower or full tower

  4. What would be a better gpu to use if you had more to spend on it?

    • Sama
    • November 21, 2023

    you need to start including price totals for your builds in the videos and description

  5. I seen that Markus became better in videogames, well done👍

  6. I love your videos ! Keep up!

  7. why does the cpu get to 65 degrees at 24% usz? Thats crazy does am5 get hotter then am4?

  8. spend the extra 50 and get the 7800xt

  9. That's mad that I just bought almost this exact build, 2 days ago. Different psu but everything else is the same..

  10. Would you do a video or make recommendations for a video editing pc build? Just to say I really enjoy your channel and want to venture into my first build at some point but would like it to be good for editing and gaming.

    • AC CA
    • November 21, 2023

    I came because I saw "ultimate" – Saw it was AMD, commented. Left. AMD based is not ultimate.

  11. Would this motherboard take the ryzen 78003dx? And is so how high power could you go with GPU

    • pov22
    • November 21, 2023

    For that money, 7600x and 7800 xt is a much better option, especially for 1440p.

  12. Got a question, my pc keep shutting off now each time I opened a game up. I repasted the CPU yesterday it run no problem today I played for a hour and it start turning off again… Any idea what the problem?

    • Caleb
    • November 21, 2023

    Should I build this?

    • Kxng
    • November 21, 2023

    Day 2 of asking for a gaming pc

  13. Mine sounds like a jet engine but I like that. I like to feel the power, it makes me want to thrust in my computers general direction.

  14. Nice
    You made 7600 7600 pc
    Now 7700 7700XT
    I'm waiting for
    7800X3D 7800XT
    7900X3D 7900XT
    7950X3D 7900XTX

  15. My Dear Friend Many Companies Gives a Sample To Build Gaming PC In Which Give Me One PC , I am True Lover Of DREAM Gaming PC But I cannot Afford It. May GOD Blessed You & Your Family

  16. W Build!

  17. Would you be able to talk about how to build a "reliable" PC while maintaining the power this style of PC has? I see a lot of builds about features, power and fast PCs but I am curious about reliability. Other than choosing the manufacturer of course

    • Baza3
    • November 21, 2023

    7700xt or used 6800xt?

  18. 65tdp an aio is pointless, save ya some money get an air cooler and then put the savings toward say, more storage?
    Cool build though 😎 👍

  19. Can you build my dream pc? I have a budget of 5k and am struggling to figure out everything i need.

  20. I thought I was going AMD but…
    When I saw Black Friday priced 12600KF $140… and B760 boards crazy low, couldn't pass it up.
    10%+ better performance than Ryzen 5600 for the same price. Don't get me started on how much DDR4, SSD, and 1440p monitors have dropped.

  21. Im building my first pc and i just want to know if you think i should change anything

    my parts
    Ryzen 7 7700x
    Thermalight peerless assassin 120 SE
    B650 Gaming X AX
    G.Skill Trident Z5 32GB
    Crucial P5 Plus
    RX 7800 XT
    Phanteks Eclipse G300A
    Corsair RM750e

  22. is it okay to run a 3060 and a 4070 cards in the same build? will it run it and will have any problems?

  23. Just went for the rx 7800xt Powercolor Hellhound, and with all bells turns on, the fans spins at 890rpm o.O

  24. Just built a 4090 and 7800x3D 2 weeks ago I’m good for 5 years lol

  25. the double 7700 🔥

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