Amazing Products TV Amazon Wants You to Scan Your Palm to Get Into Work #shorts

Awesome Tips Amazon Wants You to Scan Your Palm to Get Into Work #shorts

The company is expanding its palm-based payment system to businesses, so people can access buildings and sensitive data by scanning their hands.

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  1. What about identical twins tho? Can they like take my shift for me?😂

  2. That's actually a really cool feature just scan your hand and you're set to hop into work sans keycard

  3. Fun shorty! .It will take a while to arrive in Europe. Our Whole Foods Markets are still very primitive. Thanks for the video

  4. We avoided the chip! Lol

  5. 👎👎👎😡

  6. 😂 … the acting skills are everything

  7. I don't think so.

  8. The music really sold this!

  9. Another way to get more personal bio data…which will eventually lead to controlling our lives.

  10. We been using fingerprints for over 40 years!

  11. Didn't anyone see minority report? People are so ganna get there ghands cut off when Amazon passes off the real life Tom cruise… maybe they should make it so it has be attached and alive to work?

  12. I work at Amazon hq and they definitely don’t have this yet to scan into work. Just at the Amazon go stores

  13. Its here.

  14. Big nope! Think they’ll delete your biometric info upon leaving the company? Naaaa, they’re selling it. Selling info/data is very lucrative!!

  15. They already do that at Stater Bros.

  16. And it’s a invasion of privacy

  17. it would have been even funnier if it was the girl in the back key card that she tossed away 😂

  18. Cool feature, but poorly promoted

  19. Nope

  20. Reminds me of Revelation 13 …

  21. I bet 10 billions i can hack you in 2 seconds

  22. Is this sarcasm?

  23. Ridiculous….. Only the lazy nerds like this. 🤮

  24. I do NOT love this

  25. I do think for payments, Apple Pay, and Google pay Samsung pay or any mobile payments are so convenient and the perfect way to pay

  26. Cool technology I do think it would be just better to use your smartphone with biometrics with an app to login into your workplace

  27. Sounds like the mark of the beast to me

  28. Dont do this people…its the mark of the beast but if it wasnt…how lazy are we going to become really lol

  29. They just want to show their badness. Same reason a Muslim remains a Muslim even after learning what God said about men like Mohammed long before he was even a baby, then the prophecies come true

  30. "More secure for who" is a question that's important. Especially when it involves holding biometric data on individuals.

  31. Commies

  32. Mark of the beast

  33. And when you get fired, they chop your hand off lol

  34. Yeah no…

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