Amazing Products TV Play Xbox games on your iPad or laptop

Awesome Tips Play Xbox games on your iPad or laptop

The ongoing Xbox Cloud Gaming beta is currently available to select Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.

You can buy Xbox Game Pass Ultimate here:
*CNET may get a commission from this offer.

Xbox Cloud Gaming beta hands-on: How to play Xbox games on your iPad or laptop

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  1. Its super slow on ipad pro

  2. Does it work with ps4 controller and Xbox 360 controller and other game controllers

  3. You'd be better off with a gaming laptop and run gamepass natively. Steam Deck might be a good option now that it's out.

  4. To actually do it:

    Install Xbox app
    Click the console with the console with rays shooting out of it
    Remote play on this device then there you go
    (You have to enable remote access on your Xbox)

  5. This guy look familiar.. saw him on a video game history vids back in the day

  6. So u don’t exactly tell us how. As there is no app on the iPad like the phone. Click bate

  7. I have gotten it and it’s not bad.

  8. Nobody asked your experience we want to know how you set it up Jesus

  9. This is awesome! I was looking to pre-order that Life is Strange ultimate edition that includes all the games but I don't a device that could play it and was wondering if I had an Ipad and the game is offered on the game pass maybe I could play it that way so now if that ultimate edition is on xbox game pass then I could play life is strange on the Ipad 😀 that would be awesome!

  10. Cloud gaming is already here, it works almost flawlessly on stadia, as an xbox subscriber for 17 years, I await the day when it can game with as good of quality as google's cloud service, but in the time being, there's no sense denying saying "its almost ready" when there is competitors that have proven tech that anyone can try now.

  11. Trash, fix the servers first

  12. Uh… game pass app is in the App Store

  13. Disliked because you didn’t show how to actually play games on the browser, which was part of why I clicked…

  14. Is this available only in USA? When will it come to India?

  15. Just playing doom through my 1000/1000 fiber connection. Still laggy. Cloud gaming always going to have that bad latency, no way around it.

  16. Someday ima rack up views and subs just like you, I got great Nintendo handheld contents 🙏

  17. cloud gaming never going to bypass physical games. the pass 5 years their been a push but Google failed with stadia. it might exist with physical games but no its not taking over, that would require your average consumer to have internet with 4k speeds. oof

  18. From whst i have seen they have yrt to solve the latency problem

  19. 👍

  20. I appreciate these reviews but I would like a full video – How to video, of how you did it because I just hate sitting here and watch montage videos and listen to a review, please CNET change.

  21. Can I play COD that’s all I need to know

  22. I'm a XBox Game Pass Ultimate member and I haven't received my beta invite for XBox Cloud Gaming.

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