Amazing Products 5 Food Myths Everyone Believes

Awesome Tips 5 Food Myths Everyone Believes

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Why does pasta need a pot of boiling water? Does alcohol burn off while cooking? Can salt make water boil faster? Are frozen vegetables safe? Should I keep bread in my fridge?
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Learn 5 common myths about food and cooking that most people believe and use to this day! Once you know the truth you might even be able to save some time and cash!

Further reading and some sources:

1. Myth: Bread Stored In The Fridge Lasts Longer
More Information:

2. Myth: Alcohol Evaporates When Cooking
More Information:

3. Myth: Salt Makes Water Boil Faster
More Information:

4. Myth: Fresh Vegetables Are Better Than Frozen
More Information:

5. Myth: Pasta Requires A Large Pot Of Boiling Water
More Information:

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  1. The things that you show are not actual bread – just a chemical gmo super processed goo, as many other "foods" you show in your video –

  2. What people also don't realise is that the amount of alcohol that we leave in the food is so minimal that it would be impossible to get drunk most of the time unless the chef is just crazy overdoing it. What people also don't realise is that the amount of alcohol that we leave in the food is so minimal that it would be impossible to get drunk most of the time unless the chef is just crazy overdoing it… You would have to consider that these people would have to eat well more than are stomach could maintain For them to drink just a normal amount of alcoho… But yes I don't know who started the myth that it Burns off but it sure doesn't..

  3. So salt raises the boiling point of water. Is that a significant eno7ghnincrease to speed the 'cooking' time of something being boiled, even if it takes longer to boil? Does a higher boiling point make for more heat transfer to the food, like with oil in a fryer?

  4. 2016: No

    2017: No

    2019: No

    2020: SHOW IT TO HIM NOW!!!

  5. Most of the time, I expect these videos to be a little longer. I am then let down because this guy keeps it simple and short. But then I remember that there's tons more videos of his to watch, which makes me happy again

  6. Awh the X on the back of the hand. Are there any other Straight Edge peeps out here?

  7. The last one confused me. So people think the only way to boil water is to boil a large pot? Couldnt you just boil enough water for what you need. What would you do for lasagna?

  8. Very well made

  9. who the hell puts bread in the fridge

    I've never heard anyone say that before

  10. These are such cool videos 🙂

  11. That pasta was massively different.. the right looks gross while the proper methods looks beautiful

  12. I put salt in boiling water when making pasta, adds flavor.

  13. When I was young my mother started me on beer eggos for breakfast. People said my mother was just an alcoholic. No one puts beer on waffles. Normal people use syrup. but finally! Someone else who knows the pure joy of beer eggos.

  14. Salt in water isn't to boil water Faster – it's to increase the Overall Heat of the water..

  15. Alcohol burns off entirely is true. It's the added ingredients of which ever whiskey or vodka that stays in the pan. The Sugars and so forth…

  16. 1:36 You're making me nervous. LOL

  17. Who here is a Star Trek fan,like this if you do

  18. You don’t salt water to boil it faster- you season it for when you boil pasta so you don’t have bland pasta ffs

  19. Pretty cool except for the pasta experiment. I tried to reply to one of the pasta conversations but there was no reply button. All stoves, electric or even gas do not have the same ability to get hot. I would not use that as a proof positive. Like one poster mentioned, try it twice, reversing the pots. otherwise, you just ain't gonna get a good reading. Period. I really adore the less water idea though. I will certainly adopt that. I hate wasting water. I use clean bottled water.

  20. I'd like some more info on bread in the fridge – while it does make the bread stale, what about mold? Leaving bread in a plastic bag in room temp will make it moldy real fast. Maybe the fridge-myth originated because it takes longer for mold to grow at fridge temp.

  21. It's true that frozen veggies retain some vitamins etc, but they also lose some in the process mostly minerals. You absolutely cannot replace fresh. You can try…until there's nothing left.

  22. Adding salt to water is not meant to make the water boil faster. It's meant to make it boil at a higher temperature, cooking your food faster. DUH.

  23. Hate to say it, the bread one is kinda bullshit. Our bread molds within 3 days out of the fridge, doesn't mold a week and a half in the fridge sooooo

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