Amazing Products GeForce RTX™ 4080 SUPER SUPRIM – Unboxing | MSI

Awesome Tips GeForce RTX™ 4080 SUPER SUPRIM – Unboxing | MSI

So who’s looking for SUPRIM? Here it comes!⚡
Unbox the RTX 4080 SUPER SUPRIM, unbox the sheer SUPERiority – breathtaking graphics, lightning speeds, and gaming dominance redefined✨

[ GeForce RTX™ 4080 SUPER 16G SUPRIM ]

#RTX40 #MSIGraphicsCard #SUPRIM
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  1. I think im in love but my wallet disagrees

  2. Where is the 4080 super slim x white? Ive been looking everywhere still no one have them id love to pay for a premium for those card

  3. Now please restock 😭😭 been refreshing every site I know of since the 1st damn near by the hour lmao

  4. Will it go with all black look?

  5. Since 30 series, MSI is the best brand for GPU

  6. Anyone knows when this card will release in europe?

  7. MSI for life 🧬 for love 💞 for hope 🌺 for future 🤗 love you 💗 be safe be happy 😊 keep up keep going 🙏

  8. Finally Msi being better than Asus in terms of quality and availability

  9. Nothing new 😂😂

  10. After all these years, the beauty still remains. What a design!

  11. 2000$ I guess

  12. Sold out already. Here we go again

  13. where can i buy before it sells out?

  14. I have a 4080 surprim x, I wish there was a white version

  15. Will there be a MSI 4080 Super Trio X in white in the near future or is the Slim X the only white MSI GPU?

  16. MSI has always had the best marketing. The MSI team knows their target 🎯

  17. Just got one

  18. Love MSI , can’t wait for the Claw

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