Amazing Products The mouse Logitech REFUSES to make…

Awesome Tips The mouse Logitech REFUSES to make…

In this SPRIME PM1 Review, we check out the similarities to one of the most beloved gaming mice of all time that Logitech CONTINUES TO KEEP FROM US DESPITE THE CONTINUOUS DEMANDS FROM ITS MOST LOYAL FOLLOWERS…The G703. And whether or not this might be the best ergo mouse of 2024…or 2023…depending on when you bought it.

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  1. Wahh why are you squeezing your mouse that way you wouldn't do that in game.

  2. My pm1 have a problem with my mouse wheel, it makes a squeaking sound after only 30 hours use 😒

  3. Would love to see some mouse aiming clips from Quake Champions

  4. Battery life should be mentioned as well, it's one the things these Chinese mice aren't as good as Logitech and Razer.

  5. i can fix your g703

  6. a superlight g305 would be FIRE tho tbh

  7. Are you gonna do a review for the Sora v2? Im curious because you didn't do a review video for the Sora 4k despite it being your favorite mouse of 2023. I'm wondering what you would think about the Sora v2.

  8. 7 Button Mice making a return when?

  9. We beed Kailh GX switches to become mainstream

  10. say what you want but this is a bad look for sprime as brand. the fact they couldnt spot such an obvious flaw means they have 0 final qc, someone at the end of the line doing the most basic tests that mouse people look for. and them knowing it went to a reviewer makes this even worse.

  11. its slightly wider up front, i don't get how a smaller version of g703 is better, g703 is quite small but the mouse height makes up for it

  12. hi mr.diamondlobby reviews what is the g305 inspired alternative it has been my endgame forever but its too heavy

  13. Looking at eloshapes this mouse would be perfect if it would just be a bit bigger and gaining a bit weight like 57g would be the same as g703 and I'm still hoping that sprime or logitrch could make it. It would be perfecto!!! And my hand will respect me finally

  14. From what I gather my hands are a bit bigger than yours, so from that perspective I'm thinking the Thorn would be (would be?) a better choice for me. Also, cheaper is gooder

  15. Wow! They asked you to fix it yourself? Wow, that's unbelievable! That's innovation. Welcome to the new era! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…β€β€β€

  16. The Finals is fun, but definitely excited about X defiant being released.

  17. So why no more mice mod vids? πŸ™

  18. this company Customer service is bad , ive been trying to get in contact with em before Chinesse new year 1 weeek before cause my mouse is lost and also say it was delivered , 3 week has pass since i communicate with em beware

  19. Why would you say is the best ergo mouse with free spinning scroll wheels that are good for gaming? I found the basilisk v3 pro too small and rough textured

  20. what in gods name is that crosshair

  21. Thought it was gpx mini lmao

  22. is the ninjutso sora 4k still the best gaming mouse so far? or should i buy this red mouse instead of the ninutso?

  23. dont worry diamond i too broke a piece in a mice i used sticky tape to thicken the ribbon cable and then wedged the black piece in doing so i almost lost this black piece 3 times and somehow i found it 3 times

  24. Looks good. If they made a hot swap TKL ISO rgb keyboard to this standard too I would buy one.

  25. Living in Denmark, if they ask me to try to repair it myself, its still their responsability, some companies might try to get arround that, but as soon as you tell them that they are not getting out of the responsability they happily help

  26. you sold me on the aria xd7 and i love that mouse and now im hooked on your reviews and im not even looking to buy a new mouse lmao.

  27. Using my copy of the PM1, I have to agree with a ton of points that you made in the review! All I had to do to adjust my pinky and ring finger from touching the pad was to give them a slight claw curvature and it made the mouse feel more natural than with a standard palm grip. Though that's with some medium sized asian hands so mileage may vary…

  28. I love using Logis mouse software because it gives me specific keybinds for different games, i find it very important to rebind the side buttons for almost every game i play.

    Yes, i can also do it mostly in menu for all my games. I just find it easier and quicker to do in Logitechs software.

  29. It truly is so freaking sad how everybody was asking for a lightweight G703 shape, and Logitech always refused to make one. Now Sprime finally made one, and it's literally just a downsized version without the according shape adjustments. So not only is it not a G703, but it's also just an awkward, small shape.

  30. Another boring 5btn standard mouse. No innovation.

  31. i miss when mice used to have big side buttons

  32. Yeah never try to fix it yourself if a company recommends you to do it. Had Pwnage try and have me do that because of a creaking shell on my $180 Stormbreaker. Screw that noise

  33. oh no, they use the same scrollwheel encoder (dust proofed ttc gold), that pulsar used in their later productionline of the x2 mini. the encoder didn't survive half a year of tapstrafing (~1000h). I did replace it with a dustproof kailh red.
    Edit: Oh hell i feel you on the finals take. Tried it for 2 hours, never touched it again. I just can't. But hell is season 19 a shitshow, can't wait for season 20 and finally a healthy ranked grind again. I hope, but i really think we eatin good next season.

  34. That right click was like nails on a chalkboard

  35. since the original g pro superlight logitech has fallen into the world of irrelevant in the gaming peripheral world. they can come back by: making a g305 superlight, making a g703 superlight, improving the g915 keyboard and selling it for less than the razer deathstalker v2 (i think)

  36. Great video! Katowice is going on right now so hope you put out the next update on mouse that CS2 players use soon.

  37. you finally got the mouse of your favorite shape

  38. Can we just get a 703 that doesn't weigh more than a fat joke but also doesn't look like it was printed in someones basement for $150?
    What's with all these new mice looking like $20 office mice from 1988.

  39. im glad i ordered one!

  40. 4:55 don't worry they are ninjutso in disguise

  41. πŸ˜‰

  42. logitech probably thinks it's similar/inferior to the gpx and so why waste time/money to internally divide their already huge market share

  43. So my Ninjutsu Sora had the same problem after a week of use. Warranty was ass so continued to use it and it went away. πŸ‘

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