Amazing Products TV Making My Dream GameBoy Advance N64 Themed

Awesome Tips Making My Dream GameBoy Advance N64 Themed

Growing up, my favorite handheld was the GameBoy Advance. From the form factor to quality of games, this provided endless of hours of fun. Today I want to mod my GBA to match my Ice Blue N64 and make it more modernized for 2024!
• EZ Flash Omega:
• 1500mAh USB-C Battery:
• Clear Blue Battery Cover:
• N64 Buttons:
• N64 Glass Lens:

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My Setup Gear!
My Camera Gear:
• BlackMagic URSA Mini Pro Camera:
• BMPCC 6k Camera:
• Sigma 18-35 Lens:
• Sigma 50mm:
• Manfrotto Tripod & Head:
• Sennheiser MKH416 Mic:

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  1. Saw it from your Whatnot stream, looks cooler in this vid! (can’t wait for my sticky notes hahaha)

  2. Wait did he spend 300

  3. youre living the dream frank

  4. This was a great vid. Definitely has that nostalgia. Can it run N64 games too or nah?

  5. This looks amazing, Frank! Just curious, why not have the select button represent the light gray stick?

  6. ice blue n64 is my favorite one…..hence y i have the ice blue wii with matching wii motion plus controllers.

  7. Honestly, I grew up with my own Glacier Gameboy Advance, but my nostalgic memories of playing GBA games will always be on a Cobalt Gameboy Advance SP. I didn't own a Cobalt SP until I became an adult and bought a new one secondhand, but I had 2 different friends at different points of my childhood with their own Cobalt SP

  8. I can't unsee the yellow buttons! Sorry Frank. Everything else is amazing.

  9. I just got the black v2 version of this! I only play pokemon and minish cap now! So so fun

  10. Where are people finding reliable roms? I'd love to be able to have my kids play the old Game Boy games I played when I was their age.

  11. i think i prefer the lower resolution but i would have to see it in person

  12. Yes

  13. gba is a big part of my childhood aswell
    the bluish purple gba i got back in 6th grade is iconic

  14. if you had bought an old stock gba and reshelled yourself and a new screen you could have done this a lot cheaper. you gouged yourself going with a premodded

  15. Hi Frank, can you please make one for the GBA SP?

  16. Yeah whatever

  17. I think it would be cool to change the power led to a yellow one to imitate the yellow c buttons, and maybe swap the d pad back to the light gray to imitate the joystick, but keep the dark gray L and R.

  18. please review the beast x mini

  19. Would it be possible to change the power indicator light to yellow to be in place of the C buttons, instead of covering the speaker grill? If not, just moving the yellow eyes aboev the A and B button would probs be better, I think.

  20. wow you're old if we are already reviving your childhood technology.

  21. I will give you 64 Nairas for one cause that will be N-64

  22. The screen by itself is so pretty and such a contrast from the other one

  23. I think instead of the googly eyes you should make the side bumpers yellow and make the select button light grey in honor of the thumb stick

  24. I think instead of the yellow googly eyes maybe paint one (or both) of the red buttons yellow if you really want to include yellow in the colour scheme to stay faithful to recreation of the n64 controller therefore making it functional still and not having to stick the eyes on there that have no function, imo anyway

  25. stop wearing mascara Franklin.

  26. 300 is a lot if anyone reading this that wants to play gba and some other old games I recommend the miyoo mini + its way cheaper

  27. Dope video! I always Seea GBA or like Pokemon Sapphire in the background of some of your videos So I know you were into the GBA lol. Me Personally, my first handheld was the GBA SP and mine unfortunately is busted so at some point in the future i would hope to get a decent one and some Classic Pokemon Games to play again.

  28. Strikingly beautiful device! only 9/10 tho cuz no tape mod

  29. This makes you wonder what kind of mods we'll be seeing for the Switch in 2040s.

  30. Anyone have a link for the hoodie he’s wearing?

  31. I just want to point out that the hoodie matches perfectly with the game boy advance

  32. This is awesome! GBA was my favorite too!

  33. wow very good video. Finally a good YouTuber, I'm always keen to watch your videos🍏🍏

  34. Now I'll need to she'll swap my old one atomic purple all the things

  35. where is the hoodie from mr frank

  36. frank should make a custom keyboard to match the pair.

  37. The Gameboy Advance has a special place in my heart and was my childhood. Thanks for revamping this masterpiece. Great video Frank.

  38. so cool

  39. Brilliant channel and excellent video as always. Thank you!😘😘😘

  40. I can see the passion but definitely a fringe project. Good luck.

  41. It would've been so cool if the audio of the intro bit sounded like it was coming out of the actual speakers of the gameboy!! Love the video and the idea, can't wait to see more mods of cool stuff like this 🙂

  42. Im ony 16 but I lik when people mod their old handhelds. Especially with like new oled screen and new wraps and etc

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