Amazing Products TV How to set up a PC, the last guide you’ll ever need!

Awesome Tips How to set up a PC, the last guide you’ll ever need!

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Before you game, work, or watch on your new PC, there are some important things to ensure your CPU, GPU, RAM, and more are all working the way they’re intended. Good news: It’s easy to set up when you know how!

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Intro: Laszlo – Supernova
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Outro: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High
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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
0:43 Location – Where does PC live?
2:13 Cabling – Power
2:53 Cabling – Peripherals
4:12 Cabling – Displays
5:13 Cabling – Networking
6:37 First power on and the “UEFI BIOS”
8:32 BIOS updates
9:50 BIOS setup – Memory XMP, EXPO, etc
11:28 BIOS setup – Performance features
12:34 BIOS setup – Virtualization, Secure Boot, and TPM
13:59 BIOS setup – Other useful settings
14:51 OS Install – Downloading ISOs and drivers
16:18 OS Install – Installation and troubleshooting
18:43 OS Install – First time setup and the OOBE
19:58 Windows – First steps
20:58 Windows – Connecting Bluetooth
21:32 Windows – Networking and sleep
22:48 Windows – Power and common settings
23:54 Windows – File Explorer settings
25:57 Windows – Personalization and accessibility
27:13 Windows – HDR, Refresh Rate, Orientation, and Scale
30:11 Windows – Security and Windows Hello
31:23 Windows – Installing software
33:34 Windows – RGB control

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  1. This video is longer than 30 minutes

  2. i dont get the drivers install part . windows dont that on it own anymore ?

  3. Could you do a video on audio drivers, asio, and how to get low latency audio set up for pro audio workflows?

  4. I wish old motherboards can have updated bios for rebar ands nvme boot. I own a 3rd gen intel and i need to mod bios manually😢

  5. I can't enable BitLocker…ugh

  6. Finally finished building it and everything works great. Now the girlfriend is hogging it and playing sims 4 with mods… 😂😂

  7. Not sure how many games… or operating systems, actually, you will fit in a 25GB drive, lol

  8. one suggestion, use "people of culture" or "person of culture" instead of "man or lady of culture"
    it's way less clunky and at the same time, it's inclusive for non-binary folks.

    other than that, no notes. great vid, even helped me fix some annoyances i've had with modern Windows

  9. Who should I get my PC built by??

  10. The thumbnail for this video doesn't look like a thumbnail for an LTT video, it looks like its from a much smaller channel

  11. 7:30 is this the Black Ops II font?

  12. sell your body until you can afford to buy a used gaming pc, then work on improving your gaming skills, hand-eye coordination, and your karma/eternal soul.

  13. Linus saying 'You did it!' right at the start made them sound like Claptrap from Borderlands.

  14. Motherboards don't have manuals anymore. I build custom PCs as one of my income streams. I have not seen a manual included with a motherboard since AMD's and Intel's respective 500 series chipset boards.

  15. 20:45 as a search bar enjoyer I am insulted

  16. 31:59 You don't need a microsoft account to download apps from the microsoft store by the way, just exit out of the login screen 🙂

  17. Now do same for NAS to access it from everywhere not only locally at home please

  18. Resizable bar isn't supported for OLD gpus or AMD, only from RTX 3060 up until now

  19. Wait, do I need to connect my monitor to GPU's HDMI port?

  20. Watched for 2:30 minutes and my brain already feels like it's going to explode

  21. Saw this shortly after I started building a pc, Perfect timing!

  22. It will be an updated PC and all kinds of work can be done

  23. Boss build me a pc for 30k that will be bd money ok. I live in Bangladesh and your fan ❤️❤️

  24. I can imagine we get other videos for this series:

    – How to Upgrade your PC. (Should you?)

    – How to Fix your PC. (& Care for)

  25. You forgot about the chris titus win utility! Download apps fast & change so many settings quickly

  26. Others have said it, but it still needs to be said: the B-roll shots with David were wonderful!! Especially that PSU smothering shot!

  27. Something important to note with OpenRGB vs SignalRGB. SignalRGB doesn't support any Radeon GPU's. Like… at all.

    In my previous config, I had a Gigabyte mobo that weirdly wasn't showing my RAM, even though it was officially supported, and had been working in a previous install. Gigabyte was able to remember it's settings between boots, which was nice, so I was able to disable RGBFusion from starting.
    I had a Radeon GPU from ASUS though, so I tried using SignalRGB [I don't think OpenRGB was around at the time] and found they just didn't support any AMD-based GPU's. So I installed Aura Sync, which picks up my RAM and the GPU. But Aura doesn't remember it's settings between boots on-hardware, so I need to have it run on-boot. Of course, I've since upgarded to a GPU that doesn't have any RGB at all now, so Aura is literally just there for the RAM.

    I've just checked both supported device sections and OpenRGB has a load of AMD-based GPU's supported, including my old TUF 6800, while SignalRGB still doesn't even acknowledge their existence

  28. Linux

  29. Make a video on hybride graphics. Make a newer driver that doesn't disable it on the newest driver :O they disabled it it on a really old driver. Nvidia T.T

  30. Thanks for the plug cable into gpu trick, can now play Peggle at way higher fps

  31. I doubted the usefullness of this guide, but then I realized that building and setting up the PC is like a voodoo magic and really difficult for an average person and even I have some missing knowledge
    So, thank you!

  32. Linus with the mullet.

  33. I feel like I’m knowledgeable enough to not need this. I’m gonna watch anyway. I’m hoping I don’t need it but what if I learn something new.

  34. So far, most tips boil down to RTFM

  35. People acturally use left alligned taskbar

    It looks so bad 👎 😊

  36. Thanks for the informative video, but I could have gone without some of the scenes.

  37. Where is the Any Key?

  38. For bois and gals who decided to try some steps on already installed Win
    Disclaimer numba one: Turn on resizable bar only when you prepare to install system. Because if you install your system with MBR partition system will not launches because feature not supported.
    Disclamer numba two: Updating BIOS in already installed and licensed Win. Can result of your license go off

  39. Can you someone please explain why the hell is sticky keys ALWAYS enabled in windows by default, why can't it be disabled by default instead? Who thought sticky keys ALWAYS enabled was a good idea?

    If I am playing a game with quick time events, It absolutely caused crashes in games before, not all games have borderless window mode, and some have not be patched properly either

  40. I used the LTT guide on how to build a PC to build my own and it was super helpful and informative! I love that there's a part 2 ( could of used it after the first guide lol) at the time of that video though I was able to find a fea Jays2cents videos that helped but I just learned quite a few handy tips from this video! I still have parts of armory crate installed 🙁

    Plus I have a few people interested in building their own cp so I can Send them this and the previous video

  41. David is rad

  42. 17:00 another tip here:

    If you don't want to use a Microsoft account, and want to install using a local account only. In the command prompt you can use "OOBEBYPASSNRO" to disable the requirement for an internet connection. Then it will reboot, open up the command prompt angain and then use "ipconfig /release" to disable the internet connection. Just unplugging the ethernet cable/not connecting to wifi doesnt work. Then at the network connection part of the install, there should be a new button that says "I don't have internet" click that and now on the account creation page it will let you create a local account. No microsoft account required.

    The main reason I done this (and then later signed in with a microsoft account) was to choose my windows account name myself. When you sign in with a microsoft account it takes the first part of your email and forces that as the account name which I didn't like. The only way to change it is through various registry edits which can cause a lot of issues if not done properly

  43. This is the most daunting part of PC for me. I've built 11 PCs but I've never set them up. I'm just afraid I'll do something too quickly, to slowly or set something that I think is one thing but is actually another.

    Also the filing system in Windows seems like a headache. I plan on downloading my OS, drivers and applications on one SSD and using a larger SSD for games.

  44. Thank you so much for making this video. I've always been curious about what to do after putting everything together

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