Amazing Products TV LG Made a Briefcase TV

Awesome Tips LG Made a Briefcase TV

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This suitcase TV from LG is something we haven’t seen before, and we needed to talk about it. Part portable monitor, part home theater in a box and part bluetooth speaker. Is it for Van life? Work trips? Glamping? No matter what, it’s got HDR on-the-go, while you’re camping. The LG Stanbyme Go is… something.

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Intro: Laszlo – Supernova
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Outro: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High
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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
1:21 Sponsor Spot
1:32 Trying it out
2:30 Screen Tested
4:36 Speaker Time
5:57 Exploring Other Features
8:25 Playing More Games
10:35 Battery and I/O
12:40 Some Other Options and Thoughts
13:40 Sponsor Spot
14:32 Outro

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  1. 11:04, lil squirrel or something in the background <3

  2. istg this video had a different title

  3. The sponsor segment sent linus back in the future 🤣

  4. I can see how this could be useful for sales people who need to showcase their product to clients and want to setup 1-2 of those displays as demo booths (like for apps). They could even carry this as a backup in case the projector in the client's meeting room is broken (as it often is).

  5. For $1200 just buy the biggest Galaxy Tab or biggest iPad, better screen, longer battery life, whole mobile system with apps, games, ect…, take less space weight nothing, and has better speakers.

  6. Camping is not for watching tv….

  7. “I don’t really play chess” – confirms this by playing one of the first opening moves

  8. this product is absolute trash. Was thinking it'd cost no more than 300-400. BUT 1200????? Guarantee no future support/updates, no product refresh, this WILL end up tech trash.

  9. Good ideas and features but execution needs working..

  10. They could have speakers that slide out from side for better audio and a subwoofer in the bottom.

    Also mabye have this one as the cheapest and have other models for people who want a better one.

  11. Looks a lot like a kickstarter project named ApoloSign PackGo, but like a real lot

  12. So an iPad Pro but much worse ?

  13. you could just buy a 5120 Wh battery and play ps5 on a oled tv for 12-18 hours..
    BUUTTT you could also use the same battery and charge a steamdeck from 0% to 100% 102 times over..

  14. The guy doing the sponsor spots looks kinda like Linus

  15. Would probably be good for trade show booths

  16. I heard Soundcore. Didn't anybody notice that soundcore is part of Anker?

  17. A little more coverage of the phone dock would have been good.

  18. It's a big, battery powered device meant to be used on the go, with no built in storage whatsoever. It'd be cheaper to buy a power station to power individual devices separately. The comparison to the Envy Move is very helpful, because the only thing the Envy Move isn't ahead in is the protection, the briefcase aesthetic helps in that regard. For $1200 I'd imagine OLED could be possible, considering a 42" C3 can be found on sale for $900. One 42" panel could be turned into four 21" panels, at 1080p. Even if $600 went towards the panel, that's pretty close to the Envy Move, so surely there's some way to make it better.

  19. This very much seems like it's intended to be used within a tent or camper based on the low brightness on battery. Doesn't justify the price, though

  20. Sspp Don't tell Lg that tablets stand a better ground and are way cheaper

  21. No thanks.

  22. 11:06 SQUIRRLE!

  23. Where is the floatplane link so i can watch the chess?!?!

  24. I would rather watch the squirrel (who appeared @11:05) than lug this thing around + battery pack. Strongly in the "pointless product" camp >D

  25. I mean who dose not expect what the buy should be worth the price. If you don't care then company's can just name what every they want like Graphics cards… Or apple lol More luxury over what its actually worth every time i see a product were they need to make it supper fancy its most likely a rip off.

  26. I prefer just grab a PC monitor and that will do a job

  27. Are you going to drop it, or talk about how you do not understand how they made it. Either is fine, because you should not any of it.

  28. it was a missed opportunity to not use OLED tbh, since its not always turned on and it can also save a bit of the battery


  30. The instant I saw that naked face I started screaming Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I don't know if I can see that again.

  31. 30 what? Can someone translate it into Metric?

  32. Atlas os have new version of windows 11 why don't you try it ,atlas have some more features that everyone wants it remove Microsoft edge and many more 😅

  33. This. I love this style perfectly. Keep it up. Every day I don’t have a new video, I 😢 lol. Beard Linus ftw btw.

  34. Green screen @ the end…

  35. I think you are not giving that product a fair review. 250 knits is plenty enough in dark night by the fire off grid. Sure your assessment of having same priced laptop is fair, but would you rather toss that in back of your Jeep or super slim laptop? One is going to break eventually. Speakers sure have room to improve, but same time when you have had a night out and no one brought a bluetooth speaker with them? Zero times. It's expensive but it does serve a purpose.

  36. I think they totally missed the mark with this by trying to price it as low as it is. It should be a slightly larger 4k panel, 2500 nits, and with proper speakers. For 3-4 times the price I think it'd still sell to people with money to burn and professionals from many different industries.

  37. Linus, what pc specs would i need for a good Star Citizen expirience

  38. Question is now… Can your team build a better OLED version?

  39. Lmao Linus brining the worst open of all time hahah

  40. “Encato” 😂

  41. Only 250nits? The only place that this battery powered screen would actually be useful is in air raid shelters in Ukraine. To get the latest update on the news.

  42. ltt flopped

  43. Pointless, I only watch TV on the couch. When I'm outside, I'm enjoying the outdoors.

  44. lol encato – also video idea is to make an ultimate media focused aio system like this

  45. CRAP DESIGN 🤣 I'm crap but this monitor is more crappier 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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