Amazing Products TV How to Turn Off Instagram’s Political Content Restrictions

Awesome Tips How to Turn Off Instagram’s Political Content Restrictions

If you want to see a wider range of content in your Instagram feed, here’s how to tap into your Content Preferences. #politics #howto #tech #mobile #meta #instagram #shorts

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  1. I visited usa and started seeing Reppubliican vids and vid on yAborrtion shd beBanned, on utube i don't know y. I am not even a citizen 😅😂

  2. …or just don't create an Instagram account…

  3. “AirPods pro vs Fisher Price earbuds”

  4. Thank you Instagram for turning this on by default

  5. Hopefully they all follow this, not interested in the political stuff at all.

  6. I love the fact that I'm not using Instagram anymore and lead my friend to not use it either this sucks

  7. My only concern is that it will consider some content that is political, as not political.

  8. Bout fuckin time.

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