Amazing Products TV I’m Siding With Apple – WAN Show May 10, 2024

Awesome Tips I’m Siding With Apple – WAN Show May 10, 2024

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  1. Still prefer the dan show from the other week

  2. The Apple ad is tone deaf. I wouldn't call it manufactured outrage persé.
    A fat chunk of their customer base are the creative types. Especially the people that buy specifically this iPad with the pencil.
    Surely it can't be a surprise they don't particularly enjoy seeing all the other stuff they like destroyed…

    And even as a non creative, non nostalgic person i think its a dull ad.

  3. 1:46:20 From now on I'm going to use "Rotator scuff" to refer to issues there

  4. Some old guns had very intricate carving and metal work

    Then you have gold plated diamond encrusted pimp guns

  5. Adds? In Wan show??

  6. If they had crushed everything into a block then showed the iPad then it would be an analogy for destroying the old because it isn't needed anymore

    But they crush everything into the iPad meaning to show things it includes rather than replaced.

  7. Super Switch?

  8. "This is a zero judgment zone"
    Is it? Try being an audiophile :D.

  9. Microsoft closing down studios is just closing down competitions

  10. Bad hot take linus on apple ad,no it crushes the creativity not it replaces it

  11. I mean every Apple device is an iPad at this point. The new MacPro M3's register as iPad architechture when you get the billion warnings for signing in to new accounts when you switch everything over. Everything has just been an iPad with or without a screen attached since before the Apple silicon was rolled out. It's natural that the simplest of those device would go first imo.

  12. I'll just be blunt: the locations of where you can't get a PSN account and number of Helldivers players from those regions was a facade of a reason at best. There are 4, maybe 6 that could certainly have some players, but far more than that are failed states or in states of civil war or things that barely qualify as an entity we refer to as a country. Don't get me wrong, great that Sony had to walk it back…for now…but this wasn't some worldwide struggle for the Helldivers player base of Sudan, CAR, Marshall Islands, Haiti, Cabo Verde etc… My money is they make another attempt at account linking by….late October/November.

  13. While the iPad commercial isn’t super creative, the outrage is surely strange. It’s like people haven’t ads before.
    I have the feeling that more and more people are loosing understanding of symbolism, sarcasm or irony. But they’re more relentlessly criticizing stuff.

  14. I side with Linus and Apple here. I think the ad is good and easily understandable. I think people are over exaggerating and trying to read too much into simple ad. That or just humanity is too soft nowadays and we are on the edge of extinction as a civilization.

  15. New intro 😢

  16. Good on stack overflow. You have zero right to the data you post on stack overflow. Acting like they aren't allowed to use your posts is childish.

  17. How about putting your favorite badminton racket into the press?

  18. Sony is just taking the blame of what arrowheads blunder. They have no clue that this is a pve game and not pvp ect. So they ignore anyone & there right on everything. They had 6* months in advance to fix, say, or add psn link, SIX MONTHS..

    Sony: did you add the psn link on helldivers?

    Arrowhead: we will, just need time to do so at a later patch.

    Sony: ok dont forget let people know, we are working on the ones that cant so we need this done asap.

    Arrowhead: ok sure thing we will.

    Couple of patch later…

    Sony: is link up and running yet?

    Arrowhead: ummm oh yeah, next patch sure

    Sony: next patch? Are you serious?

    Arrowhead: yea yea will do.

    Sony: you do realize that not all can make a psn account? Thats why we needed it from atleast day one so those that buy can and not be pissed

    Arrowhead; oh yeah yea sure, ohh wait what?

    Sony: i want the one responsible fire! Now we F'ing need to act like we didnt know what we was doing because you guys cant get ya s&>ts together.

    Arrowhead: we are sorry, we just thought. We trying.. we have no clue. Pvp or pve? What? Bullets? Yeah, yea less bullets on the mags! Wait!? Why?! Huh?!

  19. I am an avid Apple user (as you will see from all of my posts) BUT it is not the case with the video. I also play a musical instrument, when you spend hours learning an instrument it evokes a special kind of repulsion, because of the bond that a musician (and by extension any artist) has with their instruments. Analogue instruments take an artisan to craft, tune and in some cases cure to give a specific Tone. It is the reason a Stradavarious, as they are time locked to a period of tree growth in a specific wood due to the banding of tree growth in the resulting wood. To see that destroyed is like me taking one of your best personal computer build (maybe the ones in a desk) and deliberately spilling coke into it and film the computer dying and then crushing the desk just for a video for an ultra thin and light Intel Core Ultra based machine.

  20. For SteamOS on other devices than the Steam Deck, Valve recently contributed to Nvidia GPU support on Wayland. Meaning they are working on supporting Nvidia GPUs on either one of their future devices, a licensed third party devices or for a generic SteamOS.

  21. As suggested in the discussion, there's a long history of ads crushing (hydraulic or manually) things into a small, portable package. I guess you could say in today's landscape you shouldn't do that but that's on the viewer, the idea of the ad is timeless. I bet if they added a "Created on iPad" tag there would be significantly less outrage.

  22. I like how the wan show was talking about industry consolidation being bad back when Microsoft was said to buy Activision blizzard. And now are being proven right. It’s obvious when you look at history.

  23. Huh. Apart from the "Dan Show" a few weeks back, there have been sooooo many bad takes on the show from Linus, but also even from Luke. Last two I just had to stop in the middle because they were too distractingly awful to listen to in the background. Get it together, boys!

  24. Old intro? Boooooooh! 🙁

  25. The way Luke's face contorts while probably reading some wild merch message kills lmao
    @ 3:10:22

  26. scourge of private equity

  27. I still have the Cooler Master Cosmos II case, thing is a beast and has no problems holding the 4090 and many ssd's etc 😁 Been a great case for a long time

  28. 23:40 The worst part of your gamer food video was that you left the viewer with no clue what ended up in the mixture at the end.

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