Amazing Products FINALLY – New Gaming CPUs Are Here! 🙌 Intel Vs AMD

Awesome Tips FINALLY – New Gaming CPUs Are Here! 🙌 Intel Vs AMD

AMD Ryzen 9 9950X & 9900X and Intel 15th Gen i9 15900k are almost here! Join PC Centric at Computex 2024 as we look at gaming processors in the X870E and X870; and Intel LGA Z890 arrow lake motherboards! ⭐ Deepcool Mystique LCD at ScanUK: Newegg: (AD) ⭐

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  1. Great work giving Asus something to do.

  2. "He's behind you, Centric…!" Leo's face popping up over PCC's shoulder…

  3. There was a Russian guy behind your cameraman (would be to your right behind him) talking mad noise about you lol. I’ll post link if you want. But just shows how epic that noise canceling mic is lol

  4. Im realy sad that they didn't make a budget btf black motherboard with a AMD. 😢

  5. Please someone help What is a good motherboard for ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 4090 OC + ryzen 7 7800x3d?

  6. « The pc gaming stagnation is finally over ». This mentality is why companies see us as cash cows

  7. Not a fan of the new ram slots good bye rbg ram 😢

  8. Super glad they all made those motherboards that we can't afford and to give to content creators for free.

  9. Is a 4080 super and 7800x3d good for a build around $2500?

  10. I want to see an AMD board with the CAMM2 module.

  11. I want to build 5000 dollar gaming pc would that be great for heavy editing too?

  12. Really bothers me how the Intel boards are always so good and the AMD ones are shit In comparison >:(

  13. "Its very difficult to get around the show". You know what else is difficult? Getting warranty support from Asus. The reason you can't touch their motherboards is because if you leave a fingerprint they're going to ask for $1800 to replace the board



  16. EVERYBODY HATES ME I HATE 2024 I HATE 2024!!!!

  17. LOL, Intel vs AMD. It's rather AMD vs Intel …. do not forget Intel is FAR behind on AMD ….

  18. I like that chick in the background in the first 5 minutes.

  19. Every youtube channel promote Asrock Mobos… A bit too much…

  20. I thought Leo might have popped over to say hello? Saw him lurking in the background.

  21. Fuck me, I just bought a motherboard and was planning to get an it 14700k… should I return the motherboard and wait for this gen or is it not that important??

  22. Yay! B550 and 5000 series going to be even cheaper now!

  23. What about Gigabyte boards?

  24. I am trying to figure out who is sexier, Marcus or the new motherboards!

  25. When will a ryzen 9 8950 x3d Come out?

  26. RAM is going to the cpu die

  27. Looking forward to seeing them in the lab.
    Will be doing a 15th Gen build end of the year

  28. where are all the btf, projuct zero mobo's….so many cases providing reverse connection capabilitities but I don't see any mobo's, apart from the 1 intel you showed briefly? and amd boards?

  29. ASUS are NOT the same. In 2024, buy that brand at your peril.

  30. Damn I just bought a 5800x dats ago

  31. Who's your great cameraman? Must be difficult to navigate through those crowds.

  32. Shouldnt gaming people be waiting for the x3d versions from AMD..they drag these things out to make it painful

  33. it seems arm and nvidia will combine…. and there could be
    three companies nvidia+arm VS intel with ARC graphics VS amd and radeon

  34. Do any of you guys have a problem in MWZ or Warzone where your cpu runs way hotter than other games? my i7-13700 seems to stay between 72-80 degrees with that map for some reason

  35. Bruhh I deadass upgraded to 7800x3d the day before amd announced Ryzen 9000 🤣🤣

  36. Haven't got a mobo yet but I think I'll still go for the ASRock pro rs Im plan on getting.

  37. if they were here, i would have it, so not so here

  38. Loving that mic. When did you get it? How much was it? Pros and cons of it? 😅 asking for a friend who does journalism.

  39. In 5 years I’ll be able to afford any of this😅

  40. I want to switch to AMD but for productivity I love Intel…hmmm I’m rocking my 13900K

  41. Thunderbolt 5?

  42. The second half of 2024 starts in 24 days.

  43. Great work! 👏🏿 .. when testing the new cpus and boards couod you include star citizen into the mix.. as its an enigma😂

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