Amazing Products New Nvidia Graphics Cards Coming Soon! 👀

Awesome Tips New Nvidia Graphics Cards Coming Soon! 👀

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00:00 MSI’s Crazy New GPU
01:45 Palit Has WILD GPU Designs!
03:07 Water Cooled GPU’s from Palit
04:11 ASRock Is Appealing To Mac Users
05:09 ASUS ROG Ally X
06:16 The ROG Mjolnir UPS Is Awesome
07:35 A Carbon Fibre Mouse?
08:01 A Glossy WOLED Monitor!
09:16 ASUS TUF Laptops
10:40 AI Laptops EVERYWHERE
12:04 EPIC New Cases From Cooler Master
14:05 Hyte Needs Help
15:08 Hyte’s RGB Lighting and CPU Coolers
16:18 The SSUPD Xhuttle
17:56 Lian Li Is Ditching RGB Hubs
19:18 The Lancool 217 IHas Arrived
19:55 The Lancool 207 Is Odd
20:41 An M-ATX Case From Lian Li
21:10 The O11 Vision Gets Compact
22:33 Noctua’s GENIUS New AiO
24:02 This PC Is Leaking

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  1. Didnt see anything this year that i have to have. Some cools stuff but no wow factor that i was hoping for.

  2. And a price tag of $10000 aus dollars.

  3. tablets are designed for 99% mobility. Notebooks are designed to use the power supply (charger) while in use and the battery is there if there is no mains power socket for the PSU (charger) e.g. train, bus, parks, some coffee shops. if you want your battery to have a long life span you need to always connect it to the PSU (charger) connected to mains power while using the notebook when a power point is available.

  4. I see they've stupidly opted to have your cable stick right out towards the glass panel… Perhaps they could put a nice big "do not bend" sticker on the cable so their failure is complete!

  5. Of all the Cases I saw with wood I think Lian Li did the best job.

  6. The only AI I care about is the AI of the characters in my favorite games. I want to character's behaving more realistically. All other forms of AI mean very little to me.

  7. I will NOT buy anything with AI built into it. I was looking forward to the AMD 9000-series CPUs, but not if they have any AI chips built into it. I'll stick to my 5000-series CPUs and the AM4 platform (7000-series CPUs are useless to me and not worth the silicon they're made with).

  8. 4 slot gpu is not acceptable! Max 2 slots!

  9. has nothing to do with Centric at all but how they have price hiked, jerked gamers around since almost the 2xxx (gpu's) , especially the 3xxxx, then the 4xxx and now 5xxx im getting over it. Barely get prices where people can buy and its, " 4xxx rolling out in two months" yet " overstocked inventory on the 3xxx" then jumps from gpu to cpu and then drama with asus over/under clocks and then on and on and on. Literally the price of the top of the line Nvidia card, you could build a complete killer system. How many frames does someone need really. Im laughing watching some really really skilled gamers (non cheaters) still running 2080 ti's or a 3070ti with 10600k's , 10900k's, 12900k's playing just fine. Then i watch Aceu before he got his $7k system (had a 2080 ti build in his previous system) and i couldn't tell much difference in his gameplay. Pushing more and more and newer and newer. Use to be fun its not anymore. Sorry for the book im tired of hype hype hype whether its tech , stupid skins in games , etc.

  10. I don't remember seeing reviews for the old ASUS Matrix cards, but I can't imagine them performing nearly as well thermally as either an air-cooled or a full AIO card. The whole point of an AIO is to take the heat and dump it outside the case.

    I also plan to buy a laptop before everything becomes AI, and at this rate, probably not even bothering to replace it if that's the way laptops are going, and I hope most consumers are on the same page. AI at this point is a money laundering front to steal content and information, more so than they already do, and offers absolutely 0 tangible benefits to the average consumer. On top of that, it wastes precious materials to make the hardware, it burns through water like a kettle, and consumes more energy than an entire town to do so.

  11. Soon you lots going to put a wall point power cable directly into GPU and separate cold room to go with it .

  12. Thanks for the tour. Those AIO video cards look awesome.

  13. I’m building a PC for the first time after my Legion 7 laptop bricked. I need it for gaming and 3D Modelling and Rendering, need to keep it close to £1000-1200 What should I look for? I was thinking Ryzen 5 7600 and RTX 4070

  14. I’m sticking with my 4080 super the AAA gaming space is crashing and burning anyway at this point there really is no need to upgrade anytime soon this is basically just a AI rat race at the moment.Panel technology however is way more appealing right now and a better use of Ai tech .

  15. i don't like what i see at all, lack of privacy from windows is going to be a big issue for everyone.
    This AI stuff is just made to spy on citizens, nothing else.

  16. AI is a big YAWN for me.

  17. What parts would you recommend my computer just broke and i need a new one i play games sometimes like cod and halo and i love 4k but my budget is very cheap as i don't get alot of money

  18. Clickbait

  19. No, its not cool. Pack the AI crap in already.

  20. Awesome AIO GPU!!!!

  21. I'll be sticking with my 4090 for 4 more years lol

  22. Radeon cards next 😢

  23. nice clickbait

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