Amazing Products The most unique gaming mice I’ve ever seen…

Awesome Tips The most unique gaming mice I’ve ever seen…

What happens if a keyboard company makes gaming mice??? Well you’ll find out when you watch this video in its entirety. Keychron are known for their chunky and expansive catalog of keyboards. Well in this video we are going to look at three of their gaming mice. The M3 Mini Metal, M4 and M6. To see if their mice are as good as their keyboards.

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  1. I don't know how mx master is ergonomic. I can't stand this shape. Maybe my palm is too big, idk. Razer pro click is way more comfortable for me.

  2. I like the side buttons on my M4.
    Wish I could add more. :p

  3. The lack of sidewalls is such a bummer

  4. I use the m6 for work. SUPER USEFUL and m4 for gaming

  5. i use the m6 on a daily basis. wooting still clears though.

  6. M2 4k, M2 mini, and the new m7 are probably the best options. Good lightweight ergo. Beside the coating that feels cheaper, the build quality is really good.

  7. Good video, funny jokes. Wooting clears. 🙂

  8. Wish the M3 Metal had a 1000hz version for $80

  9. Did you try replacing gliders on these mice?
    Maybe it would help with gliding.

  10. Ima go out and say it. I feel like epomaker does a better job than keychron. I have had razor, Logitech, epomaker, and keychron. epomaker is the best (CIDOO V75)

  11. The mouse equivalent of KEY(board)chron would be Michron.

  12. I got my m4 mini 4k a few months ago. I really wanted to try a solid finger tip mouse without spending top tier finger grip mouse prices. After a year of searching I finally found the m4, it appeared too good to be true when considering the price. Overall it's beat my expectations ten fold. What a sleeper this mouse is. If you have never tried a finger tip mini mouse before and are curious, this is it.

  13. have absolutely adored my M4 since i got it

  14. Video idea: using a drawing tablet… as a mousepad

  15. I need gaming mouse with 4 side buttons

  16. the only problem I have experienced with M4 is that sometimes especially when playing counter strike I do have my jump binded on scroll wheel and from time to time out of nowhere the mouse scroll gets activated

  17. 100st like

  18. my modded 22 grams m4 has been my daily driver for a few months now

  19. i just found my new main mouse : M4

  20. M4 seems like such a great fingertip mouse tho

  21. 5:18 NO WAY You got deadlock access? That's so cool! I won't buy any of these, they just don't feel top tier, but their price really is incredible and I'm excited to see Keychron make more.

  22. Using the M2 mini at the moment. Excellent small ergo mice.

  23. I really wanted more information about the M6. I was starting to consider buying it and wanted to know how comfortable it was when used for work.

  24. 6:02 wow, it's lighter than a g502x. Logitech pls.

  25. Mr Beast mini🤣

  26. DiamondLobby your videos have such great quality that i'm always surprised that you don't have at least 500k subscribers. You do your research really well and your just really fun to watch. KEEP IT UP!

  27. i dropped my toilet paper immediately while wiping my ass to click on this video

  28. m4 is a banger budget fingertip mouse. given that the other options are pricey

  29. The M4 is absolutely incredible. Been using it for 4 months now, feels like i cant game without it anymore…

  30. banger

  31. first

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