Amazing Products TV I’ll play ANY game you ask on Snapdragon X

Awesome Tips I’ll play ANY game you ask on Snapdragon X

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  1. Timestamps, tl;dr below
    [0:00] Chapters.
    [1:24] Laptops used – Arc V.S. X Elite.
    > 1:58 Explaining why not using AMD.
    > 2:41 LTTStore's GPU Crash Tower Game.
    [3:26] Sponsor – The Ridge.
    [4:30] Game #1: Elden Ring.
    > 4:56 Linus on running Snapdragon's beta, no game modding or tweaks.
    [6:47] Game #2: Age of Empires 2 ft. Chewie replaces Dan.
    > 7:30 Both laptops show not having the right amount of VRAM.
    > 8:14 Did Alex play AoE2 multiplayer before? ft. Linus suggests scoring, FPS.
    > 14:26 Linus blames Dan, "WHAT AM I DOING HERE?!" – Dan 2k24.
    > 17:02 Linus suggests another score, immediately "loses."
    [17:34] Game #3: Factorio.
    [22:28] Game #4: DOOM (2016).
    > 24:22 Conflicting FPS reports, changing settings.
    > 26:30 Alex has issues with settings, Linus on the stream's point.
    [28:40] Game #5: DOOM Eternal.
    > 28:58 What Linus is interested in with the X Elite.
    > 30:04 Vulkan, Linus suggests one relaunch per game.
    > 31:54 MM – Square bitsets? ft. Snapdragon & VRAM issues.
    [33:42] Game #6: Destiny 2.
    > 34:02 BattlEye, Linus on the zoomer lango, French.
    > 36:06 Linus recites funny elections joke, drive swap, Pixel 8P's sensor.
    [36:45] Game #7: Deep Rock Galactic.
    [42:32] Game #8: Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered ft. Linus logs out.
    > 43:28 MM – Smaller LTT backpack ETA release?
    > 46:10 MM – eGPU solutions & compatibility in 2024?
    > 48:16 Funny hair physics, visual artifacts & gameplay experience.
    > 52:16 Game suggestions, downloading.
    [55:26] Game #9: Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.
    [58:07] Game #10: Gigantic: Rampage Edition.
    > 59:02 Linus explains the stream, Alex on the hardware.
    > 1:00:02 Alex on the installation & download game, gameplay experience.
    [1:03:06] Game #11: Garry's Mod.
    > 1:03:54 Neither Alex nor Linus played gmod, downloading assets.
    > 1:07:02 MM – Best headset for VR monitors?
    > 1:08:28 MM – Expecting a proper high-end GPU from AMD?
    > 1:10:18 Linus on the cost of the GPU tower block, Alex & Linus play it.
    > 1:13:41 MM – Standarized machines at LTT.
    > 1:14:04 Dex, Uber drivers & shows,Top Gun in a Skyline, Alex plays gmod.
    [1:25:01] Game #12: Spitgate.
    > 1:25:38 MM – Qualcomm desktop ARM CPU?
    [1:26:52] Game #13: Farming Simulator 2022.
    [1:36:08] Game #14: Tape to Tape.
    > 1:38:43 Alex suggests trying other stuff, HP printer, drawing & printing.
    > 1:49:04 MM – What is one thing your SO took that you'll never get back?
    [1:53:29] Sponsor – The Ridge.
    [1:55:50] Game #15: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.
    > 2:00:42 MM – Precision screwdriver update?
    > 2:04:12 MM – Double layered bottom backpack ETA?
    > 2:04:38 Struggling with UPlay, benchmark experience.
    [2:10:22] Game #16: Psychonauts.
    [2:11:30] Game #17: Stardew Valley ft. EV sales.
    [2:16:12] Game #18: Anno 1800.
    > 2:17:28 MM – Cargo pants update?
    > 2:19:01 Linus's laptop is slow, Alex asks about performance setting.
    > 2:20:12 Linus suggests a camera setting, gameplay experience.
    > 2:23:38 Linus launches the game, walks Alex through the controls.
    [2:26:08] Game #19: Valheim.
    [2:28:18] Game #20: Rocket League.
    > 2:27:29 Linus on the laptop's slowness, Valheim, RL's exclusivity.
    > 2:31:08 Linus on Facebook acquiring Beat Saber and not failing.
    > 2:32:26 Gameplay, Linus on changing a handheld's resolution.
    [2:38:15] Game #21: Crysis (2007).
    > 2:39:54 MM – How powerful will the Nintendo handheld be? ft. Oliver naps.
    > 2:41:41 Alex believes Qualcomm thought of Crysis, YT & FP chat.
    > 2:45:06 MM – What LTTStore product collab you want to see?
    > 2:46:38 Gameplay, Alex on OLED burn-in, Linus on Far Cry's AI tick rate.
    > 2:50:12 Different brightness, Linus & Alex swap places.
    [2:52:32] Game #22: Cities: Skylines.
    > 2:57:34 Benchmark experience.
    [3:00:21] Game #23: Fallout: New Vegas.
    [3:04:48] Game #24: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Special Edition.
    > 3:07:26 Linus on the FPS range.
    [3:08:10] Game #25: Street Fighter 6.
    > 3:08:32 Gamed failed count, Linus's expectation, gameplay experience.
    [3:17:02] *Game #26: Halo MCC & Infinite.
    [3:18:56] Game #27: Helldivers 2.
    [3:19:52] Game #28: Cyberpunk 2077.
    > 3:21:22 Arc runs Helldivers 2.
    > 3:21:48 MM – Are the flannels coming back? ft. Alex on pockets.
    > 3:23:36 Settings, Alex on resolution problems, Linus on game suggestions.
    [3:27:44] Game #29: Grand Theft Auto V.
    > 3:29:12 Linus on the many game launchers.
    > 3:31:26 Linus recalls GTA V's settings for reviews, bricked laptop.
    [3:33:16] Game #30: Team Fortress 2.
    [3:36:52] Game #31: BeamNG.
    [3:46:10] Game #32: 7 Days to Die.
    [3:46:35] Game #33: The Jackbox Party Pack 7.
    > 3:47:12 Disabling AC on 7 Days, to end with Minecraft.
    > 3:49:08 Alex launches Jackbox 7, asks people to join.
    [3:52:20] Game #34: Minecraft: Java Edition.
    > 3:52:46 Linus on the password lockout, Alex on Jackbox answers.
    > 3:54:21 Linus tries to recover Microsoft account.
    > 3:54:55 MM – Plans to branch out like this again?
    > 3:56:34 Alex boots up Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.
    > 3:58:12 Minecraft Launcher issues.
    [4:01:26] Sponsor – The Ridge.
    > 4:01:52 Chase installs Java & Minecraft ARM.
    > 4:06:00 Linus is locked out of his hotmail, thoughts on Bedrock.
    [4:10:42] Game #35: Banana ft. Most intense gameplay in the history of LTT.
    [4:13:26] Final thoughts.

    AoE II: DE, Factorio, DOOM (2016), Deep RG, Gigantic: RE, Garry's Mod, Farming Sim 22, Rainbow 6 Siege, Stardew Valley, Anno 1800, Rocket League, Crysis (2007), Cities Skylines, Skyrim, Street Fighter 6, BeamNG, Jackbox 7, Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.

    Elden Ring, DOOM Eternal, Destiny 2, R&C: Rift Apart, Marvel's Spider-Man RMSTD, Splitgate, Tape to Tape, Psychonauts, Valheim, Fallout: New Vegas, Halo MCC, Halo Inf, Helldivers 2, Cyberpunk 2077, GTA V, TF2, 7 Days to Die.

    Side note: donations are in my channel's about page. c:

  2. I wish this video was in 8K resolution

  3. Linus and Luke trying to run Crysis without C1-launcher… priceless XD

  4. 1:29:00 Linus is on 720p and didn't notice the low sharpness ?!?

  5. DARKROCK! lol

  6. Every one expects qualcome to make a gaming laptop. Most of the people are interested in gamimg laptop. 😂😂😂 So why will not they think abkut gaming.
    Qualcome u should make a super eficient gaming laptop like u did to mobile phones 😂😂

  7. The precision screwdriver should comply with the Standard. Rather than going with the "Defacto" standard. I'd rather it be the Only good one on the market, rather than it to be subpar because everyone else did it wrong.

  8. are there any development happening on ARM to x86 translation layer on Linux ?

  9. ❤Someone tell me if they tried solidworks or any cad compatibility in the 4 hrs live…. 🎉

  10. PC dork thiks seamless co op is Required.

  11. The other great thing about BeamNG is if you have the game Automation – you can build cars in Automation , export them to BeamNG – and the drive your creations.

  12. As for the Gmod hitching, that happens on top of the line systems, Source is just jank spaghetti, and Gmod exists solely to exploit that.

  13. cs2?

  14. Did someone tested CAD Software Fusion 360 ,incentor,solid edge……

  15. Of course banana is only one size. It's for scale.

  16. this just proves ARM really can run games, even this early in the life of the new snapdragon chips, they support a great amount of games. I hope Apple is going to follow suit and allow for gaming on apple silicon in the nearest future.

  17. Elder Scrolls Online

  18. please try the phantasy star online 2 new genesis benchmark/character creator (or just the full game but thats over 100gb)

  19. Why the fuck are you spending all that time joining a gmod server when you could just find another server, so infuriating

  20. Why does this stream have an ad every 3 minutes or so?

  21. Honestly I’m excited to see how this develops, once the name isn’t garbage and gaming is mostly supported I’m thinking of actually getting one. I wonder if Qualcomm chips can be paired with discrete GPU’s as that legit might be my next laptop or tablet.

  22. Can you use External GPU's on these things ? Oculink or Thunderbolt

  23. 1:01:01 you didn't turn off vsync
    Thought you were more game settings savvy, but seems you don't play any games at all basically.

  24. If you're cpu bound, lowering your graphics settings won't help unless you can lower the amount of objects/units on the screen or npcs, etc.

  25. At this point why dont you just install Linux. More or equal fps to windows and power draw that's significantly lower.

  26. Any game? I doubt.
    Dwarf fortress

  27. Hoyoverse probably are working on ARM version of their game. They already release Honkai Impact 3rd, Hoyoverse older game for MacOs

  28. 1:10:18 Not gonna lie, that GPU Crash “Tower Game” is the coolest item I’ve ever seen from LTT Store.
    It would be so cool to pull out for LAN parties and casual get togethers.
    If it sells well, I would love to see more class party games / board games with PC hardware themes.

  29. Would someone please get Linus a dictionary. This is the third time at least in recent videos he has used the word very, wrong.

  30. Quake 3 Arena!

  31. Play EVE Online on it so i can watch it meltdown in real time

  32. My daughter that turned one last week is in the room sleep and I swear if she wakes up 🤬

  33. If you guys do this stuff do it properly ffs! Alex just doesnt listen to anything and linus does whatever. Like cyberpunk linus says no dynamic res and he just turns off amd fx stuff all the way etc when the benchmark before he had it on. Youre doing this surrely to give people an idea if to buy and if its not a game theyre not bothered about then they dont care. You wax lyrical about being professional etc and you act like dumb amatuers and its not cute or fun anymore from when the company was small! Do F’n Better ffs

  34. 🙁 I was hoping they would test OldSchool RuneScape, I been trying to find a pc/labtop powerful enough to run it

  35. Battlefield 1942

  36. but can it even play fortnite?

  37. I would have loved to see emulation on switch and other emulators. These might be GREAT emulation machines especially switch and older machines! Especially if they make a native ARM emulator for it instead of the current windows emulatiors. Also, is there an android emulator for this?

  38. So it's a coin flip whether it even runs, and another coin flip whether you get usable fps or not

  39. i just finished going through the Minecraft Install on Win 11 yesterday on my kids machines, had to install 3 items from Microsoft Store for "XBOX" related items before the Launcher could launch and install JAVA Minecraft properly.

  40. Should have seen if there are any ARM DOS emulators and play Civ 2

  41. Many tests where done on borderless windowed mode for Qualcomm vs native fullscreen for intel. Also Linus ran on a much small resolution for rocket league.

    Bad comparison.

  42. try star field

  43. Why didn't Anyone ask for genzin impact?

  44. Cool.
    Would be awesome to see WoW too.

  45. Oh god, they still peddling that stupid ridge crap. :p

  46. Bwahahhaha. The printer bit is the funniest shit I've seen in a long time. Welcome to real world technical support. Not those kind of questions you have during your mystery shopper series

  47. I wanna know if you can plug in an eGPU.

  48. is the screen tearing nthe laptops themselves or the video capture device?

  49. 1:02:36
    Does the CPU clock on the Intel machine say 7,543Ghz?

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