Amazing Products TV Elon Musk Admitted I Was Right – WAN Show July 5, 2024

Awesome Tips Elon Musk Admitted I Was Right – WAN Show July 5, 2024

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  1. Timestamps
    [0:00] Chapters.
    [1:10] Intro ft. Zuckerberg, Luke on Zuck's quote.
    [2:30] Topic #1: Tesla's FSD appears to require hardware upgrade.
    > 3:51 HW3, "fully auto driving in the future" past marketing.
    > 6:28 HW4 & 5, Linus on them running HW3-like.
    > 7:44 Linus on accountability, false promises & laws, depreciation.
    > 13:51 Kelly Blue Book, "buy Tesla now before price increases!"
    > 15:38 American lawfirm billboards, delivering auto driving.
    > 19:16 Console Cyberpunk doesn't get 2.0, WoW hardware, ATI, 7900XTX.
    > 22:49 Linus's home server racks flooded, UPSs, storage stripe.
    > 35:36 Corrosion of loop, EK's response, systems survived.
    [38:08] Topic #2: Live cameras in night clubs.
    > 38:52 Linus is waiting until this becomes everywhere.
    > 41:32 Using sensors instead of cameras, places that make sense.
    > 45:15 Luke asks if a busy club wants this, Dan's DJ experience.
    > 47:06 Linus went to clubs for NCIX ft. Alicia Keys, Dan's burn.
    [50:04] LTTStore's Lime Day, 60% off between July 16-19.
    > 51:36 WAN Show early exclusive deals, Lime Day QR code.
    > 55:18 LMG's garage sales tomorrow.
    > 56:44 Linus suggests other merch, retro pet cave sells out.
    > 58:48 "We're losing lotsa money now, it's working lol" – Nick 2k24.
    [1:00:02] How much does WAN Show cost Floatplane? ft. Traumatized Dan.
    > 1:02:01 FP viewerlist, Luke on plugins blocking it.
    [1:03:20] Merch Messages #1.
    > 1:03:30 Thoughts on current state of game optimization?
    > 1:13:50 Did you envision LMG having many departments? ft. LTTLabs.
    > 1:31:08 "Titanium might be your loop's problem"
    [1:32:00] Sponsors.
    > 1:32:12 EcoFlow.
    > 1:33:47 Squarespace.
    > 1:34:48 Corsair.
    [1:36:18] Topic #3: F1 cars have an IP address, can be a backdoor.
    > 1:37:22 Linus asks Luke on new V.S. old cars, features & EVs.
    > 1:44:02 1994 Mazda RX-7, Linus on enthusiasts, Luke's torso.
    [1:46:44] Topic #4: FTC sends warnings over warranty stickers.
    [1:48:01] Merch Messages #2.
    > 1:48:18 Linus's 5 months beardless trip ft. Linus leaves.
    > 1:48:41 Has Luke's brother told him of any cool tech used at work?
    > 1:49:29 Do you feel roles of tech lead and management are distinct?
    > 1:50:38 Linus's bike painting project.
    > 1:52:41 Thoughts around LiFi tech?
    [2:00:22] Topic #5: AI fabricated news pretend to be local.
    [2:03:18] Topic #6: Apple delists VPN apps in Russia.
    > 2:05:08 Linus on how Apple cares about user privacy, folds to pressure.
    > 2:05:48 Russia hasn't ICQ
    [2:05:58] Topic #7: Nintendo claims no scalping with Switch's successor.
    > 2:07:10 Luke asks how good will the device do, Linus asks on games.
    > 2:08:46 Discussing past Nintendo products, Linus on hardware rumors.
    [2:11:05] Topic #8: YouTube adds take downs for deepfake impersonation.
    [2:12:12] Topic #9: EU charges Meta over paid ad-free option.
    [2:13:01] Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark.
    > 2:13:08 Sponsor – PIA VPN.
    > 2:13:56 Would LTTStore make formal suits? ft. Movies & suits.
    > 2:17:21 Thoughts on returned & used motherboards having HWID bans?
    > 2:19:22 Improvements to baby tech you think are needed?
    > 2:24:38 Business offers DIA over 10Gig to business, why not both?
    > 2:26:38 Do you believe Nintendo's "no shortage" claim?
    > 2:27:50 Has Linus been into other rhythm games?
    > 2:29:28 Are there Anno 117 changes Linus would like to see?
    > 2:32:14 Why is Luke taking public transport more?
    > 2:36:53 Thoughts on True Charts dropping support for TrueNAS?
    > 2:38:52 What Anno 1800 DLCs do you recommend?
    > 2:40:08 Raid Z1 NAS but I don't know how many drives I should have.
    > 2:41:22 Is VBA the bottom of the barrel?
    > 2:42:12 Has Linus played HD 2 on his 7900XTX? ft. Annoyed Luke, Twitter.
    > 2:46:22 Most high tech company you visited to that was low tech?
    > 2:49:52 Luke's thoughts on test driven development & other methods?
    > 2:51:04 Products ruined by a company's philosophy & bad?
    [2:51:26] Outro ft. Merch messages flying by.
    [2:52:02] Linus's Cygnus patch "re-gift" to Luke.
    [2:55:08] Outro II: Electric Boogaloo ft. MORE messages flying by.
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  2. Super late to this cause I am replay crew, but @2:32:12 you talked about the AI seeming to 'cheat'.

    Can confirm. I've been a long time RTS gamer and mostly I focus on PvE. Got into modding RTS games a long time ago when Star Wars: Empire at War came out. From modding and looking into the code of a good bit of RTS games, the 'difficulty' isn't the 'intelligence' of the AI (mostly) but the resources they start with and modifiers on what they gain/their unit costs.

    It's been a long time so I cannot give exact specifics; but an example might be that easy difficulty AI gets .75% resource gain. Normal difficulty AI gets 100% resource gain. Hard difficulty AI gets 150% resource gain. And Expert AI gets 150% resource gain and .75% unit/building/upgrade cost and .50% unit/building/upgrade time.

    Just an example, however, a lot of times, the AI "cheats", it's in the code.

  3. 39:41 There was a webcam in a coffee shop in San Francisco which became apparently the source of an early dataset (the "Brainwash dataset") for some human- and object-recognition machine vision papers, and, uh… needless to say anyone who frequented that coffee shop was not amused.

  4. Why have places like Home Depot, Newegg and so many others become marketplaces?

  5. Regarding automation of plugging/unplugging notebooks for testing – you could have smart power socket/plug and just turn them off without unplugging. So no robot is needed. Obviously monitoring battery level is still a challenge, but it is much easier without robot)

  6. Kind of annoying when a dude tries to guilt you into buying something else because they choose to throw a sale

  7. linus you need to tape off the surface that will be touching metal. youll have to scrape it off otherwise

  8. Oh and by the way, an F1 engine is in the seven figures.

  9. @1:31:40 Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc

  10. Water cooling has not been worth it for years

  11. 2:34 Vancouver trainsit. My biggest gripe is the only way up and down the sea to sky highway is by road, where their are constant accidents that close the only route down. Why is there no passenger train. With how big and busy Whistler is, it just doesn't make any sense.

  12. High speed rail seems nearly impossible to me between Vancouver and Interior BC. The elevation journey that train would have to built-on top of would be insane. The fact the Coquihalla even exists is crazy to me lol.

  13. While what they did wasnt right telling people things that could never be, there is an interesting side effect. Kind of how game developers found all of these crazy ways to optimize their games so they could run on the hardware of their time, Tesla engineers were able to do quite a bit with the hardware that they were working with. From what I’ve seen in my limited experience, the self driving is pretty dang good.

  14. The content is very good

  15. I didn’t even hear about your sister till now Linus, much love and hope for peace in your family. As a big brother to 2 and I couldn’t even imagine something like that happening or the pain to come from it. ❤

  16. "Countries with a free and open web" coming directly on the heels of "suspiciously-deceased 'political opponent' Alexei Navalny" is deliciously ironic and sad.

  17. Tesla has been consistent in over promising and severely under delivering. I don't understand why people still believe whatever Tesla is trying to promise this time around.

  18. Alot US schools cover how to identify real news on the internet throughout the middle and high school, if only americans cared to pay attention to class during those times

  19. For Anno 1800
    I started with the basic game. Decided that I liked it and bought the all four seasons package..
    And then I enabled them all at ouncer.. BIG mistake. Got overloaded 🙂

    Try new DLCs one at a time.. get used to them, then start combining them..
    And then you can start adding mods…. (River slots…. Colossus of the New World: Finding Mayabeque (Basically a Sunken treasures size mod)

  20. The promise of Hw3 self driving was made when they were coding explicit commands, not an LLM. As it stands now, HW3 can do some amazing things, and some stupid things. They can possibly offer a feature limited version of FSD for HW3. FSD will require minimum specs moving forward, like any other software packages

  21. LMAO watching Tesla just now figuring out that a machine vision system cannot recognize the unknown on which it has not been trained.
    Like the concrete pillars that hold up the Seattle Monorail that it will happily merge into. Or eldritch horrors.

    YOU, a human, will know that if you see an eldritch horror emerge from a void in the road that you should probably slow down. FSD will happily drive into the void which it literally cannot see.

  22. Re: stress testing laptops on battery, wouldn't smart plugs that can toggle power automatically solve that problem?

  23. We have an arcade near me that has a bunch of old Japanese machines, a wall of analog pinball machines, etc. That's the only arcade I've ever been in that 20 bucks bought me more time than I had anticipated being there. Took me 2 or 3 visits to finish off the credits. 2:28:00

  24. i would buy a R34 and install aftermarket radio with android auto

  25. Anyone that paid for Tesla FSD should be refunded, I realise that money has covered R&D but, that's a Tesla issue.

  26. Soak the dead components from the server room leak in 99% isopropyl alcohol to drive out the water. This works. A weird hobby of mine if scavenging burned up electronics left behind after fires in electronics stores, etc. Even after the fire, the high-pressure water from the firemen and homeless piss about 80% of the stuff I pull out still works. I didn't even mention that some of this stuff has sat out in the open for days or weeks depending on how secure they've guarded the fire scene. To get any dirt or grime out I put the components in the washing machine and then immediately into the 99%.

  27. Did Elon hurt their feelings? Lol Linus is such a hater. 😂

  28. 2:09:48 Calling GameCube a flop is WILD so many Nintendo hits from that era

  29. when linus be admitted?

  30. 1:30:50 – That comment aged like milk.

  31. Confirmed, Luke doesn't actually know what test driven development is.

  32. I'm very very sorry to hear that your sister passed away Linus 😞.
    Please accept my sincere condolences.

  33. I’m really hoping for the day when game devs can start EXPECTING everyone to have ray tracing so lighting can be entirely RT and they don’t have to pull double duty to expect rasterization.

  34. Apple has to follow the law wherever it sells its products.

  35. "All Our Base Are Belong To Us!"

  36. I commented a few weeks ago when amazon sent me a broken used motherboard and claimed it was brand new, it sucks cause it waste your time waiting for the refund. Gross to hear others having the same issue

  37. 1:18:20 the PSU Circuit channel was something I was trying to tell someone about that I watch, but after an hour, I couldn't find it on YouTube searches or Google searches. It doesn't make use of any keywords to attach it to LTT or LMG, and isn't linked to the main channel. Just add some more tidbits in descriptions about LTT Labs and AI Voice.

    Same problem you have with not enough descriptions on use-case and such for LTT products on LTTStore, where for all the photos, it's IMPOSSIBLE to figure out whether certain ones have belt-loops or certain pockets unless you CSI ZOOM-ENHANCE and IMAGINE whether it's there or not, then buy it and physically get it.

  38. This place in Florida had a live camera feed of inside and outside the restaurant, this podcast group plays “sloppy joes bingo” watching the the feeds.

  39. Zotac comments aging like fine milk lmao.

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