Amazing Products TV Talking Tech with Apple’s Senior Vice President of Services, Eddy Cue

Awesome Tips Talking Tech with Apple’s Senior Vice President of Services, Eddy Cue

SuperSaf interviews Apple’s Senior Vice President of Services, Eddy Cue and talks about what devices he uses, Apple Services including Apple Music/Apple TV+, Apple Intelligence and AI, his favourite Apple Product of all time and much more.

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Eddy Cue is Apple’s senior vice president of Services, reporting to CEO Tim Cook. Eddy oversees the full range of Apple’s services, including Apple Music, Apple News, Apple Podcasts, the Apple TV app, and Apple TV+, as well as Apple Pay, Apple Card, Maps, Search Ads, Apple’s iCloud services, and Apple’s productivity and creativity apps.

0:00 Intro
0:52 Daily Drivers
3:28 A Day in the Life at Apple
6:27 How Apple works Behind The Scenes
8:34 What makes Apple Music different?
11:27 Why should someone choose Apple TV+?
15:53 Apple Intelligence
20:13 Apple Vision Pro
22:47 Favorite Apple Product of all time?
28:03 What Eddy watches on YouTube

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  1. Bit of a different video but I hope you enjoyed it! 🙂

  2. One of these gentlemen is clearly media trained and a veteran.

  3. Hearing a long time after from Eddy. Calm and composed conversation as usual with an apple executive.

  4. i love the 12" iPad Pro too 😅

  5. You know damn well you’re not using those trashy Beats Solo buds. Talk about advertising 😂😂😂

  6. 12 inch?

  7. How they gonna make Europeans to buy the iPhone 16 without AI intelligence?

  8. Every single interview by YouTubers with apple staff is the same, scripted, open ended questions with no concise answer, no risky questions asked.

  9. Lossless audio in Apple Music is still such a bummer. It feels like a half-baked product when you can't listen to any of it on your home hi-fi system, as hi-fi plays always through AirPlay.

  10. Bruh. Question we kinda knew the answer to. Meh.

  11. Eddy makes me want to work at Apple

  12. Where is  Classical on the Mac app‽

  13. 12inch M4 iPad LEAKED


  15. You should have asked him, "How many projects are combined to produce a new device?"

  16. Did not know their was a 12 inch iPad Pro 🤪

  17. Typical apple fashion interview haha…great effort safwan!
    It just that it’s quite irony and piss me off when Eddie avoid the fav device from the past question with the whole interview answered using all apple past achievement and not any future information 😂😂😂
    Quite a dull interview (because of how apple answer their interview)….I think he get that upside down….they hate to talk about future…not past 😂

  18. Great Eddy Cue interview Saf. 🎬👏

  19. Great one

  20. What is this dude is talking about?? At 13:53 he talks about how good the season finale of silo was, and in the literal next breath he goes on to see how he hasn’t seen it because he’s waiting for all of the episodes to be done.

    This man gives snake oil salesman vibes.

  21. Two tech genius 😎

  22. enjoyed the interview. would be interesting to also throw some controversial topics into the mix (sideloading, app store, EU, repairability, sustainability, monopolisitc behaviours, anti-consumer practices, etc)

  23. I'm watching right now, and I am hoping and PRAYING that Saf asked Eddy when Severance Season 2 is coming out, I NEED SEASON 2!

  24. Great convo , would've loved some question for upcoming software engineers and how to get into apple

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