Amazing Products TV GoPro Hero 10 Black Creator Edition Review: Battery Problems SOLVED

Awesome Tips GoPro Hero 10 Black Creator Edition Review: Battery Problems SOLVED

GoPro packaged its top camera with three awesome accessories to help get through a whole day of shooting. You can see the products featured in the video here 👇
GoPro HERO10 Black:
GoPro HERO10 Black Creator Edition:
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Full written review –

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  1. Good review. Clear and straight to the point.

  2. With all that, we don't have protection house ?

  3. Battery backup is very low
    Rs 10000 mobile has 4000 5000 mAh battery power while gopro which is bought for Rs 54 6000 is very week

  4. Too bad it overheats and stops the recording. What's the points of having an action camera if you can't continuously tape it?

  5. Zv-1 for the Money

  6. Good review of an exciting new package from GoPro, only puzzle is the weather resistance when it is all used together. I watched another video when they had it filming outside in heavy rain and it was still working fine? Cheers Alan

  7. Thank you, this is one of the better reviews and goes right to the point.

  8. Worst vlogging camera I ever bought the go pro 10 should come with a WARNING overheated so much I had to break the battery door open to stop it melting

  9. Taking a page out of the Insta360 Go 2 eh.

  10. I know the light kit is waterproof but is the mod unit also?

  11. I know the light kit is waterproof but is the mod unit also?

  12. Can I ask question? My GoPro Hero 10 the battery is draining even if the Gopro is off. It is natural? Thanks.

  13. GoPro robbing people. $785?!!! Crazy.

  14. I found this news in goggle in your website and now i watching in your YouTube channel ❤️

  15. I watched the video to learn about the battery problem per the title. Did I miss it?

  16. Is the over heating issue fixed?

  17. Hi, I needed the links to the gopro volta handle grip and remote. Thanks

  18. Gopro beautiful💕💕💕🌹

  19. Nice video , is the media mod still cheap plastic?

  20. Does the Hero 10 connect and work with a phone app? (I'm looking at DJI Pocket 2 but it has "issues") I have an old GoPro4 that I never use because of the distortion from wide angle. Is this a "flatter" field of view?

  21. GoPro are such rip-off artists. Its basically an external battery with a bluetooth switch that has a GoPro logo on it. You can piece together the same thing from amazon for $75 bucks (talking about the battery grip and light only). And if you use your phone for bluetooth remote the ulanzi battery grip is only $32 bucks. If GoPro were smart they would make a media mod mount with built in grip and removable mini tripod at the base. Then you have everything there that is water resistant (think in the rain but not submerged). They just want to piece together the most amounts of parts to make you pay more in the end.

    • GoPro
    • December 23, 2022

    Thanks for checking out Creator Edition!

  22. Sony came out with the ZV-1 and that vlogging handle over 2 years ago. Go Pro only thought of this now?

    • Nemo
    • December 23, 2022

    This vs the insta360, FIGHT!

  23. GoPro sure doesn't make things cheap for people.

  24. Rather get a Sony zv1 for that kind of money. You loose waterproofing but get a better overall package imo.

  25. Love from India ❤️..You are putting awesome videos
    That are very useful to buy me a gud things ❤️

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