Amazing Products this PS5 controller looks insane

Awesome Tips this PS5 controller looks insane

Available here: (aff)
This pro PS5 controller is a custom build from HEX Gaming. It’s got back buttons, digital triggers, interchangeable thumbsticks and more. Is it actually a good controller though? Subscribe for the full verdict.


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  1. Man chose bumblebee colorway and not a design. That aint it.

  2. That is hideous

  3. hard pass

  4. Looks like shit ngl

  5. They’re copying xbox 🤦‍♀️

    • Ha bs
    • December 24, 2022

    The gold is very tacky af tho

    • Fuyi
    • December 24, 2022

    i have seen cooler ones, every controller i've seen that isnt gold

  6. Elite 2 still best

  7. Those are mods you can buy on Amazon…

  8. Looks like overpriced shit right there

  9. garbanzo

  10. Yeah, idk how much you paid for that……. but it looks like it costs $10 to make

  11. That controller sucks.

  12. If I was rich I would but I'm poor sooo

  13. Looks terrible… like when someone chrome wraps a car.

    • C O
    • December 24, 2022

    That just looks like a bunch of ExtremeRate parts on a PS5 controller.

  14. Bruh I have that controller. That shit has the loudest back buttons ever. Sounds like your playing on M&K plus the buttons are mad cheap. I ordered some back buttons from some website and they used the exact same back buttons same build and everything.

  15. That is the ugliest controller I’ve ever seen

  16. I have just seen another company offering a better design controller than this. It is also official.

  17. Bruh that gold is gonna be mate gold after all the grease marks

  18. For me tbh gold makes it look daft and I’m not a good person it’s like look at me and my gold all flashy platinum would be better

  19. Its also damn near 300 dollars lol

  20. Every default PS5 controller looks better than this. If anything that 'gold' looks plasticy and cheap

  21. Looks kinda dumb ngl and this is just my opinion but I hate the triggers that click I only really like the standard triggers where you push all of the way down

  22. Hell nah that look like something from the swapmeet😂😂😂😂

  23. Plastic gold always lowers value

    • Dxleo
    • December 24, 2022

    Looks like it'd melt on a mildly warm day

  24. Where r the shapes on the buttons? Triangle square, etc.

    How tf am I supposed to respond to any prompts if I'm not a PS veteran 😂

  25. The indians are gonna love that one

  26. Looks like 💩

  27. Hideous. Just hideous.

  28. Why get a mouse click ps5 controller though?

  29. It would be cooler if it was actual gold

  30. Looks shit

  31. Shite

    • Uhhh
    • December 24, 2022

    Looks hard bruv dunnit?

  32. The fake gold is always ugly. No matter what it's on

  33. You get ONE comment out of me just because I wanted to say how fucking stupid the controller looked. Do not recommend this channel.

  34. I've seen worst

  35. Should have switched the gold with the black to get a somewhat decent looking controller

    • Nick
    • December 24, 2022

    love an undisclosed advertisement

  36. I still prefer original one.

  37. it looks kinda cheaper than the original controller though

  38. That looks butt fuck ugly dude, no offense but who goes with a glossy finish on a device you need to hold with your hands

  39. Of course it's gold…

    So basic….

  40. bro what’s up with all the haters in the comments😂😂 y’all mad over nothing. dope controller bro! frick the haters

  41. Is it supposed to look like it out of a flea market

  42. I have the exact same colour scheme on my controller 😂😂

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