Amazing Products Should You Future Proof Your Gaming PC?!

Awesome Tips Should You Future Proof Your Gaming PC?!

Is It Worth Future Proofing Your Gaming PC Build? With New RTX 4080 Graphics Cards, AMD AM5, PCIE Gen 5 and DDR5 PC parts – is it worth it? ⭐ Get exclusive NordPass deal plus 1 additional month for FREE here: or use code pccentric at the checkout! (ad)

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Cheapest Build:

(I haven’t build the below systems, I cannot guarantee 100% compatibility)

Budget Build:
Ryzen 5 5600G: (Amazon)
MSI MAG B550 Bazooka: (Amazon)
Kolink Citadel Mesh: (OCUK)
Patriot Viper Steel 16GB: (Amazon)
WD Black SN750: (Amazon)
Seasonic B12 BC 650 Power Supply: (Amazon)

Mid Range:
Asus B660 Prime-Plus Motherboard: (Amazon)
Intel i5 12400F Processor: (Amazon)
Arctic Freezer i35: (Amazon)
NZXT H510 Flow: (Amazon)
Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 16GB 3600MHz: (Amazon)
Crucial P5 Plus: (Amazon)
RTX 3060 Ti Graphics Card: (OCUK)
Antec 750w EA750G: (Amazon)

High End:
Fractal Define S2 Case: (Amazon)
Intel i7 12700F CPU: (Amazon)
Cooler Master Master Liquid ML360R: (Amazon)
Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB: (Amazon)
Asus ROG Strix Z690-A: (Amazon)
Viper VP4300 SSD: (Amazon)
Thermaltake Toughpower GF850W PSU: (Amazon)
RTX 3080 Graphics Card:

My PC & Setup Gear – Ex review sample (RS), Ex sponsored video (SV)

My PC Case: (RS) (Amazon)
My Desk (RS): (Amazon)
My Oak ‘Desk’ Worktop: (Worktop Express)

A great 1440p 165hz Gaming monitor (RS): (Amazon)
4K Benchmarking monitor (RS): (Amazon)
My Personal Monitor (SV): (Amazon)

Philips Hue Strips: (SV) (Amazon)

My Keyboard (SV): (Amazon)

My Mouse (SV): Logitech G Pro Superlight: (Amazon)

My Work Mouse (RS) – Logitech MX Master 3: (Amazon)

My Mouse Mat (S) – Corsair RGB: (Amazon)

Philips Hue Bulbs (S): (Amazon)

Philips HUE Play (S): (Amazon)

My Desk ‘Legs’ Alex Drawers: (IKEA)

My Desk Worktop: (Worktop Express)

My animated wallpapers:

Noblechairs ICON Chair (RS):

My Main Camera – Blackmagic Pocket 6K: (Amazon)

My Main Lens: (Amazon)

My Main Microphone: (Amazon)

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0:00 The Problem!
0:20 What Is A “Future Proofed PC?”
1:04 The Problem With Upgrading
1:38 PCIE Gen 5
2:17 CPU Upgrading
3:12 Nord Pass (ad)
4:26 Compatibility
4:58 DDR5 RAM
5:51 New Gen 5 SSDs!
7:01 Graphics Cards!
8:04 Top Tips for Futureproofing!

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    • R6ex
    • December 24, 2022

    I prefer to get the highest end PC I can today, so it'll last me 10+ years in gaming.

  1. I have always tried to future proof my rigs. I had to switch to a laptop, from a desktop, after my 7th back surgery due to limited mobility for awhile. I was scouring all the "laptop" sites to try and find the best one, but it became so complex I just picked one that had everything at the top of the available computers specs (i9/3080ti 16GB/32GB/4K Razer Blade 15" Advanced model). If that doesn't cover me for awhile I don't know what will! It cost me quite a bit but I am still a nerd and need my fix of current tech. It has been worth it so far and I am satisfied.

  2. Funny that enthusiasts always trying to find ways how to future proof rig and tech companies always trying to find ways how to milk their customers.

  3. Motherboards with PCIe 5.0 are expensive and Will work Only at 8x while using a NVME Pcie 5.0 at 4x. And are so expensive, un mynopinion are not worth right now.

  4. Did not know this was a question. I always future proof whatever I can afford to.

  5. Superb! A Greatttt Video….. Thank You

  6. POV: sponsor edition you get nord pass put your nord pass pass on nord pass because you have bad memory and log out and need to log in to log into your password wich you need to log into so you can log into the account you need to log into to log into your account

  7. graphics cards so sharp they cut you

  8. My Pc is 6 years old " 1070 GTX " I'm at the stage were im trying to future proof a new PC. Should i wait for this Christmas or next ?
    The PC will be built around " Ashes Of Creation " Which is not due to be released until 2024, But i imagine Alpha 2 will be playable by February or April 2023.
    I'm currently running on a 1440 monitor, Unfortunately after watching one of your video's im contemplating getting a 4k monitor, which will require a more expensive GPU, which will result in me having to carry on working longer than i expected.
    BTW your a first class weirdo PC geeker. I'm finding myself weirdly attractive to your videos. " Keep up the Good work, my little geeky nut job " 😍😘😁

  9. im not sure why im even concerned about things like these… i got a radeon 7 5800h rtx 3070 laptop and i only play valorant and LoL anyway… XD yet im worried that i need to get a new pc or something

    • Ryan
    • December 24, 2022

    AM5 with an X670 Extreme board, should go a long way. You can then use PCI-E 5, USB 4 etc etc.

    GPU upgrades etc can be done on most systems, CPU upgrades cannot… Especially if you're Intel

  10. If you have a 6700k intel.. just upgrade the graphics card..

  11. Nope, current GPU models are still SCAMMED/OVERPRICED… To play at "ULTIMATE" detail.. put the resolution down to 1080p.
    Not everyone plays at a 40inch+ monitor..

    Also, future PC are "POWER" hungry.. it's high end.. in future's time you can get a PC which is not only cheaper.. but consumes less power.

    But of course.. if you are RICH.. that's not an issue and it defeats the purpose of "future proofing".

  12. omg

  13. Yes 12th gwn you should of future proofed yourself. For 1, 13th gen will now be on the 12th gwn motherboards the ddr5 also of course works. So imo it was smart this last generation. Now if you are amd I say no because the new motherboards will have ddr5 so yeah amd you should think about it next generation coming up so enjoy!

  14. dont forget there are girls out there too!

  15. Excellent information and well put together! Thanks !

  16. I’m going to
    Upgrade my PSU to 850W I have a 3050 for now but maybe I’ll upgrade to a 4070 IF it’s plausible

  17. i think the only future proof is the PSU?

  18. ddr4 4400 is going to be plenty for any time soon, and still half a decent ddr5 kit

  19. h670 gets ignored again

  20. Hello, I'm looking to build my first ever gaming pc next year. Thing is I don't know anything about pcs but oh my do I like big numbers. I want something that will last me for years and I'm thinking about investing in the new 4000s series GPU. Is it worth investing 1.5k directly ? And should I buy a 1440p monitor or go directly with a 4k 144hz one ? I think I'll be able to save up around 3000€ and I'll wait for Black Friday of 2023

  21. HOW TO FUTURE PROOF…..buy the LAST gen hardware BEFORE the A NEW hardware comes out….use this mentality with the latest and greatest mother boards, and graphics cards of that. for instance, what is the "END OF LIFE" for AMD right now? well, its a 5950x on a x570 board, so start there. For example I have a 3080TI and a 5950X….and ill keep this set up for at LEAST 5 years. when do you upgrade? well, at the "end of life" of the next big thing. NEVER upgrade CPU each step. I.e 1800x 2700x 3700x ect. BUY THE LAST ONE SUPPORTED. then just ride that train.

    • You
    • December 24, 2022

    no such thing as a future proof computer, when something better is constantly coming out.

  22. can PCIE 4 still relevant in 4yrs?

  23. could u match 12th gen cpu with a 20 series gpu would that work πŸ€”

  24. I should be alright I'm rocking the ryzen 5900x with 3070ti founders edition & 1000 watts 🀞🏽

  25. i have used my old pc for allmost 10 years 770gtx 4gb, fx8350, 16gb ram, 2xssd raid0, custom watercooling, still love that pc. but the 770gtx sometime did work or not with dx12. so i upgraded the pc to a 3070ti aorus, 32gb ram 3600, 5800x, stix mb, m.2 970 samsung, the same custom waterooling. realy happy with this build. only useing 1080p. maby i will go to 1440p. but 4k is BS unless you have a HUGE! screen.

  26. 1000W minimum PSU will probably be the minimum going forward 😬

  27. My pc died 😒 i7 6800k I'm just wait for am5 7000 cpu stuff in September

  28. Getting a 3090 soon. Already have a Ryzen 9 5950x cpu so I'd say once I get my 3090 I'll be as future proof as you can get lol that godly rig will legit last years on years easy

  29. Commenting for YouTube algorithms4

  30. @PC Centric, Great video, Very informative. what's that cabinet you are using at 1:33 (side open glass panel with hinges) ? looking for a case like that for my editing pc.

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