13 Coolest Gadgets for Men That Are Worth Seeing

Awesome Tips 13 Coolest Gadgets for Men That Are Worth Seeing

It’s time to check out some cool new gadgets and accessories for men. So we have a bunch of really unusual wallets for your cards, and a pouch for your bills’n’coins. Cool!

0:00 Introduction
0:15 Trova Go Portable Safe:
1:05 Tag Supra Multi Tool:
1:54 Draft Top Beer Can Opener:
2:39 Everyday Blade Pocket Knife:
3:20 Tyger K7 Folding Pocket Knife:
3:48 Rusty Steel Puzzle Wallet:
Smiley Wallet:
Pistol Wallet:
Deer Wallet:
Compass Wallet:
Octopus Wallet:
Creator’s FB group:
4:26 Coins Pouch:
4:37 Leatherman Multi Tool Watch:
5:20 Legacy Shave Evolution Shave Brush:
6:01 Bilateral Laser VH-80:
Bilateral Laser M-30 Plus:
6:53 Fusion Wallet Cyberpunk Edition:
7:22 Fusion Wallet 2 Wood Edition: ||
7:49 U-Spinner with Multi Tool: || (alternative)

🔥 More hot gadgets below 👇

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  1. Uiuuuuuuuuuu

  2. I owned one of those beer can openers it sucks balls

    • Javr
    • December 23, 2022

    Military grade usually just means cheap and/or easily replaceable.

  3. godod

  4. 4:13 Spooky octopus…..? SPOOKY OCTOPUS!?!? You have been moved TO THE TOP OF THE LIST! You will Know soon enough…oh yes….you will KNOW! HAIL HYDRA!

  5. So what we know for sure is men always want knives, multi tools, wallets, and can / bottle openers.

  6. That little life says 2 to 3 dollars on here and amazon it say for $25

  7. That can opener will put particles of aluminum in your drink.

  8. #1 is for drugs . Lol

  9. Will the can opener open a can of beans?

  10. Include pricing

  11. Did he say spooky octopus for one of the wallets it’s the hydra symbol from captain America

  12. the "spooky octopus" is the HYDRA symbol its from marvel 🙂

  13. Just curious… Why haven't we seen gadgets for women?

  14. Spooky Octopus = Hail Hydra!

  15. 4:13 anyone else know that octopuses is hydras symbol in captain America the first avenger

  16. i wonder am i the onlt one who tbink if all of this gadget pass the airport security system…..

  17. Did anyone else catch the "Conceals odors" comment on that first one? wink, wink LOL

  18. You should make minecraft gadgets because I am a fan of Youfact and minecraft

  19. to be frank basically a bunch of useless stuff

  20. he must be the guy from "we are top"

  21. “Cool gadgets for men” shows women using most of them.

    • Robin
    • December 23, 2022

    Any Indian watching at 12:30 AM?

    • XKage
    • December 23, 2022

    the octopus symbol wallet ….isn't that the Hydra symbol from the MCU? Betcha all the Hydra brass had that wallet lol

  22. You should make a video of anime gadgets!(especially attack on titan 'cause it's my favorite😁)

  23. Thanks for this amazing video! Hope y'all stay safe and get pretty soon your vaccins! Love this dude and his video's!

  24. literally every multi tool has bottle opener for beer when your done using it

  25. The beer can opener has been thoroughly tested and reviewed on another channel here and it does not work very well on most cans. It certainly doesn't work as quick and easy as their ad shows.

  26. Spooky octopus? It's a Hydra symbol

  27. the legacy shaving i own. i love that ting. I got it cheaper on ebay and love how i get the perfect amount of shaving cream.

  28. you reference lord of the rings you win me over .. simple

  29. Enjoyed the video and I gave it a Thumbs Up

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