Amazing Products 6 Simple Cooking Tips You Need To Know

Awesome Tips 6 Simple Cooking Tips You Need To Know

We hope you enjoy these six very simple must-know cooking tips & tricks, courtesy of Maytag. Check out to learn more about Maytag appliances like the one featured in this video! #ad

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  1. Notification squad were u at

  2. Put ur oven eggs in a cupcake sheet

  3. Fold in half and half and half and h… HALFCEPTION

  4. Why did they censor the cans lol

  5. esa wea no es caramelo se llama manjar

  6. 1:54 as a spanish person, i cringed

  7. that caramel in a can is absolutely disgusting looking.

    • x x
    • July 3, 2023

    Que rico el dulce de leche lpm

  8. for the dulce de leche instead you can use a pressure cooker and when it goes off once don't open the pot until it's completely cooled down

  9. Yo did this madman censor the names on the milk cans

  10. Using a slow cooker set to eight hours is also a great (EASY) way to make caramel with condensed milk.

  11. dont use the wine ice cubes for sautee if you have a gas stove you will have a huge fire 🔥

  12. 1:59
    That is not a caramelized sweetened condenced milk
    It is a fake condenced milk
    Congratulations, you have just published a pile of goo 😺

    For those who would like to know How Real Condenced Milk looks like
    Actually, you cant choose from look or taste but this exact procees on video will show is it a Swetened Milk Flavored Palm Oil or a real Swetened Condenced Milk
    The real will get thick as Nutella pasta like but will have nice sweet creamy taste and will be all the same concistancy without hardened plastic like particles or watery pastes
    Have fun and dont believe that scrambled eeghead, he is a dummy 😺

  13. electric bills going up any time you have to use the whole oven plus adding convection (fan) motor

  14. Pour carefully so you don’t spill and mix the wine he says as he spills the wine and mixes them.

  15. If you cook scrambled eggs without cheese in them, then you’re an animal.

    • Yee
    • July 3, 2023

    I need them in Dream Land. We need help!

  16. “Dolche de litche” wHeEzE

  17. Diarrhea eggs!


  19. 1:54 no. It’s pronunciation is Duel-se de Lech-a.

  20. French*

  21. Chef Ramsay buts crem fraishe in his scrambled eggs

  22. Holly cow, I’ve never seen leftover unused Wine in my house? They must be from A different planet if so , just drink and be marry 🥂🥂🍻🍻

  23. Those classic egg puns love them

  24. why is this helpful. this isnt what i signed up for

  25. Hard “baked” eggs is almost too simple to be true…is it a joke? Because there’s no way we’ve all been going through the strenuous process of boiling eggs all these decades when you can just plop them in the oven and have perfect consistency eggs. Tf?!

  26. Did the Gordon Ramsay eggs wrong

  27. No! Don't keep working the eggs! No no no

    Less is more, you get big, fluffy curds that way, instead of scrambled eggs that look like cat food.

  28. Fahrenheit? What is this, 1971?

  29. Dude if I am correct those are red Barron pizza boats I think I love those and I'm Shure we get them at the same store because I also live in Portland Oregon

  30. Im Hungry!

  31. Conduction burners??? Whyyyyy???

  32. That Carmel sauce looks disgusting tbh

  33. Chill your wine, with more wine!

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