Amazing Products Over Complicated Life Hacks – Volume 6

Awesome Tips Over Complicated Life Hacks – Volume 6

We troubleshoot and solve your simple problems by creating absurd contraptions.
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  1. centimeters ? SOCIALIST

  2. Solve the pain and misery of my life, the excruciating pain had gotten unbearable and I want it to stop, I prayed to saitan but he fucked off real fast, God didn't answer

  3. This is the funniest stuff I e seen on You Tube lol

  4. Wow of all times for my chain cabinet to be empty it would be when I need to bind my remote to my couch to drag it to the kitchen

  5. or get a robot vacuum and robot mop, that actually do a good job

  6. Hey mommy do you wanna know what I made in school drift mop

  7. Wass like who is th….oh my I I am so sorry to hear he was number 14 on my fruit basket list… rest in peace friend

  8. With MasterLocks securing your remote, you will still have to worry about thieves, because those are about as insecure as I was in middle school

  9. the portable puppy bed is actually pretty genius not gonna lie

  10. How about something stupid like… baby Bottle holder?

  11. Not that bad tbh!!

  12. 5:29 you can just lift the sofa up. Lol

  13. This is a better version of “5 minute crafts”

  14. Me seeing the first hack
    Also me: what are you 5 minute crafts

  15. Not to be rude but you probably shouldnt have specifically said essential oils there not the best company

  16. When you need to stall for time

  17. why do you have a chain cabinet? Im scared

  18. The first hack just leaves tire marks all around your floor I tried this with my hoverboard and I had to resweep the flor again

  19. I love how he sais op hot glue gun

  20. The laundry one isn't actually a bad idea

  21. Can you make more overcomplicated life hacks?

  22. I thought the state of Virginia was a lumbs up

  23. The state of Virginia! Loooool!!!

  24. OP GLUE GUN He says

  25. I use that soap too!

  26. I keep my chains in my special closet

  27. I was hoping you'd make soap out of bacon grease and ashes or something.

  28. pouring cereal into the bowl

  29. Lol Im dying here. That remote though. 🤣🤣🤣

  30. “I went ahead and poured tons of pepper on my floor.”

  31. Next video idea. Attach a Dyson to a go kart to make a street cleaner

  32. 6:36 oopppsss voice crack

  33. background music?

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