Amazing Products 8 Sneaky Hiding Spots In Your Home

Awesome Tips 8 Sneaky Hiding Spots In Your Home

How to make 8 Secret Hiding Spots using items found around your home. We’ll show you how to turn common objects into secret safes!
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Everything can be a hiding spot with a little imagination and we have quite a few tricks up our sleeve that we don’t mind sharing. Today, we’ll show you 8 clever places to stash to your cash, prized possessions or even your important data.

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  1. So many places to hide things… so little time… Got any sneaky ideas that we missed?

  2. These videos always give me places to hide my vapes knifes alcohol and my lighters

  3. Thank u I just started selling stuff and I’m new to it on 15 I need it cause my mom has no money and shes disabled she can’t work and my dad is dead

  4. Crypto all the way

  5. كتر خيرك يكبير

  6. So many creative and fun ways to hide money until the rulers decide we should go cashless. 🙁

  7. choose a moderately bad smelling candle

  8. This video is so helpful and I don’t have to explain why

  9. Because the toilet tank isn't among the first places that cops find illegal drugs and guns when they search a place, so obviously criminals are well aware of this "hiding" place.

  10. Great Video

  11. put " candy in the tube" …yeah right🤣🤣

  12. I hide my razor blades in a chapstick container but I took out all the slimy stuff and put in my blades so I can cut

  13. 1:45 what the hell starts with the letter s

  14. Remove battery cap from the wife's vibrator. Wrap some money around the batteries and replace the cap.
    Dang few people would bother with that.

  15. Thank you for years of content. Miss the upload notifications.

  16. “Of anything else that starts with the letter s”
    Me: “speed”

  17. Where can i hide cigarretes

  18. What if you lose your Sharpie

  19. i wonder how many potheads watched this

  20. I have the exact same remote

  21. I overheard some guys saying something about a prison wallet being a good hiding place but I can't find one on Amazon. Any suggestions?

  22. yay now i have 8 ways i get to hide my weed. 😄 😄
    what i didnt say weed 😅 i said…… essentail oils 😁 👍🏾

  23. I just need to hide my dirty toys from my parents

  24. i hid my money in a wallet behind an american flag on my wall

  25. Im here for research…..totally not to hide a lighter

  26. in the 80es i was the the ""king of concealment"" when it comes to hiding cocaine

  27. I DO have a sneaky hiding place. But if I say it in a YouTube comment, then that kinda defeats the purpose.

  28. They even rob banks

  29. Where do I hide some holy water

  30. Why am I watching i don't need it but these are cool tho

  31. If your ever planning to hide a body, I would recommend hiding it under and animal corpse, because when the police dog manages to find it through smell, it will just think it’s the animal corpse, any other parts you can’t bury, just burn it :>

  32. Thief's watching this like 😏😏😏

  33. Am I the only one trying to hide food your family is making you eat?

  34. stoners unite

  35. Finally a good place for my aromatic herd that loud pack

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