Amazing Products TV Wyze Cam v3: Unbelievable Night Vision for $20

Awesome Tips Wyze Cam v3: Unbelievable Night Vision for $20

Surprise! Wyze has secretly been working on the Wyze Cam v3, and it’s impressive how well it works. I’ll show you how bright the camera’s night vision looks with its starlight sensor and dual IR. Wyze Cam v3 also has improved audio, a wider field of view, and is water resistant for outdoor use.

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Wyze Cam v2 review:
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Disclaimer: Smart Home Solver was sent the Wyze Cam v3 for an early look and unbiased review. As always, our opinions are 100% our own and not influenced.

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  1. The Wyze Cam Outdoor that should have been…

    Would you have been willing to pay more for higher resolution?

  2. Has this camera got time lapse

  3. I've never seen one for $20. Most of the time it's $30 or $35.

  4. Event listing on the app is also limited. It will display about a dozen events for a given day.

  5. I do like the night vision but I have to turn off the IR light when using it outside. Its a major bug magnet, which are triggering the motion detection.

  6. Big waste of money. I had two they both froze on review and they are stuck and wont do anything. Offline/error.

  7. $35. And hard to set up,

  8. Reid I think you need to delete this headline because the Wyze Cam V3 haven't been 20.00 since when they were first introduced for sale. I think you know they're like 35.00 plus tax.

  9. For those in the market for a camera I highly recommend wyze for price and the fact they offer a SD card. I'm not against the high end units or better brand names. I like wyze because I can buy a 9 cameras for the price of one ring setup (I didn't fact check the price). Now I have 9 different vantage points vs 1 or 2. I reduced the likelihood of a event not getting captured. I rather take those odds with wyze vs ring. To be fair I use to own a ring and have the app on my phone. The amount of people complaining about community incidents without footage makes me concerned. If I could have 15 cameras outside I would but I don't have 15 power ports.

  10. Near far wherever you are!!!best line ever

  11. How does this compare to the blink mini camera

  12. Not $20 anymore

  13. I wish these were still $20 😖

    • JBL G
    • December 23, 2022

    I have the Lorex 4K fusion cameras but no 2-way audio. Can I use this just a monitor for front door as a 2-way communication and not record by using the app?

    • TC63
    • December 23, 2022

    Auto won't pick up color night vision?

  14. hmm I have the v3 and love the starlight night vision, but you showed HD Max and the Far and Near IR night vision I have neither of those features? is this something they removed? since I got my camera after this video came out (2021)

  15. How do i hang my Wyze V3 camera on the porch ceiling ? It shows the view upside down ?

  16. I wonder if it would be possible to plug this into a console and use it as a streaming camera

  17. I had never heard of these cameras and was blown away by all of the awesome reviews. Picked up two of them with memory cards for less than $100. I hate Ring. This is the way to go!

  18. l liked my V2 l purchased in 2022 and still working strong. l purchased the V3 and installed it today. OMG the night vision is exquisitely amazing…so vivid and the night vision is beautifully imagery. Nice review bud!!

  19. So helpful, I was looking into baby cams for when we go away on holidays but this is looking to be a great camera with no downsides? Unless I'm missing something? I can't remember if you mentioned watching a live feed from abroad? Thank you

  20. Anyone knows how to get it back to color? All my V3 displays are in B&W, even during the day.
    And how to get free life of 12 seconds video? Lost all the 12 second captures.

  21. How did you get the V3 for $20 bucks? Cause as far as I can remember they always been $27.99, or $24.99 I'd your a member…

    • Vi
    • December 23, 2022

    Thanks much, anybody know if www @ 10Mbs will work OK with camera ? I don't care about resolution, rather to have reliable live feed. Any other cameras works OK with 10Mbs internet ? Tx all

    • Oskar
    • December 23, 2022

    where can you get it for $20?

  22. super helpful very detailed video thank you !

    • O O
    • December 23, 2022

    These are horrible. Never connects, horrible signal, notifications are about 30 seconds late and the audio is horrible.

  23. 3:14 this made me subscribe

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