Amazing Products 2 Minute Survival Stove

Awesome Tips 2 Minute Survival Stove

The quickest and easiest way to build a simple survival stove lies in an empty can of tuna. Here is how to do it: Grab an empty tuna can or cat food can and punch about 22 holes in it around the top using a single hole puncher (yes it can take on aluminum).

After you have your can punched out, you are almost ready for action. Get yourself some methylated alcohol and pour about an ounce in. Spark it up and give the can about 1 minute to prime itself. Now take your boil pot and set it on top.

After about 4-5 minutes you will have a nice full boil and you will be ready to consume those MRE’s you stored in your bunker. .
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  1. If you put carbon felt on the bottom of the tuna can you can have more fuel and the stove will last longer during the burn time.

  2. 5 Minute Crafts should pay this man royalties on all their videos. Everything they've done, he did first eight years ago!

  3. when is he going to be powering a super computer using just a potato?

  4. Clickbait it wasn't 2 mins I was under lol

  5. yeah but how do you turn the fire out

  6. Song ?!

  7. What's this song called

  8. Mini barbecue for hotdogs.

  9. Oh yeah, so next time I am in a survival situation in the middle of a wood or desert all I need to do is make sure I have some "heet".
    (note sarcasm)

  10. such a good idea

  11. What song is that

  12. song name?

  13. a damn potato…

  14. Is this able to use inside? Dont sure what kind of room your in and for a quick demo it probably wasn't used for long. Not sure

  15. You stole the "the art of weapons" music😕😕

  16. Power a PC with a potato. Haha what a troll

  17. Yes, cause when your out surviving you definitely have a can of tuna and a hole punch

  18. Whats the song ????

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  21. Ive got a trangia, and it takes about 10-15 minutes to boil enough water for two cups of coffee or tea. the storm kettle which runs on small fire-lighter type blocks (compressed burning chemical blocks) and grasses/twigs and that takes 3-4 minutes to boil four cups worth, also works on top of mountains, in really bad weather. I know which one i would use. It is possible to make one fairly easily and not for much more expensive than three recycled cans and some duct tape (real ducting (foil and glue) tape, not duct/duck tape (fabric)), some firelighters, steel wire (maybe 14-18 gauge), metal coat hanger and dried wood.    

  22. This is really practical if you are in a zombie apocalype, but othewise where are you gonna find cans of tuna and hole punchers on an island or a forest?

  23. This is incredible, I won't say it's better than the one from CrazyRussianHacker (since that one holds more fuel and the holes are angled) but it's really amazing, I'm ready for the zombie apocalypse 😉

  24. epic

  25. Works better with any soda drink can

  26. are you doomsday prepper???

  27. Power the computer dylan! You must make that video

  28. the entire facility can run off of very low voltages as low as 1.1 volts

  29. Can u make a video about how to make a portable phone charger. I know u know how to make it some how

  30. Homemade microwave

    • domS
    • December 23, 2022

    Heet works a lot better than isopropyl alcohol

  31. I could be wrong, but is that the same music that they use at dipyourcar's YouTube channel?

  32. whats the song called ???

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