Amazing Products TV Smart Home Tour 2023: Fully Automated! 👀

Awesome Tips Smart Home Tour 2023: Fully Automated! 👀

Welcome to my smart home tour 2023! Here are all of the updates to my smart home, with LOTS of home automation along the way.

Want me to tour part of YOUR smart home? Fill this out:

*Links in chronological order (affiliate)*
Pixel Tablet:
Apple TV:
HomePod 2nd gen:
Light strips under TV console:
65″ Frame TV:
Frame TV bezels:
Hue motion sensor:
Aqara FP2 mmWave sensor:
BOND for fan and patio shades:
Reolink outdoor camera:
Unifi G4 Pro (4K):
Schlage Encode Plus:
Lutron Dimmer Switch:
Hue warm/cool filament bulbs:
Ecobee Smart Thermostat:
Echo Show 15:
Aqara Pet feeder / candy dispenser:
Motion sensor with light:
Aqara vibration sensor:
Unifi Dream Machine Pro:
Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra:
Ring Alarm system:
Garage lights:
Tesla solar:
NFC sticker:
Record player:
Everything Presence 1 sensor:
Google display v2:
Echo Dot 5 with clock:
Withings sleep sensor:
Fingerprint door lock:
Light strips under bathroom cabinets:
Aqara Smart button:
3D Printer:
Kids Echo Dot:
Kids night lamp:
DIY light strips:
IKEA Sonos lamp:
LIFX candle bulb:
Stream Deck:

My smart home favorites:

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0:00 Intro
0:16 Family room
3:22 Outside
4:53 Kitchen
7:14 Theater room
8:11 Laundry room
9:39 Garage
10:51 Front room
11:52 Master bedroom
13:36 Master bathroom
14:38 Office
15:30 Kids room
16:14 Studio
17:39 YOUR smart home!
18:02 Dream House

All of the music throughout is by Nihilore.
Spotify playlist:

Ending song is The End by EVA.

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  1. This was only SOME of my tech and automations😯…but everything is linked in the description!
    And if you want me to tour part of your smart home, fill out this form: https://forms.gle/bgUVgZUfBHh4AuGE7

  2. And my question is. Which device are you using to run the home assistant? Looks like you have hundred of stuff running on it

  3. Hi, can you share info on the patio sun shade. I would like to install one

  4. „ring“ is dead for me

  5. Love these home tour videos! Thanks!

  6. There is something missing.. and that's the Virtual assistant like jarvis. Try to add something like that and you don't have to press buttons anymore

  7. 10:50 madness
    I agree that smart home is a blissful experience, but when stop caring to look around for people when taking car out of garage, you aren't gonna have the same tech everywhere and it if the dependency increases, it increases the risk when you park somewhere else.

  8. Get so many ideas from the tours people record. The Everything Presence One sensor kit seems perfect for multiple projects I have in mind. The foot level lighting in the bathroom and under the bed is perfect for my father when he needs to get up in the middle of the night. He forgets to turn on the light and stumbles into the bathroom. A lot of the things I'm contemplating are focused on making things easier for my dad, who suffers from dementia. So far just using some aqara buttons to let him announce where he needs assistance.

  9. Wow, yur smarthome is super cool. U're the Tony Stark of smarthome intergration. The best thing about smarthome is the intergration from different companies in2 a smarthome, like yur home. Thx 4 sharing yur home on Utube.

  10. Omg 😮 you’re a legend. Hitting the cabinet and having that vibration sensor turn things on is awesome. Fonzie from Happy Days sorta stuff. I luv it. Haha.

  11. "horrible viewing angle" 😂😂😂

  12. How can you stand to use Apple TV? 🙂

  13. Say what! Smart home and no Eight Sleep materess?

  14. Awesome! What 3d printer are you using?

  15. Great video, I'm going to see if my wife will watch it. Hopefully she will allow some new products and automations. Otherwise, I tried the link for the Light strips under TV console, but it didn't work. It must be a Canadian thing ? Could you provide more info on the strip lights. Thanks Reed !!!!

  16. maybe one day u can show how to make all this work

  17. Does the homeseer work with Google home?
    So far the blisslights one has been a good alternative for me, no motion but works with Google home and only $10😢

  18. What happened to your glasses

  19. Where is ur smart grill?

    • Zack
    • August 6, 2023

    How do you do control the AC just in one room?

  20. Yes OMMGG, I am so excited to see more content of yours. The whole smart home tour is the best series of yours. Thanks for being the smart home solver 😀

  21. I'm in Arizona too, north Peoria, about 10 min from lake pleasent.

    Who did your back patio shades?!?!? I need that done on my house!!

  22. 16:21 hahahahaahahah😂😂😂😂

  23. That's a nice house and I like all of your cabinets they look really nice.

  24. The plugin / battery motion sensors just sitting on the counters/shelves would be knocked over and blocked constantly in my house. I mount EVERYTHING to the wall or somewhere so it can't move, and preferably not in sight.

  25. Who wants a smart home after learning amazon can shut down your house??

  26. This has nothing to do with your wife….cool bulbs are fucking terrible. Look like hospital/industrial lighting.

  27. There is an auto dry/fill/drain adds on system for that roborock model. It should be an easy install since your robot is next to laundry

  28. @smarthomesolver for your disable motion alerts from NFC Tag, an alternative is to use the door contact sensor. When it opens, set a timer to disable motion alerts for a period of time.

  29. I love your sense of humour.

  30. Not the gangsters paradise intro lol

  31. Do you remember what the cabinets are below the Frame TV?

  32. Would love for you to one day deep-dive into the possible health/side effects of all these radio frequencies/EMF exposure/etc etc. Sometimes I get creeped out with the crazy amount of invisible frequencies blasting all around my home, next to my head at night, etc

  33. I tried to set a reminder light with google home scripts and cant get it to work. Have you tried it out? Tried a few things including 🤷‍♀️
    type: device.state.RunCycle
    state: currentCycleRemainingTime
    Is: 4 minutes

    wanted to do something for when its done not just turned on incase someone turns it on without starting it just to see if there is anything in there

  34. Nice!!!

  35. What were the “these little devices for room presence detection”? I don’t see them listed in description and you didn’t name them, are they part of the ecobee range, or something else? Seem fun to play around with in my home automations.

  36. Great video, but it would be nice to see some of your automations like the ones with your bedroom Everything Presence Sensor please

  37. Is there a Home Assistant step by step course that anyone recommend? It seems that it’s the way to go in home automation.

  38. Question: is anything from what we can see on the video that is not integrated into Home Assistant? Something standalone?

  39. Thanks Reed.

  40. Wow, as I am watching this I am just hoping that I can win the lottery one day and hire you to do this to my house! Videos are always great, love the family jokes at the end! Keep up the good work!

  41. Too much Apple

  42. Love the tour 🎉 I’m really interested in the outdoor patio screens. If it’s possible to share any contact info, my family and I just bought a new home and I’m off to the races to tech it out! I’m using both Home Assistant and Apple Home. Thank you Reed

  43. Would love to see all your blueprints for your automations.

  44. wowww

  45. For the NFC switchplate tags, you could set the screws vertical for switches with a tag, and tighten them to horizontal for switch plates without an NFC tag. Doesn’t help you remember what each NFC tag does, but it’s a very unobtrusive way to identify where they are.

  46. Reed, i`ve got simnple question. Do U have "automation:" for kids when ur doing "kgdlkjfldjfldjf" things in master bedroom?:D because i have it:D:D:D works great!:)

  47. Amazing video always love seeing to what limits you can take smart homes! Thanks!

    Would you mind sharing how many kWh is your monthly consumption?
    I always see American homes using Thermostats running HVAC or AC 24/4(it seems) and was wondering if a smart thermostat is something I should be getting in Europe or not. We nearly use the AC where I live right now.

    Our Kwh/month is approx 600. Family of 3.

    Thank you <3

    • R Y
    • August 6, 2023

    Really amazing!

  48. 1:14 “I didn’t have to do any configuration” NOPE you used homebridge and that is out of most people’s skill set. Pull this video and edit this again.

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