Amazing Products Simple Holiday Travel Hacks

Awesome Tips Simple Holiday Travel Hacks

“We’ve put together some quick and simple travel hacks to use during the busiest time of year.
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0:11 Roll up clothes and use zip bags
0:38 Carry around a portable battery pack
1:13 Conserve battery (notifications, airplane mode, brightness)
1:56 Save wrapping gifts for after your flight
2:07 Wear loafers, slippers or sandals for security checkpoints
2:18 Pack laptops at top of bags or don’t bring a carry-on
2:37 Check bags and carry only necessities (phone, wallet, laptop)


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  1. 1:34 Holy crap! 11 thousand likes.

  2. Love your view and also have cancer and takes the stress away

  3. Awesome vid!

  4. Don't bring a bag. Only carry on

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    Me : you’re rigth, I need 100 fruit snacks

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  10. Fingerless gloves. Down vote.

  11. That will ruin your eyes when brightness os low

  12. Nice hobo gloves

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  15. "Hacks"

  16. I love it

  17. 1:13 yup you really need to check your mail

    • Leo
    • August 20, 2023

    You clothes don't fit? Roll it up and put it in a bag, you can't put it straight into the luggage it won't work it has to be in another bag… really this guy sucks

  18. I bet the 1k dislikes consist of nothing but immigrants

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