Amazing Products TV Home Automation Ideas that Save Me 6+ HOURS a week!

Awesome Tips Home Automation Ideas that Save Me 6+ HOURS a week!

These home automation ideas save me 6+ hours per week! 🤯

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Lutron Serena shades:
Unifi doorbell:
Kasa energy monitoring outlet:
Lutron light switches:
Ecobee smart thermostat:
Rachio irrigation controller:
Echo Show 15:
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My smart home favorites:

If you want to add the automation to your iPhone or iPad to stop you from time-wasting apps, do this:
– Go to the Shortcuts app
– Click Automation at the bottom
– Create Personal Automation
– Scroll down and click “App”
– Choose the app/apps since you can select multiple time wasting apps and keep “Is Opened” selected and click on Next
– Search for the action and type “Menu” and select “Choose from Menu”
– You can rename the menu options and then search for actions. Search for “Open App”. Select the app and then drag that action under one of the menu options. That way when you click the menu button it will open that app.
– After you are done with the actions click “Next” and turn off “Ask Before Running”. That’s it!

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0:00 Intro
0:28 Phone alarm clock
1:08 Checking on things
2:10 Too much media
3:15 Lights
4:08 Thermostat
4:47 Irrigation Control
5:33 Mop + vacuum
6:53 Security Alarm
7:30 Interruptions
8:19 Time Saved
9:06 Is it worth it?
9:35 What really matters


All of the music throughout is by Nihilore.
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Ending song is The End by EVA.

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  1. Roborock anniversary sale starts 8/29: https://bit.ly/3OCsY7v
    Send this video to someone who's been a smart home denier!

  2. Please more shortcuts and where can I get this shortcut

  3. Great insight!!

  4. I'm waiting until the robot vacuum has a connection for the water line to refill the clean water, and a return line to empty the water into the kitchen or washing machine drain. And most important, I want to see all the dirty stuff like hair and everything else it mops up combined with the stuff it sucks up and empty all of that into a drain. Meaning no bags or anyting else to change/ empty out. Complete automation!

  5. My problem is that I have to fight home assistant to get all my devices working at the same time. It’s crazy how things just stop working, and to get it fixed I have to reboot the device and/or Home Assistant. Restarting Home Assistant carries a significant risk of a completely different device becoming unresponsive so I have to rinse and repeat. Eventually I either get all the devices working, or I give up because it’s “good enough” (it isn’t).

  6. "Any app that wastes my time" 2:41 [presses 'X'] 😂👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  7. Not the LTT sub with the current situation 😂

  8. Love the time breakdown! I just got a Caseta Wireless dimmer and was trying to decide how far I should go trying to automate it. This is just the video I need to convince me to go for it!

  9. Ridiculous

  10. idk man I'm gonna need some more time comparisons to really understand your point

  11. My smart google thermostat knows when I leave and returning home

  12. Do you have 3 AC units in your house? If not, why are the 3 controllers? Thank you

  13. Now assuming you didn’t have smart blinds how would you automate waking up in the morning without looking at the phone for time

  14. Another one… Climate is quite extreme in my area, from way below 30 in winter to over 100 degrees in summer. Having my 10 blinds open and close depending on time of day and E/W orientation used to take me ages. Now I can just forget. And gas bill savings have been spectacular.

  15. I just added watering the lawn to my automation log. Turns it on and off on a set schedule. I can skip it or it knows if it is raining and will not go. Not perfect, still have to make sure the sprinklers are out and make sure it is no leaking.. I will also disconnect in the winter…. Cool vid!

    • zeta
    • August 22, 2023

    The energy monitoring plugs for washer/dryer/dishwasher are also super effective because I can immediately go do it when I have an opportunity.

  16. Hi Reed, is there a way to: turn certain lights in your home red or blink red when a motion sensor (Hue?) senses motion under a parked car? (Catalytic converter theft deterrent) :/

  17. How does the ring arm/disarm automations work? Is the disarm when home really secure and what happens if my phone is stolen and thief comes home with my phone?

  18. not to speak of all the calories saved 😀

  19. Nice, but all these gadgets cost a lot of money.

  20. One awesome integration I don't see mentioned much is Sleep as Android. It attempts to wake you at the point inside a chosen time window where you are the closest to being awake.

    Enable the setting that forces you to scan an NFC tag to turn the alarm off and place the tag on the wall ourside your bedroom, hook your blinds to the start-of-the-smart-wake-period event and tuen on the coffee maker and lights when you dismiss the alarm… Very cool stuff!

  21. a lot of those tasks could be done from a phone app instead of walking to different rooms. Not as convenient as automations, but not as time wasteful as physically going to the device to turn it on/off.

  22. my house is 126 squared meters, so it doesn't take too long 😀

  23. +1 Tasker

  24. I love all of this so this is not meant to be a criticism of you, but I just have to observe that this has got to be the biggest “first world problems” thing I have ever seen. “Aw man it’s such a pain to adjust my three HVAC zones. I’ve got so many rooms in my house it takes me 2 and a half minutes to turn off all the lights.” 😂 but hey, we’re living in the first world so 🤷🏻‍♂️ someday maybe I’ll have a house big enough that my wife will see the point of all my automations 😆

  25. I save approximately 3 minutes for my Kitchen lights, oven, cooktop, hood. I automated them so if i press a button, everything turns on. Appliances from Samsung and light from IKEA

  26. That to list redirect is actually dope.

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